Real Estate Agent Put for Sale Sign on My Property without Asking Me

I recently bought Unit 1 (stand-alone house, at the front) of a block. The settlement was last week. I just moved in few days back.

Now Unit 2 is up for sale and Real estate agent put for sale sign on my property without even asking me.

I asked him, why it is there? As it is on my property, you need to pay rent. They deliberately did not take that seriously. I hate that "for sale" sign. What can I do about it? It has been there since the settlement. Again it is not on the common property. Also, Unit 2 does not have any street adjacent land where the sign can be placed. Not even a common property.

From Plan of Sub division:

The Sign:

My View


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    if you are sure that what it's on is your property, take it down. what are they going to do? call the cops because you took their sign off your lawn?

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    Tell him:
    - You have 60 minutes to remove your sign or it will be crushed into a cube
    - You have 30 minutes…
    - You have 15 minutes…
    - You have 5 minutes…
    - You have 15 minutes to remove your cube.

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      or it will be crushed into a cube

      you might end up paying for the cost of the sign if you do that…

      best to take it down and leave it there undamaged…

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        This is very straightforward and sensible advice.

        What have you done with jv?

        • Clearly he wife hijacked the account

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      Is it about my cube?

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    Do you have a body corporate? What are the rules pertaining to this?

    • No Body Corp.

    • It looks like a 2-lot subdivision with very minimal common property. You would have to be insane to have a BC assigned.

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        There is always a body corporate.
        There is not always a strata manager.

        • By law, there is an Owners Corporate (formerly known as Body Corporate) attached to any subdivision that results in common property.

          By the colloquial term "BC" above, I was referring to an external party (you may call them "Strata Manager") that looks after OC matters.

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    There's only one reasonable thing you can do, get a sharpie and give the real estate agents photo on the sign a monobrow and evil mustache. Maybe black out a tooth if they're smiling.

    Or just remove it.

    • or write 'April fools under it"

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        Love this.

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      Change the phone number to one of a competing agent.

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        You petty and vindictive neighbour you are :D

        • I try not to be, but they could have asked me at the very least inform me. I bought a house not to see the back of a sign from the very beginning.

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    It’s not that hard and no need to over think it. Remove the sign.

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    This is crazy in April.

    To soon?

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    Some streets have a 300mm verge between the footpath and where the front of private properties start. This would be public land.

    If this doesn't apply and the sign is on your property, then send them an email notifying them that it's on your property and that they have 7 days to remove it. Otherwise you'll have it removed and the costs of removal and disposal will be paid by them.

    I'd advise not simply removing it, well not without notification and some reasonable timeframe for them to remove it.

    I had the same happen to me but they put it on that 300mm verge but the sign supports extended into my property.

    Even if someone parks their car in your driveway without permission, you can get into trouble if you call a tow truck to remove it.

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      Agent cannot place a sign on public land, except their little ‘open house’ temporary signs.

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    Buy a sold sticker and stick it on.

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      Another great idea.

  • Ask your neighbours if they want the sale sign in front of their house

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    Is it counted as common property? Som land outside unit blocks is sadly not always yours do with.

    • Not common property.

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      What is Som land ?

      • Trigger for trolls?

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    • What complete bollocks!

      If the Plan of Subdivision clearly states that land is included in the parcel allotted to Lot 1, then it is not common property.

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    Offer to buy the "For Sale" sign.

    (I'm glad we talked). :+)

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    OP, don't worry.

    You as the landowner have the legal right to relocate the item from your land to the outside of the property boundary line.

    Make sure you take images of the item showing that it's inside of the boundary and images after you relocate it to a safe place outside of the boundary.

    Email the images to the REA and tell them to come and collect the item.

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    Report them for dumping garbage.

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    April 1st.

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      I am sure it is on my property.

  • I'm waiting for the MS Paint diagram…

  • It is probably on the strip that is owned by the council and not you. You have the responsibility of maintaining that strip. It's not going to be on sale forever. Unfortunately it's one of those things you'll need to cop. Where else can the vendor have a sign placed if his/her house is located behind yours?

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      It is not on the council strip. It is on my property. My issue is they didn't even ask my permission to do that.

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        Like your front lawn?

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          • @Crazy4: How do you know that it's on your front lawn? Did you engage a surveyor to mark your boundary, or locate the sign to prove that it's on your land? There is a good chance that the vertical posts and the sign are actually just within the road reserve and not on your land at all. The star pickets and angled timber braces are likely on your property, so you could request for those to be removed if they're causing you concern.

            Put yourself in your neighbours, RE Agents, and sign contractors shoes, and think about where they could place the RE sign that's not in front of your property, or on common property….the only possible place is on Lot 2 land that is not visible from the street. What use is that?

            As a surveyor myself, that lives on the front lot with 3 other lots behind me that share a common property driveway, there has been several occasions that RE signs have been placed on my front boundary. Yes, its slightly inconvenient to mow around the sign, and friends visiting think that I'm selling my house, but who cares, its only a temporary minor inconvenience. I could have demanded that my neighbour remove the sign, which would create friction between us, but showing some compassion and letting them leave the sign there worked out well because the house didn't sell and I didn't ruin a good neighbourly relationship over a petty little issue.

            My advice: Talk to your neighbour if the sign supports are causing you grief. Leave the sign where it is and remove the bracing if needed. Try and maintain good neighbourly relations. Kicking up a stink about this minor issue will likely cause problems down the road.

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    Remove sign, drop out the front of real estate agent office, or in the bin, whichever you prefer.

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    As it is on my property, they need to pay rent.

    No they don't. They are not renting your property.

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    I hate that "for sale" sign. What can I do about it?

    Take it down.

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    Have you checked with the owner/s of Unit 2 as to whether the previous owner of your house gave them/their R/E agent permission to place the sign at the front of the property? They may not have been aware of your settlement date.

    In any case, if you're certain that the sign is on your lot then advise the R/E in writing that the sign was placed on your property without your permission and specify a date by which they need to remove it otherwise you will arrange for it to be binned.

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    Do you have a council report that tells you where your property boundary is ? Usually a property boundary has a fence around it.

    If you are in a strata complex, it may not be as cut and dry as you think.

  • Knock it over.
    Opps, it must have fallen over.
    (Tee hee haw)

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    It’s either on within your property, on the boundary with stabiliser on your property or on council property with legs on your land. Either way, it shouldn’t be there. They problem tougher you were a renter and you wouldn’t be concerned with the sign.

    Your boundary may not be at the back of the footpath, the footpath is often somewhere between the boundary and the road. If your letterbox isn’t butting up to the footpath the sign front light actually be on council land.

    Ask them to remove it and tell them if they don’t that you’ll remove it for them and place it on unit 2’s property.

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    Simply tell them to remove the sign off your property. Give them a reasonable and achievable time limit like 2 working days.

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    Your option is very simple.

    Contact the agent in writing. Attach the Plan of Subdivision which clearly shows your lot boundaries. Inform them that they have trespassed onto your property. They have 3 business days to remove their unauthorised signage on your property. If they fail to do so, inform them that you will hire someone to dispose of the signage. If it comes to this, the cost of the disposal will be invoiced to them for reimbursement. Also, inform them that you will lodge a complaint against them for illegal and unprofessional conduct. Here is the ombudsman contact details:

    You should do this is writing so that there is a record of you trying to get them to correct their mistake before you get your hands dirty.

  • Surprised no one has mentioned this option >.>. Either remove or keep it there while formally complaining and in the meantime put your own post up that completely blocks theirs. Just require a bit of effort is all ;)

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    Take the sign down?

    I don't understand why you need to ask Ozbargain. If it is on your Lot and not part of common property you can do what you want. So remove it.

  • Can you provide an unedited copy of the POS?

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    Take it down or write and tape on some messages about how bad this property is.

  • It's fine if you can keep the sign after property is sold. It's worth something

  • As it is on my property, you need to pay rent. They deliberately did not take that seriously.

    Gee, I wonder why lol.

    Either take it down and deal with the real estate agent or leave it there and it'll be gone in a week when the place sells, you didn't need advice from a bargain shopping forum.

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