Claiming Duty - Free and Taxes at The Airport. etc..

HI Everybody,

My relatives visited Australia and they are now going back to their country. They've decided to buy a laptop and other electronic goods here to take with them back to their country. How can they claim duty-free taxes/or receive any cashbacks when they get to the airport? Thanks


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    Arrive at least 1 hour before departure to customs TRS. If you are in queue and your flight is going in an hour or less they still would not process you. So better arrive earlier because there can be a big queue.
    Bring receipts and items in hand carry
    Nominate bank account for deposit or address for bank check to be mailed

    Items must be $300 or more single receipt


      Credit card chargeback is also possible.


    If over $1000 MUST HAVE NAME AND ADDRESS!!!
    and you need be at the counter at least 30min before your flight leaves.

    They are draconian about both of these.


      Clarify: Name and address on tax invoice


    Another tip, don't line up at the TRS line with 5 generations of your family. Just one of you needs to line up or they will get angry and kick you out of the line.