Gumtree Account Access Blocked for No Reason

Hi, has anyone else ever had this issue with Gumtree?

The account was fine until I posted a phone ad. I have spoken to many live chat people but none of them even bother telling me the reason why my access has been restricted permanently. I even checked the posting rules and I am pretty sure a mobile phone isn't illegal.

Please share your experiences below if anyone has ever heard of this before.


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    Doesn't really matter if anyone else has heard of this or not. Your account is blocked. Nothing we can do about that.

    Create a new one or try a different selling platform.

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    Maybe someone else is selling the same phone for a lot more so they reported your phone as stolen to get rid of some competition.

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    Similar to the forum posts Hybroid posted, my account was also blocked after posting a few items in Gumtree. My little theory for the block was that someone attempted to flag my items as fake (they were brand new, still sealed etc). I would've rectified the issue and showed my receipt as proof of purchase but I just got blocked by Gumtree instantly.

    I just moved on and continued to sell on Facebook Marketplace & eBay (back when they had the no selling fee promo).

  • Did any potential buyers message you on Gumtree and start a chat? Either someone random reported your ad or someone you talked to reported the conversation you had with them.

  • my 3 accounts are working ok

  • There is obviously a very real reason. It is simply you do not know what it is.

    We don't either, but someone at Gumtree will……when you get to the right someone.

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