Update - Samsung Refrigerator - Four Breakdowns in Three Years!

So after posting, or trying to post on Samsung's FB page, they kept removing it!! surprise surprise…someone from their team basically sent me exactly the same canned response saying based on the price paid etc, they weren't willing to provide a replacement or refund…so….

Choice messaged me to say that the expected minimum lifespan of a refrigerator should be 6-7 years. Based on that they said the "out of warranty" excuse from Samsung is not applicable of the multiple failures both within warranty & before the 6-7 years expected minimum lifespan.

So I called Fair Trading & they advised that I could take it to a tribunal but, I would need to take action against Appliances Online..not Samsung, as they sold me the Fridge/Freezer…unfortunately, when our fridge broke down the first time, we did call Appliances online but they just referred us to the Samsung service line which I am now told by Fair Trading should not have occurred…..anyway…

Rather than going full nuclear at Appliances Online, I did call them & provide the opportunity to do the right thing. I explained the situation & even apologised for the situation but explained the whole saga. To be fair, they were really good in terms of listening & agreed to try & nudge Samsung to the table with an RA, which is apparently a "Return Authorisation"…..so fingers crossed, Samsung decide to do the right thing & give us our money back or at the least replace the fridge.

I am expecting a call from Appliances online by Tomorrow evening so I'll post another update when I hear back.

Hi there everyone!

I just wanted to provide you with some insight into the problems I have had with Samsung, both product & service.

Without wanting to bore you with too much detail, we purchased a Fridge/Freezer combo back in 2019. Within the first 12 months, the freezer compartment died & we had to have the back panel replaced. Of course, we had lost all the food in the freezer & we complained to Samsung that this was not acceptable. They argued that the repair was enough compensation…..

Fast forward to 24 months of ownership & yet again, the freezer dies while we are away on holiday, we come back to a house that smelt like a rotting corpse (i imagine)……I call Samsung & explaining that whilst we are "technically" out of warranty, it's really not acceptable to expect a product to fail twice in the warranty period. We request a replacement but Samsung refuse & only authorise another repair. which turned out to be the same issue…

At 30 months, just 6 months after the repair, the freezer dies again!….that's now Three freezers full of spoilt food…we complain to Samsung who refuse to do anything as the product is now "out of warranty". So, we get NSW fair trading involved who managed to negotiate another repair & $200 compensation for the spoilt food. Samsung still refuses to replace or refund as they feel the repairs are a satisfactory resolution.

So…the fridge gets repaired & I raise my concerns about Three breakdowns not being a great experience & that in my view this is not what someone should expect from any major appliance…they still refuse to replace or refund BUT they state to Fair Trading that, "in the future, should repairs be necessary, we will take into account the prior issues"…

Fast forward to January & yet again, the Freezer craps itself. I call Samsung & request they, as per the above promise, review the situation……no response…no contact or callback at all!!! I ended up having to organise repair myself. Then in late February, they call me to offer a 20% discount on a new phone…WTF??, I took the opportunity to reiterate the request I had made over a month prior & they promise that someone will be back in touch to discuss within 24/48 hours……drum roll…

Received this email response about three weeks later:

Your claim has been received by Samsung’s Voice of Customer team in Head Office.

We have thoroughly reviewed your claim. We have considered the particular circumstances of your claim including the age of your product, the price you have paid and the use you have had of your product and unfortunately Samsung is not prepared to offer you a free of charge remedy at this time.

I apologise for not being able to assist further with your claim but I would be happy to offer one of the following voucher codes for use on Samsung’s online store.

• Home Appliances – 15% off our Home Appliances range (excluding accessories).
• Audio/Visual Appliances – 20% off all audio/visual appliances and 30% off on selected LED and QLED TVs.

• Flagship Mobile Device - The e-voucher can be used on one of the following products until 31st March 2022: Z Fold 3 ($300), Z Flip 3 ($200), S21 FE ($200) and S22 devices ($100)

I thought this might help some of you that are thinking of buying Samsung products…..I appreciate that not all products have the same failure rate but I would seriously consider it before buying a Samsung Refrigerator!. Especially as they seem to think that multiple major failures are an acceptable outcome for a customer…..




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    I'm quite the opposite.

    Every time I open my Samsung fridge my face lights up.

    Also, my ex girlfriend left a note on my Samsung fridge saying "this is not working". I opened the door and it was working fine.

    Fast forward to January & yet again, the Freezer craps itself.

    Time to move on. That's just water under the fridge now.

    • Also, my ex girlfriend left a note on my Samsung fridge saying "this is not working". I opened the door and it was working fine.

      Did you misunderstand? Given the fridge was working, perhaps the note on the fridge from your ex was referring to your relationship at the time? 🙂

      Sorry, MS Paint, I couldn't resist. Apologies if you don't find this funny.

      OP, sorry for your negative experience with Samsung. Hope your new fridge exceeds your expectations.

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        That makes sense. Cheers

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        perhaps the note on the fridge from your ex was referring to your relationship at the time?


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      Time to build a fridge and get over it

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    I'm not sure I would've got it repaired, the last time, but let's hope the repairer you chose does a better job than the Samsung guy.

    We had a, much, better experience with Bosch. Our fridge failed within 12 months and they told us that model had a design fault so they replaced it with a brand new later model fridge. They even upgraded to a stainless steel over the white model we purchased.

    • So you don't go Bosch bashing?

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        Sounds like it should be said with a Kiwi accent.

    • We had a Bosch previous to this hunk of junk…it went 15 years without any issues!!..the missus wanted the Samsung!!

      • They do tend to have a bunch of bells and whistles on the Samsung.

        We gave the Bosch to a friend and it is going strong. Although it did need the repair guy to look at it once for a temperature control issue.

        We, currently, have a Miele because we have an inbuilt cupboard for the fridge and that is the one that fitted it. The, replacement, Bosch had to sit on the outside of the cupboard and it didn't look right.

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        Time to go shopping for a new mrs then I guess. That's clearly the root cause of your problems.

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    Sorry to hear that OP - you definitely got a dud product. Sounds like you have a strong argument for a replacement under the ACL's "reasonable" life provisions.

    Keep fighting, get the replacement and hopefully that will end your issues. And then buy another brand when the Samsung dies of old age…

    (FWIW, my family and I all have Westinghouse fridges that have given 0 troubles. I prefer sticking with the old-school brands for appliances rather than the cutting-edge tech company ones… this strategy has worked for me so far!)

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      Just looking at your moniker. We have two beautiful semi long hair cats and, I figure, I could make a fortune if I could only find a good usage for shed cat hair. We work on the basis it is time to vacuum when we start patting the larger patches of shed hair. Shed cat hair also gives a good tornado effect with exhaust fans.

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        We work on the basis it is time to vacuum when we start patting the larger patches of shed hair.


        We actually just have two short hair cats at the moment, but even then… can't imagine how it'd be like if they were long hair!

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          We have one of those dust mops we use between vacuums. When the cats scratch it is like looking at an orange dandelion going off. Fortunately the cats are orange, and the floor is Jarrah, so we can hide some of the extent of the problem. I've got clothes brushes all over the house. Still, as we say, the cats own the house we just pay the mortgage.

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      thanks, mate…i typically don't give in but I am at the stage where it's not healthy to continue fighting. I'll go back to ACL & give it one go but I think I may just have to resort to warning others off from having to experience what we have had to endure.

      Our prior Bosch Fridge/Freezer went almost 15 years without one issue…should of stuck with them!

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        Taking it to court or tribunal isn't that hard.

        Pay the application fee and send them the paperwork. Then offer them a reasonable settlement and they will take it.

        It then becomes financially better for them to do as you ask rather than fight it.

        I did this with a major car manufacturer. They gave me exactly what I wanted two days later.

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    Make another complaint to the NSW fair trading about Samsung.

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      I am mate, they managed to get the name of the Samsung VOC team leader who offered the "review" should it fail again…so hopefully they can do something. I was pissed about the freezer breaking down again but the lack of reply in January just tipped me over the edge…. :)

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        I would think you would have a pretty good chance given that it has broken down so many times. I would push for the refund. Thanks for the warning.

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        Yeah sounds like you've given them plenty of chances, just email Fair Trading and let them deal with it. If you're lucky you'll get someone who is pissed off at them as much as you are!

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        Also make a formal complaint to Samsung in writing as a complaint phone call to big companies can be dismissed/allocated as an issue and not a complaint. Optus do this ll the time if you call them, but via the web site it is a complaint and not a support issue.

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    Model number please.

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    Samsung have fixed my washing machine twice outside of warranty for no cost. That's pretty good service to me, although I wish it hadn't broken twice as it's less than 6 years old.

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      Pretty good service but crap quality products, their TVs are usually pretty good at least lol

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      but is it the one that catches on fire???

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    How much was the fridge/freezer?

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      $879 + delivery

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    You have had 4 major faults of the same issue and they won't refund it ?? doesn't matter if it's out of warranty ACL still applies and the expected life of a fridge isn't 2.5 years it's should be beyond that. I personally wouldn't of paid for it to be repaired. Have you called up and said you will take them to small claims ?

    I have a Samsung fridge freezer and it's a piece of crap very rattly compressor and the heater evaporator is gurgling away like no tomorrow hasn't failed me yet but I would kick up a major stink and keep calling them until it's fixed or even better go through the retailer you purchased it from

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    Thanks, am always interested to hear how companies react when things go wrong. I'm amazed they kept on repairing it - you'd think it would be cheaper to just send you out a new one given that it's a lower cost model.

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    Without wanting to bore you with too much detail

    Probably could have left this bit out :)

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      I did …but not on the DJ's site…that was after the first two failures!….we have eclipsed that now! :)

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    Bought a Samsung french door fridge 7 years ago now and haven't had any trouble from it (touch wood) My mother-in-law bought the exact same model as ours 18 months after we got ours. She's had the front door replaced due to door skin bubbling under the water drip tray and this has happened again to the same door!

    Worst of all the water inlet plastic pipe for the inbuilt water and ice dispenser split causing thousands of dollars of damage to the walls & flooring as it happened on a weekend when she was away. So now my mother-in-law (who is retired) is out of pocket nearly $3k for building & contents insurance excess and consigned to living in a building site while the floor is ripped up and replaced and walls treated for mould and repainted.

    Also my Dad has just got rid of his side by side Samsung fridge after having a compressor fail and 2 doors replaced for the dreaded under skin bubbling and corrosion. He has a Westinghouse for 2 years and no issues. No more Samsungs for our family!

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    Samsung fridge and washing machines are not the best in general. Speaking from experience, my samsung fridge had multiple fixes within its warranty and front loader washing machine broke just after a year whereas aldi cheap one lasted 5 years.

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    I have a Samsung fridge and had it serviced recently. The tech said he hates them. Poor customer service, part availability issues, reliability issues and cost of parts… main issue he had was with Samsung’s lack of support in situations where he had to fight for warranty. For the OP, I hate piling on Samsung but this is what my fridge tech told me. He recommended anything from the Electrolux group as decent as parts are easy to come by and reliability is good.

    Not want you want to hear but it sounds like you have exhausted pretty much all options.

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      thanks…all good. I'll do what I can to get some justice :)

    • I have heard the same thing from when I purchased a washing machine from a bloke who refurbished white goods. He told me Samsung were all bells and whistles and may look good but they had a higher rate of failure across their white goods and were best avoided. He said go for bosch etc

  • Couldn’t agree more on the poor quality of Samsung fridges -ours which is 5 yrs old is falling apart, I hope you get some results with the tribunal / fair trade

  • thanks mate, appreciate it

  • What you describe is a well known fault in Samsung fridges. The fridge fails to defrost correctly, ending up in ice build up behind the internal rear panel and eventually a failure of the freezer section. Generally there is a loud vibration sound that commences in the defrost fan before any failure occurs. My 7 year old Samsung french door fridge has been repaired 4 times and it is making the sound again now, so another repair is in the near future.

    Samsung should issue a recall due to these ongoing faults as surely it is unfit for purpose when a fridge/freezer, continually fails to freeze.

    • wow..thats good to know…well sort of :)

      Unbelievable….they have been real dicks…..I can't believe their responses…the lady on their VOC team even said that it was unacceptable but clearly snr management are afraid to admit the problem for fear of hundreds of refund claims!

  • Why did you not take it up with David Jones? They give extremely good customer service.

    • Because I didn't buy from them. The review was pulled from another site and onto theirs. Their reviews come from national product review which is where I posted

  • You should buy LG for home appliances,

    Also, Euromaid for DW and WM & Haier for cheaper and more reliable for the fridge as they are back and supported by the same F&P after-sales team.

    I had an issue with Haier's stand-alone freezer and they fixed it after the warranty period without any question asked. ( Auto defrost was not working so they replace the heating coil).

  • We have a 454l Samsung Fridge. Had it since 2015 and hasn't missed a beat. Was moved as well and still going well. Paid $900 for it. I have already got the value out of it. Doesnt help you op but just wanted to say they arent all bad.

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    I'll go one further… I bought a Samsung fridge say prior to 2005… its been thru two marriages, multple moves, served with my sister and her family and now is with my parents… it was expensive for me at the time… $1,200?

    but in 2022 its still going

    but be that as it may… Samsung trades on name, badge, like Sony Toyota…

    when you're good, you're good like most

    but when ur fuct like OP, they're hell… they themselves refuse to believe they're full of shit and they dont if they lose a customer because so many consumers love that taste of corporate dack…

  • Hey OP, I want to know the process you followed to get some sort of result.
    I bought my Samsung SR318LSTC 318L refrigerator in 2017 and a couple of weeks ago the freezer section stopped working.
    I reached out to Samsung (as I was unsure if its a compressor issue), and they were completely useless. I'm not sure what my options are right now. Would appreciate any suggestions.

    • Not much tbh, my situation was a bit different as our had broken down twice in the warranty period.

      In all honesty, if it was 2017 and it's just quit on you then the likely best outcome will be a service person fixing it at your expense.

      Avoid buying Samsung next time… unfortunately it's a lesson we have both learnt the hard way.

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