expired PS Vita Wi-Fi/3G for $278.40/ $335.20 from Dick Smith Canberra DFO (Cheaper at GG)


Hi chaps, I snapped this picture at Dick Smith DFO on Sunday. 20% off their regular price of the Wi-Fi and 3G Vita. I thought, sure, that's not bad.. but perhaps I can get it lower. SO I trotted off to the three Good Guys stores here in Canberra, one had no stock, one wouldn't pricematch that low (their lowest offer was $358 for the 3G), but the third one came good, after some.. 'robust' negotiations.

So using the 20% off gift cards purchased on Monday, I paid $268 in total - down from the original price of $417. Your mileage may vary, but at the very least, if you're in Canberra, there was plenty of stock left at Dick Smith DFO.

I've edited out my own information and that of the salesman at GG, but here's a copy of my receipt.


Good luck!

Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Nice find.

    Being such a terrible negotiator myself, I doubt I'll be able to talk TGG into price matching DS, but props to you.

    I think I will wait for an official price drop, because the Vita is doing poorly worldwide. Also I have a feeling they will do a second revision next year, which is normal for electronics anyway, but I'm hoping they will slim it down. That thing is huge. The screen alone is the size of a phablet. It's not very portable IMO.

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      Lawl, Do you mean Dick Smith, Good Guys or the Vita?

      This is a good price but I doubt many stores would match it. For those who can't get it I think Amazon DE is still running the free games + MS deal


    why the receipt shows it is from GoodGuys rather than DickSmith?


    Using 4 different cards for buying a $335 PS vita thru EFTPOS ???


    Just a reminder, Sony IS going to screw you over. Its just a matter of time.
    I think all the PSP-1000/2000/3000/Go owners will agree, you get left behind when the next marketable product comes along.
    Not to mention the proprietary memory market you enter. ie. UMD, Sony Memory Stick, Vita Memory Stick, Vita card's.


      You're an Apple fan?


      Err.. Apple does the same thing every year with iPods, iPhones and iPads. Even car manufacturers do it.

      It's a refresh. Get used to it.

      As for proprietary media.. what were you expecting? The games have to come on some format. Those games were designed to be played on the vita, so who cares if you can't plug your vita/psp game into your iPhone which can't run the game anyway? Should they have released their games on SD card so that only one person has to buy the game and everyone else pirates it?

      I don't get why you think every console/handheld has to use existing media for their games. No one criticizes Nintendo systems for using proprietary media for example. Every single device they've released uses proprietary media for their games.

      Sony Memory Stick is not proprietary by the way. At least no more so than a DVD or Bluray disc. Vita mem sticks are prop because they want to make back some profit on the loss they take on each unit sold. No one was expecting it to release at $250 USD before they announced the price. They lose some on vitas sold, and make some back on mem cards.


    Is this price available at other DSE stores or just Fyshwick DFO?


      Just the DFO store, it's a closing-down sale.


      Thanks OP! I just bought one for a cousin's birthday from the Lidcombe store yesterday for the same price, $268 Wifi model. Its the closing down store opposite the Sydney Costco.

      The Vita's and games are hidden behind the counter so you have to specifically ask the sales staff.

      The games vary in discount from 20% to 40%. I'm not sure how many Vita consoles they had because it came out of the store room but I saw more than a dozen game titles in the counter draw.

      Also, there are none left at the North Parramatta or Baulkham Hills store.

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    i think the price is for closing down stores, if u check out online. price is still normal rrp

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