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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Sports (with Leg Strap) $58 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest it has been, Amazon has the pre-order guarantee as well. Releases April 29.

  • Turn your real-world actions into in-game movements using Joy-Con controllers and compete in six sports, including Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara (swordplay).
  • You can even use a Joy-Con with the Leg Strap accessory included in the physical version to kick the ball in a Soccer Shoot-Out!
  • Get Ready for Golf: A seventh sport is planned to be added via a free update this spring
  • Online and local multiplayer will be included, and while you can use unique characters, classic Miis do seem to be supported, too.
  • Get active and get into the game!
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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  • -1

    I think Kinect is better. But it is discontinued.

    • +14

      I miss the Kinect, so much potential.

    • +3

      I found the Kinect favoured people with large lounge rooms/space to move around, whereas Wii/Switch ones work in a smaller space…

      • +7

        Yeah the wii is the choice of the working class. Down with the rich Kinect landowners.

    • @estimator its ok, everyone makes mistakes.

  • +3

    No table tennis :(

    • Rumour is they will be adding more games…

      • +7

        In a paid dlc more likely.

        • No they said it's free

          • @squaredonut: Source?

          • +6

            @squaredonut: Nope, all they've said is that there'll be a free update that adds Golf as well as leg strap support for the Soccer Shoot-out game. No announcement if there'll be new games added beyond that or whether they'll be paid DLC.

            • +13

              @lint: They've had years to work on this collection of simple games. Free dlc? They should have just frickin developed it all by now

              • +5

                @justtoreply: Nintendo and half arseing it has been going on since the 3ds/wii u days.

              • +1

                @justtoreply: Well, you should note that this isn't exactly a "Resort" title, more of a plain Sports one. I would personally like to see more options, but the previous in the lineup - Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club - had just 5 games.

  • +1

    I wonder if it will be using same leg strap as Ring Fit Adventure.

    • +3

      Refer to cover art and the trailer. It is a strap similar to Ring Fit Adventure one. The sole purpose of it is to trap the JoyCon to your leg. You could use rubber bands for same affect.

      • +29

        True Ozbarginers will make rope by twining their dog's hair to create a free strap.

        • +3

          Damn, should have used the same dog. I only use its nose for the PlayStation controller…that's combined saving.

        • +3

          And if you don't have a dog…. Use the wife's, shower drain should have a fair stash.

          • +8

            @scuderiarmani: unless you are Will Smith… come at me bro!

            • +2

              @alphalpha: Jada's got hair in her shower, bro.

              It's just neither Will's nor hers, that's all.

        • What do you know? I own two shih tzus.

          That's my new business idea right there.

    • It is the same strap. The digital version can be bought for people who already have the ring fit strap

    • +2

      o yes I forgot about the ring fit adventure game I still have an haven't touched in months lol

  • Pretty standard price.. Well EB Games are $59 I think.

    Would be nice if there was a sub $50 deal before release.

    • +11

      EB Games has never discounted preorders in recent memory. It's full RRP $69.95: https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/nintendo-switch/271633-ni...

      • +1

        My mistake. Many other places are similar price to this though.

        • I don't really shop at ebgames that often mostly online sales (they strip me lvl V for not spending enough and took away the yearly 50% birthday bonus) but I still shop there when there is a good bargain.

          It seems that currently their switch sports have the best value if you can trade in any 2x games that is worth more than $10 each and add extra $19 (you can get further discount for ebgames gift card just search for it ozb) .

        • ^^

      • correct this guy is right. Eb games never discount preorders.

  • Another Wii Sports?

    • +3


    • +1

      no wii fit board though :( so no snow boarding.

    • No, a subset of all the ones we bought for wii u.

  • +13

    Simply Googled it, the results are as below:

    BIG W Nintendo Switch $58.00
    Amazon AU Nintendo Switch, free delivery $58.00
    Harvey Norman Australia Nintendo Switch $59.00
    JB Hi-Fi Nintendo Switch $59.00

    Pretty much the same price everywhere…

    • +4

      surprised this deal hasn't been downvoted into oblivion as yet…

      oh well I hadn't heard about this game, now I know

      • -4

        surprised this deal hasn't been downvoted into oblivion as yet

        So where is your downvote then?

      • Probably because it’s Amazon. I find ozbargainers less critical whenever an Amazon deal is posted. Even when a cheaper deal is found elsewhere there are comments saying they’d rather pay extra (blasphemy!) and get it from Amazon

    • +13

      BIG W Nintendo Switch $58.00 + postage from $3.90
      Harvey Norman Australia Nintendo Switch $59.00 + postage from $5.95
      JB Hi-Fi Nintendo Switch $59.00 + postage from $1.99

      I can't see any other store offering it at or below $58 delivered. Please post a deal if you can find better.

    • +1

      yeah but amazon is better if the price goes down at any point blow that you preorder auto updates to that price.
      And you dont' pay till its shipped with amazon.

      • +1

        Just cancelled my Amazon order. They delayed the shipment until mid next week. Must be low stock.

        • I preordered April 1st was shipped today. Unless you choose the express option that will make sure you get it delievered today it will not ship till today and because its a public holiday on Monday in Queensland it won't be here till tuesday for me. But its overnight expected shipping with prime so it will definatlly come on Tuesday.

          • @kungfuman: I ordered about a week out and it was noted as 'expedited shipping' or something to that effect.

            Wasn't a big deal, just had to drive up the road to JB Hifi.

            I found the game pretty lack-luster, but feel it will be OK to play a bit of with friends over.

            I think it would be good if they add a greater level of stick control (like what we get a taste of in the volley ball). Maybe I should just buy mario tennis haha

  • +4

    This game used to be free with the wii console… Now Nintendo are charging ~$60 for it lol.

    Good old nostalgia.

    • Most people are into Mario Kart these days. Hence the popularity of that bundle.

  • +8

    Wish Nintendo would pump out more Ring Fit Adventure type fitness games that make use of the accessory. Such a missed opportunity.

    • Seems like an expensive waste. 1 game to go with ring fit only.

      • +16

        Still cheaper than a gym membership, and a lot more useful during lockdowns. I got value.

    • +3

      Such a missed opportunity.

      Nintendo are good at experiments that never go anywhere. Did you know that one of your Joycons has an IR sensor on it?

      • +1

        Only game I know that used the IR sensor is Dr. Kawashima's Brain training for Rock Paper Scissors game (pretty cool imo).
        The Wii U gamepad is the pinnacle of Nintendo's experimental gimmicks. That thing had so much stuff crammed on it, lol. I think there was even one or two unused ports/connectors

        • +4

          1, 2 Switch! and RingFit Adventure both use the IR sensor, as well as the Labo kits.

          RingFit actually uses it as a heart rate sensor by getting you to put your thumb over it which is pretty cool.

          • @McFodder: It's gotta be one of the worst heart rate sensors I've ever used. It's so unreliable, it works less than 50% of the time for me so I've given up on it. Neat idea, but sucks when it comes to execution.

        • It was a great or at least a brave creation but unfortunately the mandatory gamepad had driven up cost of the console package and other game developers couldn’t be bothered with designing games for 2 screens. If Wii U had been able to utilise a smart phone as the second screen (not screen mirroring) + controller (like a Switch lite grip with buttons) paired with just a console unit it could probably have a lower price tag and be more successful.

      • I agree, I'm getting sick of all these gimmicks that are used once and done. Games are mostly rehashed from old titles, nothing innovative since wii.
        Not great for serious gamers, not much to offer for the $$$$ for casuals.

  • +1

    Came here for the "leg strap" jokes. I'm a little disappointed.

    Maybe I arrived too soon.

    • +7

      *came too soon

      • Thanks Pete.

    • +2

      You can get a nasal spray for that I think

  • This is one game I want as digital but at $56, it doesn't feel worth it when the physical edition comes with a leg strap. I do already have a keg strap from ring fit though.

    Decisions decisions…

    • +7

      Digital won't have any resale value. That should ease your decision making.

      • Yeah I know, but I doubt this game will hold much value and I'd rather just be able to pick up and player without swapping carts. It's hard to justify choosing digital over this cost compared yeah.

        • Considering you have to get up to play this game, I think buying physical wins out;)

    • I'm the same, pre-ordered as its staple Nintendo game, but have just cancelled as I'd rather the $ in my pocket. Annoying as most of the staple games I have are physical haha.

    • +1

      If you already have a leg strap just go digital, you'll also get gold coins and if you had already bought discounted eShop credit even better.

      • +4

        You can also claim gold coins from physical games, just has to be redeemed within a year of the release date

        • +1

          Only 1% for physical, 5% for digital

      • +1

        Yeah wish the eshop card sales were a bit more common or it would be no question.

    • +2

      I'm going to buy the digital version, then get a joy con leg strap off AliExpress for $4.95
      With the coins from digital purchase I'll be ahead

  • +2

    I pre-ordered at this price a month ago :)
    Just a reminder: you can use your $10 Prime credit for new members (can be on the free trial), or the $20 Unidays coupon for new/inactive Prime accounts - which is what I used to knock another $20 off.

    • +1

      thanks, $38 ordered

  • I had pre-ordered several weeks ago and tbh I'll probably only play 10 pin bowling as I found that by far the most fun in the recent network test.

    When you think about it this game is kind of expensive just for that but oh well…. sure it will be a lot of casual fun and bring back some nostalgia for when Wii Sports first came out.

    Maybe the new 4 v 4 soccer might be fun though curious with the big ball as to how much that feels like Rocket League.

  • +1

    Looks fun to play with the family but I'm holding off buying anything until I see reviews.

  • +1

    There was a 'free-to-play' test day a while ago for Nintendo Online subscribers, did it live up to the hype? A shame the release date is just after school holidays for us, would be a nice way to keep the kids and their parents entertained with this mental weather.

  • +1

    Honestly I use to get a workout from Wii boxing! I actually though it would be a solid cardio workout!

  • +1

    I think I'll just plug in my wii to play wii sports & sport resort

  • Damn.. I ordered this thru Amazon a month ago at the higher price. Wonder if they will only charge me for the lowest price?

    • As long as it doesn't go back up between when you bought it and the COB release day, you should be set

      "Whenever you pre-order an item eligible for Pre-order Price Guarantee, the price we charge when we ship it to you will be the lowest price offered by Amazon.com.au between the time you placed your order and the end of the day of the release date."

      • +3

        Even if it does go back up, whatever the lowest price has been is what you get it for

        • yes. but only since you placed the order though.

  • should I get this? isn';t this just wii sports all over again :D where is the wii fit board !!

    • The board is probably in your wardrobe or garage.

  • Pre-ordered!!

  • +1

    So the only physical accessory is the leg strap?
    And I could use my aliexpress knock-off of the Ring-Fit strap?

  • -3

    Eleven (or other sports games) on Oculus any day of the week over this.

    • +1

      Much easier to get 4 people together playing this with a few drinks though

      • Yeah for sure multiplayer couch-co op (although i'd prob stick with wii u) - I'm more just thinking sports games during Covid times etc + how much they actually make you move around - the video for this game is pre embarrassing

    • Yeah, if you like to play by yourself…. I guess.

      Not even remotely the same thing.

      • Well not by yourself but not couch co-op

        Just can't stand all these half-ass attempt switch games.. have u seen the video? 🤦‍♂️ Probably why my Wii U is still going strong and the switch hardly gets touched, every game party game recently has been such a let down ☹

        • +1

          Well you'd be the huge exception to everyone….. somehow calling the Switch a letdown and in the same go praising the Wii U….. and I grew up with a SNES as my first Console bought for me.

  • Does it have the pre order bonus?

    • Is there any pre-order bonus being offered with this game. I thought only specific games and retailers offer it. But I can be wrong.

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