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Nissin Ramen Kyushu Black, Hokkaido Miso, Tokyo Shoyu Noodles 5-Pack 530g $5.95 Each @ Coles


Brand Nissin
Flavour Garlic
Item weight 530 Grams
Allergen information Sesame Seeds, Soy

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    I think these were two for $10 the other day

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    Have tried al three, all banger flavours - Kyushu Black is my typical go to though.

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      I find these lack of flavour. I find the nissin cup noodles has better flavourā€¦

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        flavour? you mean MSG…

        • +32

          Absolutely nothing wrong with MSG, it's great and you should use it in your cooking

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          These ones will have MSG too

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        Just use less water

      • The noodles in the cup noodles don't taste as good.

        • The noodles have taste? I taste comes from the soup

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            @Homr: Should have been more clear, I find the texture of the noodles in the cup noodles to not be as good.

  • These made in Indonesia?

    • I have the Kyushu Black at home rn, yes they are made in Indonesia. Not %100 about the rest but most likely

    • Is that a good thing or bad thing?

  • -1

    these arent even made in japan are they? ie fake japanese?

    • +25

      iPhone is made in China i.e. fake American.

    • Radioactive

  • Amazon price match in 3….2…?

    • Still waiting for it…

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    Good price but i find these noodles to be fairly bland.

  • How do these compare to Korean noodles like Shin or Jhin? Keen to try Japanese ones while they are on sale

    • More watery and thinner soup. Might contribute to why some might think it's bland

    • +1

      In terms of quality? I'd say fairly similar. Different style of noodle, usually a little thinner and less chewy. Broths are a lot more subtle, and no/minimal spice.

      Overall, yes they are both instant noodles, but they're not particularly comparable.

    • The Korean stuff has more flavour. The instant noodles made in Japan are top tier, but these Japanese brands that are manufactured in places like Singapore aren't as good.

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    Turns out these are regularly $10 for 2 at Asian shops.

    I usually wash the noodle in cold water after cooking, then boil fresh water for soup and to add other ingredients. The other day I was lazy, used the same noodle water for soup, a lot yummier.

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      Bro, just put it all in at once. Water, noodles, sauce, garnish, everything. And use a bit less water than you think, and let it boil a minute or two longer than it says, to concentrate the flavour. The noodles will cause the broth to thicken up a bit, and take it off the heat when it gets to the consistency you like. That's the way I do it, I love all three of these flavours of noodles.

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      The other day I was lazy

      That's sorta the point of these products :P

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    If you find these lack flavour (I don't personally) just use 400ml instead of 500ml.

    My favourite is the miso, with a strip of bacon, couple spoons of corn and a medium boiled egg.

    Yummy šŸ˜‹

  • I share the sentiment of other threads that these are very delicious but very salty.

    I will eat the noodles then put in another lot of rice noodles to not waste the soup.

  • Bro easy fix to the so-called 'lack of flavour'…simply add some homemade Furikake and also a par boiled egg
    It makes this amazing

  • Tong Le Auburn $3.50/pack

    You are welcome

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