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Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Village and Other Cinema's Movie Tickets $12.50 ($11.50 Kids) @ Telstra (Plus Required)


Not as good as the Neat Ideas deal but this has been going on for a while, Telstra Plus is required for this offer.

T's & C's from the page:
$11.50 child, $12.50 standard $15.50 3D and $16.50 Vmax tickets only available online for Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle, Village Cinemas and Moonlight Cinemas in Australia. $15.50 premium tickets at selected Village Cinemas. Ticket price includes booking fee and GST. A $3 surcharge applies after 5pm on Saturdays and on public holidays to child, standard, 3D and Vmax ticket types. Not valid for Boutique, Event Junior, V Junior movie marathons and special events.

$14.50 Telstra Large Combo Upgrade only available online and excludes Moonlight Cinema. Maximum of 10 Telstra Large Combos per transaction.

Gold Class Thursday tickets only available on Thursdays and $3 surcharge applies on public holidays.

Not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or discount. Purchase is strictly upon availability and a maximum of 10 tickets.

Products or services obtained from this site may not be re-sold.

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  • +8

    Normal price for tickets from Telstra for years now…

    Nothing new, no bargain…

    • +2

      So long running bargain then?

      • Long running normal price

        • Well normal price would mean that you can get these prices at the cinema everyday with no need for Telstra plus etc

          • @[Deactivated]:

            Well normal price would mean that you can get these prices at the cinema everyday

            Yep, Telstra customers have been able to get these prices everyday for years now.

            • +1

              @jv: So long running bargain then

              • @[Deactivated]: No, long running normal price

                • @jv: So was it never a bargain?

                  • -3

                    @[Deactivated]: Not really. It used to be cheaper but then they increased the price. There is no saving.

  • Tickets at my local are $10 each with a (free) Village membership. NO DEAL.

    • +1

      Your one of the lucky few. I pay about $18 a ticket, and $16 when it's a saver ticket

    • Is this available to everyone? Probably not.

      • +1

        It’s the only cinema for 60km so I have no idea what prices are elsewhere.

        Now candy bar prices… well I had to sell my liver on the black market to get a popcorn and drink…

        Edit: only joking about the popcorn and drink. I don’t eat popcorn 🤮

        • +2

          Not really a reason to neg

  • (Telstra Plus Required)

    Oh c'mon. Why for? Lucky still got my Discovery vouchers.

  • Also there a booking fee 1.5

    • +2

      Not on Telstra Plus tickets.

      • There is for me

    • Nope, never paid booking fee for Telstra tickets

      • Try booking nsw hornsby… see if you get a fee.. just don't check out

  • Incase people don't know, if you are in WA and with RAC you can get tickets for similar prices through their portal.

  • can you use NSW Discover vouchers to purchase discounted movie tickets from Telstra?

  • Anyone know if this works for v-max? Or if there is a surcharge to use it for v-max?

  • Standard session Knox 7pm Friday, VRewards Family of 4 is $56 including booking fee, Tesltra 2x adult+2xchild = $48. No booking fee and no surcharge.

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