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[VIC] Red Bull 4x 250 mL $3 @ Coles, Summerhill Shopping Centre (Reservoir)


Saw Red Bull on special at my local Coles (Summerhill Shopping Centre, Reservoir). Cheapest I've seen it at Coles. Not sure if nationwide, or for how long.

Edit: Appears to be this store only

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    Remember to take the cans back and you will save another $0.40 per pack!

    • Nope. Victoria doesn't have the scheme. But in return we pay less for our drinks

  • A $3 heart attack? Bargain!

  • Last time I was there 2 weeks ago, there was a pile of red bull near the entrance for full price, seems they can not sell it at normal price.

    • That's where I saw them. Probably just trying to clear the space for another promotion.

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    The original flavor energy drink at aldi is pretty much red bull and its always cheap

    • Personally, I prefer 28 Black, but it's hard to find at the moment, and usually more expensive than Red Bull.

    • I like the Aldi ones too, but this deal is slightly cheaper.

  • probably its because its close to expiry date

    • Nope. Just checked the expiry on the two I bought - September 2023.

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    It's pronounced Rezza-Vore

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    Was about to ask why you only got 2 packs but then realised it's Red Bull original which is basically Aldi's 89 cent energy drinks anyway 😂

    • I would've bought more, but I still have a slab from Amazon that I bought two months ago. Will have to check out the Aldi one.

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        Don’t bother, Aldi’s version taste bad compared to redbull.
        I can tell the difference in taste being blindfolded.

      • Yeah the Aldi version is quite similar to Red Bull. I prefer other brands to Red Bull though so I only buy the Aldi ones on occasion.

        • I mean you drink energy drink for energy right…..its not like your water replacement drink

          so long as its not that ghastly no sugar shit getting around these days it'll do as an energy burst

          • @MrThing: It's not going to give me energy if I can't stand the taste of it lol. Same with coffee.

            People choose Pepsi/Coke over Cola when it shouldn't be a replacement water either

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