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100% Cashback When You Buy a 4-Pack Alcoholic Bundaberg Ginger Beer at Participating Retailers @ Bundy's Big Shout


Saw this promotion but not sure which retailers are “participating retailers” - eg those advertising this promotion.

Copy and pasted some important info from the terms and conditions:

To be eligible to receive a cashback, individuals must, during the Promotional Period, purchase a 4-pack of Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer (“Eligible Product”) from a participating retailer and retain their purchase receipt. A “participating retailer” is any retailer that is stocking Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer and advertising this promotion.

The cashback will be awarded in the form of a Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®. to the value of the price paid for the Eligible Product as submitted in the claim form, up to a maximum value of $22.

Promotion commences on 01/04/22 and claims close at 11:59pm AEST on 31/05/22

Edit: for those who want to read the terms and conditions - https://www.bundysbigshout.com.au/legal-rules.pdf

Edit 2: to clarify, the store in question (according to terms and conditions) need to be advertising this promotion, not just selling the item itself. I haven’t found any evidence of any store advertising this promotion hence my first paragraph. Will go out and try to confirm with major chains and update this post accordingly.

Edit 3: thanks to
@Luigi Savadamoni, nice link that pretty much proves you’ll be able to buy at major chain stores for those who can’t wait until the promotion is in full force. https://www.bundabergrum.com.au/products/alcoholic-ginger-be...

Mod: Despite what is stated in the terms, users reported receiving over $22. See comment.

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  • I thought legally you couldn't give away free alcohol

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      they aren't, you pay for the alcohol and they give you a gift card

    • +1

      Haven't BWS done a lot of "Get one free can/bottle per order" in the past?

    • +2

      At least in terms of trade promotions, there's a limit of the number of litres of different types of alcohol that can be given away as prizes in NSW. This is why NSW missed out entirely from the BWS promo (free alcohol component) because the amount on offer was much larger than the limit (and I guess they just didn't want to deal with a cap in the state).

  • +7

    $22 @FCL
    $22 @LL
    Not sold @BWS
    Check for promition

      • Yeah although we don't know participating stores yet. This was originally introduced (in Dec) only to independent bottle shops.

        • +4

          "A “participating retailer” is any retailer that is stocking Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer and advertising this promotion. "

          • -3

            @DoctorArd: True, unsure why OP has said "not sure what stores are participating retailers" and then says exactly what stores are participating retailers 🤣

            • @DisabledUser413626: The rules are here if anyone would like some light reading: https://www.bundysbigshout.com.au/legal-rules.pdf

            • +1

              @DisabledUser413626: No, its whether the store is participating in this promotion. Usually by sign displayed. Not just that they sell it!

              • -3

                @Rather be Travelling: And hence my original point stands? This has been a weird circular thread.

                • @DisabledUser413626: As i said - need to check with store, which you said would be pointless…

                  • @Rather be Travelling: You said to ask in store when it should be clearly advertised…

                    • @DisabledUser413626: But thats precisely what the promo says. Advertising includes instore display.
                      Your recommendation of Bayfields has no advertising.

                      • @Rather be Travelling: If you have to ask a physical person about a promotion I'd conclude it isn't well enough advertised in the store or the person looking is blind.

                        Neither does the FCL or LL website?

                        • @DisabledUser413626: New promo from 1/4, which takes time to roll out. Needs time to confirm outlets.
                          I said to check with (LL & FCL which stock this product, not BWS) store for promotion which I'm about to do.

                          • @Rather be Travelling: Maybe you just live in a place with much more informed employees but the people at my local would just stare at me blankly or think I was making it up.

                            What do you plan on even saying? "Hi excuse me do you know if I buy this whether I can get the cost fully reimbursed?"

                            In my experiences they don't even know what Flybuys offers are, let alone new third party promotions.

                            • -1

                              @DisabledUser413626: Staff at local stores are very helpful & ring head office to check if they don't know. Hence why I suggested to ask.

                              Just show the Deal link & ask if they are a participating outlet! Simple.

                              • @Rather be Travelling: It's clear you've never worked as a retail employee.

                                • @DisabledUser413626: I've owned businesses & trained retail & other staff here & overseas. Because of that, I treat retail staff with respect you seem to lack.

                                  Best not to make uninformed assumptions. It's far better to ask😉

                                  • +2

                                    @Rather be Travelling: With respect I seem to lack. You're the one who goes into a store and proceeds to make it all about you and your queries.

                                    This promotion started on Friday. It is now Sunday. 0 business days have passed. It goes until the end of May. You could make a retail employee's life easier and wait for the promotional material to get delivered but you insist on making them ring up head office.

                                    It's clear you've managed retail employees but you've never actually been one so you can't actually sympathise with them. Only order them around.

                                    • -2

                                      @DisabledUser413626: Already commented that promo has just started. So will take time for promo material to roll out!

                                      You're the one who goes into a store and proceeds to make it all about you and your queries.

                                      Come off it. I never insist the staff member rings head office. That's just in your imagination!! They volunteered to do that in the past.
                                      They're helpful as I said & we usually have a good laugh.

                                      Asking a question is not disrespectful. If they are busy, or don't know, I'll ring head office myself or come back another day.

                                      But you say not to ask, because you assume they won't know the answer because they aren't capable of checking…

                                      but you've never actually been one so you can't actually sympathise with them. Only order them around.

                                      BS! What a false assumption!
                                      Of course I has experience as retail staff in various work. I excelled in it, that's why I was made a trainer.

                                      Shows you know little about staffing matters! Badgering staff is never a good approach to get what you want! They wouldn't help me if I did that!!

                                      Had enough of this BS - off to LL to ask😉

                                      • @Rather be Travelling:

                                        Had enough of this BS

                                        Agreed. All you're doing is twisting my words and changing your original viewpoint to something that puts you in a better light.

                                        • -1

                                          @DisabledUser413626: No, your responses show a lack of knowledge or experience.
                                          Your assumptions are just made up. Unfortunately, I feel sorry for you.

                                          Off to LL😉

                                          • @Rather be Travelling: You were already off 22 minutes ago lol.

                                            Is being belittling something you taught your retail staff? Or maybe just lying about where you actually need to go. Either way, have fun when you eventually get to LL internet troll 🤣🤣

      • $22 is the maximum you can claim , but not the price it self, so I think if you buy at $20 then maximum claim is $20

  • +1

    What is a Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard?

    • Digital pre-paid mastercard… Vault is the payment processing company enabled by mastercard.

      Card expiry and balance can be found on your mobile device in your digital wallet. The Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard is issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited (ABN 30 131 436 532).

      • EML uses blockchain technology.
        Same as cards from myy app

      • Sounds very complicated and huge customer effort. And doesn’t look like any major retailer does the promo. I won’t bother it.

  • One per person or one per household?

    • +5

      "Only one (1) claim permitted per person (based on name, email and mobile number)"

      • +3

        Get your amaysims ready

  • +1

    Awesome deal, thank you OP!

  • Still couldn't find any store advertising this promotion? Any?

  • +5

    Checked with LL & FCL
    Was only potential customer!
    Only signage with product is "NEW"

    FCL store manager told me they've heard nothing. Rep was in 10d ago & said nothing - strange as this will move lots of stock. Stock received over 1month ago, so not on packaging.

    So too early to tell if LL & FCL are participating, but stock is on the shelves @$22.

    • +1

      FCM manager said he'd contact me when he knows more.
      He's stored my purchases for over a month, when I stayed on N Qld island. Great guy!

  • +2

    Have only found independents in NSW so far via FB & google
    TASTE Canowindra Bottler
    Commercial Hotel Forbes

  • Will wait until stores are confirmed. Hoping local IGA might stock it.

  • +1

    LL Knox, VIC staff hadn’t heard anything about it so I didn’t bother.

  • Local LL had no stock and knowledge of any such promo, same is the case with BWS. I guess you need wait for a week or two until all the participating retailers are officially communicated.

  • Checked a Liquor Legends in Brisbane, no signage

  • A “participating retailer” is any retailer that is stocking Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer and advertising this promotion.

    I guess Bundaberg will be (very soon, hopefully) advising all their partners of the promotion, and they will in turn advertise this shortly. Fingers crossed!

  • Promotion started on Friday.
    So will take time to roll out.

    It's a new product at majors. But sold at independents since Dec - so may find promotion there at moment.

    If product is $22 (@LL & FCL) or less, you receive the purchase price back.

    • You're welcome for the info :)
      Here's the link I got the rough date it was released to independent bottle shops from.

      Will update if I see any signage at local independents.

      • Incorporated info now deleted by Mods.
        Including your info about release date to independents.

        FCL promised to get back to me about promotion. Asked store manager who was very interested & helpful - like me, he wants to try it (for FREE)!

        • -1

          Incorporated info now deleted by Mods.

          As it was requested by you yes :)

          You can deal with the big conglomerates and I'll update if any smaller local bottle shops I visit have this promotion.

          • @DisabledUser413626:

            As it was requested by you

            Not true - surprised me!
            I requested discussion be marked "Off Topic". To tidy up Deal. Able to be viewed, but out of sight.

            Mods almost immediately marked as unpublished. Because I reported it, it is attributed to me. Can't see benefit in requesting correction through TWAM.

            As some was relevant to this Deal, summarised discussion into that much shorter comment.

            • @Rather be Travelling: Republished, marked off-topic.

              Please guys, just talk to us, we're here to help.

              • @neil: It wasn't necessary as main points have been summarised.
                And argument has now cooled off with updated information, so irrelevant & better removed.

                • -1

                  @Rather be Travelling: Bugger me you like to argue and have the last word til the cows come home

                  Anyway off to LL 😉

                  • @Scoonce: Lol! So knowledgeable for a newbie!

                    You joined OzBargain today & 1min later posted your first "insightful" comment. Then were signed out a minute later😜

                    You missed my deleted comment posted 21min into this Deal - I was off to LL. Like you - a month later.
                    But to find out more about the Deal, so we could be better informed.

                    That lead to comments by decc0 that you can't ask staff, I knew nothing about retail, & must be abusing staff to get them to help find out details!!!
                    All untrue, totally unnecessary, & fairly abusive towards me (as a past retailer & respectful staff trainer)!

                    I summarised the relevant points, posted what I learnt from staff, & requested the pointless long "discussion" be marked off-topic. It was deleted instead.

                    Passed on what I found out from asking staff.
                    Was first to check on this Deal's conditions / availability at LL & FCL soon after Deal posted.

                    OzBargain is a collaborative process.
                    In Deals, it can take some time & effort to clarify the offer, for the benefit of those who arrive later!
                    I've been doing that for over a decade on OzBargain.

                    Simply correcting others incorrect assumptions, assertions, & errors isn't arguing. decc0 just got things wrong. We all do that at times😉

  • +1

    Does it taste shit like the rum or nice like the fizzy drink?

    • +3

      Looks like made by Bundaberg Run the alcohol company not
      Bundaberg Drinks the fizzy drink company

      • -1

        Yep. But they're a rum company and this is ginger beer (as opposed to ginger infused rum) so i wonder if it's as crap as their rum

    • +3

      Another use for Bundaberg's traditional product - sugar!

      Two iconic Queensland companies, Bundaberg Rum and Bundaberg Ginger Beer, have teamed up to create a boozy bevvy made from your two favourite drinks

      I don't expect much, as Bundaberg Ginger Beer is too bland for my tastes - but good for FREE! And can't drink the rum - grew up on it.

      Buderim Ginger - producers of great ginger cordials from local raw ginger, added alcohol to their cordial & called it "alcoholic ginger beer". Love their ginger cordial, wasn't impressed with the non brewed "ginger beer". Some other "ginger beers" are made that way.

      I grew up on home brewed ginger beer, & love home brewed alcoholic ginger beer. No commercial brews have measured up on spicy ginger taste, and are often too sweet.

      • +1

        Ginger beer is normally alcoholic (easiest beer you will make in your life). So you would think it's one less process for Bundaberg to worry about (removing the alcohol).

        • Bundaberg ginger beer is so sweet, I doubt it goes through much fermentation.

          Adding alcohol is likely an easier way to ensure alcohol content is consistent in manufacturing.

          That alcohol content must account for my my lack of childhood memories, drinking lots of home made ginger beer😉

          Got into it when house sitting a musicians luxury place. As he had gout & diabetes, I could drink all his home made alcoholic ginger beer. I was doing him a favour!!

          • +3

            @Rather be Travelling: Made some in 2L coke bottles as a science project. Used about a cup of sugar, plus crushed ginger root, cream of tartar etc. The bottles swelled up to almost double the size (lucky they didn't blow up). Specific gravity came up around 9.5% alcohol. Yet still taste pretty good.

            • @tunzafun001: More good advice, thanks!

              Many brews use powdered ginger, that gives heat - but not much ginger bite I love.
              That's why I love sugar reduced Buderim cordial, made with crushed ginger syrup.
              Must replant some ginger in the garden.

              Setting up my own 'experiment' now!
              Have been saving the empty cordial bottles for a brew.

    • +1

      Personal opinion - it tastes a bit like bundy rum, the alcohol they add is their own cane spirit they use for rum so I guess it shouldn't be surprising. I also wouldn't be surprised if they deliberately made it taste like that. If you were expecting it to taste like the bundaberg ginger beer, that it certainly does not.

      But for essentially free (if you can find a place with the promo) I'd say just try it for yourself.

      • Worth a try for FREE!
        Guess this promo is to get us used to the taste…

        Thanks. But am not a fan of either. So combining the 2 seems the worst of both worlds to me.
        (Threw up too many times on Bundy & Coke in my teens, now my stomach isn't happy if I smell Bundy.)

        Love ginger drinks, so add alcohol without strong taste (eg Jameson whiskey or vodka) with a small amount of Buderim Ginger cordial (low or no sugar). Warms me up in the cold!

    • It's a collaboration with the bundaberg soft drink company and uses bundy cane spirit as far as I can see (bit like white rum). Haven't tried it yet but can't hurt if you can get a freebie ×4

    • The dark and stormys taste like the rum, which in retrospect I should have expected before buying.

      Looking forward to trialing these and seeing if there is an improvement

  • I like it. I'd put about 6th in my GB Chart.

    • 6th out of how many XD
      Have you tried Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer btw? Polarising reviews but if you go in thinking it'll taste like alcohol not soft drink it's quite palatable imho.

      • +1

        The Fat Pixie is basically like the Little Fat Lamb, it’s a wine based product

        • Does anyone know what happened to the Little Fat Lamb's that were in the dark plastic bottles?

          • @NameWontFi5648: There was heaps of scaremongering over it, it was only independents stocking the ‘soft drink’ bottles, the cans were jacked in price in comparison and I don’t think they were very popular at BWS. Our local cellarbrations used to stock it

    • +1

      What else do you recommend? My wife loves the stuff but I'm not a big fan of ginger, although the Harcourt Valley Ginger Kid 8% for $40 a carton on clearance at First Choice a while back did the trick!

      • +1


        Might be hard to find outside WA? Otherwise zenzero.

        PS: I like ginger beer, not beer that is ginger flavoured. If that makes sense.

        I bought 10 mixed singles that I haven't had before using the shopback promo. Looking forward to trying them.

        • +3

          I want a real alcohol ginger beer with a strong bite with minimal sugar. Everything I’ve tried has been sickly sweet, very unhealthy.

          • +2

            @nubzy: You should look into alcoholic kombucha's or brew your own Worth a try if your a fan of kombucha and usually theres no added sugar in the end

  • Can't see this promo ads at least couple of liquorland stores tried then. No worth the risk yet… someone else observe different?

  • +2


    This link is not as prescriptive, just states Head in store to First Choice, Liquorland, Dan Murphy's (QLD Only) or your local Independent bottleshop to purchase your first four-pack…. There's also a link to purchase online from a couple of stores..

    • +1

      Good find.
      Not currently listed available @Dan's in Qld

      So might be a bit premature at listed stores. Promo started on Friday.

      Might be best to wait for promotion to roll out. LL & FCL didn't know about it. Seems Reps haven't informed stores.

      • You're probably right, T&Cs do state A “participating retailer” is any retailer that is stocking
        Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer and advertising this promotion.
        Plenty of time left on the promo, besides I just picked up my 40% off beer and bourbon from yesterday's Shopback deal. Should see me through..

        • Enjoy!
          Visited BWS today to pick up my 40% off whiskey. Had stocked up in 35% off CR Deal - whiskey with free pizza promotion!

  • Seems like no Stores are advertising this new pack yet!?

  • +1

    Agree Not worth the risk yet needs verification

  • Is this a QLD only promotion?

  • +2

    Just checked LLand they have no idea

  • +1

    Can anyone verify the deal ?

  • I bought a pack of 4 cans from FCL (Mill Parks / VIC) for $22 and submitted for cashback.

    I opened and drank, whoa, very sweet.

    Here is the Nutrition information as per serving
    Energy - 1038kj
    Protein - 0.7g
    Fat, total - 0.7g
    - saturated - 0.7g
    carbohydrate - 39.1g
    - sugars - 37.8g
    sodium - 20mg

    Just wait and see if I get $22.00 cashback or not.

    • Eeep that's a lot of sugar..

    • Did you see the promotion in store - confirming this Deal @FCL?

      That's the issue with this promotion (not the product's availabilty) - only valid at stores advertising it. And why most would be waiting until that is confirmed - plenty of time left (31/5) for a free drink.

    • Day 1 - no contact from Bundy since the submission of cashback.

  • So is deal only applicable only at valid at stores ADVERTISING it ?

  • +1

    Anyone getting this error when they submit their cashback:
    "Oops, looks like there was an error. Try going back to the home page."

    Has anyone figured out how to solve it?

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