128GB Strontium SSD $119 at Centrecom (ONLY ONE)

Hi I have been keeping an eye on the "Online Exclusive" tag on some of Centrecom's items and just saw that they have this: http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/srssdsw-25128gb-online-e...
a 128gb SSD for $119
I would post as a bargain but there is only one by the looks of it so I thought I would throw it here.
I grabbed the 120 Intel 510 for $120 two days ago so I don't need this. Goodluck :)
Just read OEM Display Item. Hmmmm maybe not so good?
Better than nothing! :)



    This is a very old SATA2 drive (circa 2010). Wouldn't recommend it as SATA3 Intel 330's are quite affordable now at $150 for the 120GB version.