Getflix Removes Netflix USA from 'lifetime' Subscribers

Discovered through a lot of frustration and online chat that lifetime subscribers (e.g. no longer get Netflix USA access.

Personally that is the main purpose of GET-Flix is the GET-Net-Flix-USA

They also block it using the VPN option, so basically you have to sign up again if you want it.

Anyone else experienced this or had luck getting it reinstated?

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  • Yep!!! Same thing! was so pissed off but couldn't be bothered arguing and am just using Getflix for Hulu now

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    Netflix is always trying to identify VPN servers and probably do it by looking at the amount of accounts streaming on the same IP address. Once a certain number is passed like maybe 10-20 accounts they probably blacklist that IP address. So Getflix probably has to always do load shifting or something like that which is probably a lot of work and I feel for them however if they're not up for the work they shouldn't offer lifetime plans and it seems they haven't done so in quite a while.

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    Netflix have been fairly vocal about turning the screws on DNS / VPN providers for years now, more likely they've finally figured how to lock them out for good or made it too cost prohibitive to cirvumvent any longer - either way lifetime subscriptions are a sucker's game…

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    i don't see the point of these services, it's easy enough to find what you want to watch on the high seas, often in much higher quality if you choose to download it, streaming services bitrates are terrible.

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      Time is worth money - it is easier to switch the tv on and watch something right away than spend time thinking about what you want to watch, finding it, downloading it, converting it to a form your TV can play, and streaming it. Plus some people may not know how to and can't be bothered to learn and would rather pay money than try to learn.

      There were way more people on the high seas in the days where you'd have to buy a DVD set to watch a show, much more expensive and much less choice. So I guess people in general value their time higher than $10/month and less than $200 per show

      • there are plenty of sites that work the same way as netflix does, without the content restrictions, it's as easy as downloading ublock origin (because they tend to have annoying pop ups) and typing the URL of the website into your address bar, then just scroll through the catalogue

        these days you most likely don't have to convert it to a form your tv can play, you can probably stream it if you have the chromecast or something

      • I think you’re behind on times. Kodi with Seren addon costs $2/month and works exactly the same way as Netflix.

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          It defs is not ‘the same’ tbh.

          You are best off using Elementum because it’s literally coming from the same places

          • @SirMurduck: Elementum was the first addon I used, but the problem was buffering torrents with low seeds. Using a cached torrent service like Real Debrid plays movies even if they have no seeds. It also allows you to watch higher quality torrents.. I set mine to 10GB max file size.

            The other problem I had with Elementum was that it didn’t automatically play the next episode on TV shows.

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              @Savas: Yeah…fair enough, I just think it’s easier to have one streaming service and then do your own local Plex share at home to fill in the gaps with what you want to watch. Kodi is a wacky mess haha. I’ve messed around with various add ons. It’s good enough for free I suppose

              • @SirMurduck: I agree Elementum is a mess.. but if you use a Real Debrid cached torrent service it makes the add ons work well. Seren add on is popular on reddit. You search for whatever you want to watch and then it plays.. like Netflix is has continue watching and automatically keeps playing next episode.

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    Just torrent it lol.. but i guess everyone has their pref. If you pay for a service and have to use getflix to fix sht like that, may as well torrent

    • My new phone's HDMI out doesn't work with Netflix like my old phone did. Works fine with VLC Media Player though ;)

      • Which phone?

        • LG Velvet works (worked, I sold it) with Netflix using USBC->HDMI->My TV
          Sony Xperia 1iii does not. Works with Amazon Prime Streaming, but for Netflix, the video part is black on the TV.

          Fortunately VLC Media Player works fine though :)

      • Just get a cheap original chromecast and you are sorted. You can cast from Plex, Chrome and VLC straight from your pc to it

        • I would if I wanted Netflix that badly, but I was rarely using it, so probably a good thing they pushed me to cancel the subscription anyway.

  • Um, didn't that happen like 2 years ago shortly after the very first "lifetime" subscription?

    DNS4me or any of the VPNs all still work …

  • Is Netflix USA that much different?

    I think I need to quit my job just to catch up on all the good shows. A homer Simpson quote comes to mind.

    Marge: We don't think you're slow. But on the other hand, it's not like you go to museums, or read books or anything.

    Homer: You think I don't want to? It's those TV networks, Marge, they won't let me. One quality show after another, each one fresher ad more brilliant than the last. If they only stumbled once, just gave us thirty minutes to ourselves! But they won't! They won't let me live!

  • Damn just remembered I'm subscribed to their "every 2 year lifetime" plan. It did work on my Samsung TV before but now we've changed TV's, paying for nothing now 😭

  • I cancelled my annual sub with them a few years ago when they changed payment providers which cancelled everyone's subscription and you had to resub. I had a cheap annual deal via some FB like thing when they were starting out. Of course resubbing meant that price wasn't available anymore. I questioned them and got a BS response of "we changed payment providers which reset everyone, just sub again!! :)" Or some ridiculous response that didn't address the query.

    Hate dodgy practices like that and I just boycott companies that pull shifties.

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