What Are Your Go to Phone Accessory Brands?

With so many choices of screen protectors/ tempered glass and cases, not to mention now chargers and cables and wireless chargers. What brands and models are your go to for when you get a new device? Any that you swear by and never change?

Do you buy a few for your device and swap them around depending on how you feel or the protection requirements for work and home use?


  • Kmart

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    spigen for cases

    I use to get random brands but the quality is there for spigen

    glass usually just a random brand

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    Usually just cheap glass screen protectors off eBay, if it's a case, I might look at getting something from Spigen, especially since my brother has a Spigen case and it looks quite durable and sturdy.

  • Current case is a UAG. Works well if you're prone to dropping.

    • Screen has always survived?

      • Yep, I'm still on my original plastic protector - no cracks :D

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    Whitestone Dome protector. Seems to have polarized reviews

    My local phone repair store sells for around $99 dollars a pop with installation (!), but they're normally $25 USD + shipping from USA.

    I also used to spend a tonne of money on branded Speck, Otterbox and Lifeproof cases in the old days, (roughly $30~50 per case depending on the ruggedess, with the most expensive one being the Lifeproof fre for Galaxy S5 which cost me $89) but nowadays I don't place any importance on the brand. They all have similar performance with some slight differences in the fit / finish — a more expensive one might feel better in the hand but it doesn't necessarily provide better protection.

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    Spigen Case.. Using for more than 5 Years on multiple mobiles.

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    Spigen, cheap and does the job.

    At the moment, I have a mous case, which cost a fair bit more but it's nicer and tougher… But spigen would've done the job just as well.

  • otterbox defender cases, have been a fan of them since 2010

    recent convert of tempered glass screen protectors, specifically the spigen ones that have the thing that makes your placement of it perfect. i hate putting on screen protectors because i almost always manage to miss 1 or 2 pieces of tiny dust that i can't see until the protector is on and it creates a little airbubble. when i got my new iphone recently, i put the spigen on and it is the first time ever that i havent gotten an airbubble under it, but that might be because i was prepared and had the protector laid out before i opened the phone box, putting it on before any dust particles could land on the screen after i took the factory film off.

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    Spigen for the case and a random brand off eBay for screen protectors.

  • Random no name case and random no name screen protectors from the cheapest online seller I can find.

    They last for as long as I keep my phones. Good enough for me.

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    spigen cases, random screen protector, always always name brand cable and power.

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    Spigen cases, ESR screen protector (the ones with the fitting guide especially)

  • Lunatik Tactik case
    Got mine cheap

  • I've bought all my cases from smartcases.com.au

    Very happy with them.

    I buy extra chargers for work and home from JB Hifi.

  • Spigen cases and screen protectors for me from progadets

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