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Dad & Dave's Easter Extravaganza Pack 48 Cans $159.95 ($225 RRP) Delivered @ Dad & Dave's Brewing


48 cans of our core and seasonal range of craft beers and RTDs, guaranteed to be a SMASH this Easter holidays! Only $159.95!

Free delivery Australia wide and all orders for Sydney Metro will be delivered by a smiling Dad & Dave's team member

You get some of our biggest beers along with our popular Wildspirit RTDs - there is something for everyone in this pack!

8x SMASH Nelson Sauvin Double IPA 8.0%

8x Citra & Mosaic IPA 7.2%

8x Belgian IPA 5.5%

4x Manly Longboard XPA 5.0%

8x Ginger Dream 4.2%

8x Lola Cherry Cola 4.2%

4x Australian Lager 3.5%

Plenty of shelf life left on all products!

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  • +1

    Tempting! With the exception of Lola Cheery Cola, anyone tried it?

    • We sell lots over the bar at our Brookvale Taphouse and Brewery. Very delicious!

    • It's not as sweet as cherry coke or dr pepper, but unique and I enjoyed it. Waiting for a 2 for 150 deal again hint hint

    • +2

      it's a great cherry taste, not like sickly sweet soft drinks, and a nice tasting alcoholic cola. If you are near enough to drop in, they will let you taste it.

      I've been back there a few times for the great food, great drinks, and even better staff.

  • Haven't tried the Cherry Cola and SMASH but the rest are top notch.
    Highly recommended.

    • Thanks for the feedback MajorGaz

    • Cherry cola is great. Tastes like an actual high quality cola

      • Huh

  • Do you add flavour/syrups to your beers after fermenting (before bottling)? Or are these added as a part of the ferment?

  • All flavours are natural in our beers - they are derived from malt, hops and yeast. If there is a fruit flavour in a beer it comes from fruit juice or puree and is also fermented.

    The RTDs use only natural fruit flavour extracts - nothing artificial.

  • +2

    Thank, just ordered. Great beers, great deal. The cola was fantastic too. Looking forward to receiving here in Brisbane but please please please avoid ARAMEX/Fastway. They were weeks late last time and I would like to have those received within less than 20 days for a trip! I left a note on the order :)

    • Awesome thanks. I will try to send it through Couriers Please

    • +1

      Oh no, Aramex.

      If i know in advance someone ships by Aramex, I by elsewhere. They're that bad.

  • Since there is no Pils in this deal I'm going to wait for Pils… maybe a Pils/Cherry Cola deal mmmm perfect

    • Hi Rodgy - mate the Pils went gangbusters last time so we are still restocking back to normal levels. Glad you like the Pils, it is my go-to beer!

      • I may have bought about 10 cartons. Definitely my fav.

        • Awesome!

  • When are these being shipped, mate? Keen to order and will be in Sydney for Easter.
    Just trying to work out of it'll arrive in the ACT before next Thursday.

    • +2

      We are shipping tomorrow and Friday. The sooner the order gets in the sooner we send it. If you want to drink it here in Sydney you can pick it up from the Brewery or we can deliver it to a Sydney address.

  • We are shipping tomorrow and Friday. The sooner the order gets in the sooner we send it. If you want to drink it here in Sydney you can pick it up from the Brewery or we can deliver it to a Sydney address.

  • is the SMASH 1 standard drink?

    • +1

      No… 2.4 per can. It packs some punch.

  • 48 cases, lets go!!

    ..oh, wait

    • No 48 cans… :-)

  • +1

    Can you change the pack, would like only 4 x Ginger Dream and 4 Lola Cherry Cola and then up the quantities of Manly Longboard XPA and Australian Lager to 8 of each?
    Thanks in advance, Kevin

    • +1

      Hi SaintKev,

      Unfortunately not. The XPA is the limiting factor to the deal so upping the qty will lower the number of deals I can sell. Trying to share the love with as many people as possible.

      Cheers, John

  • Wierd tried checking out and said unable to process. Must be a sign to drink my stock first, before buying more haha.

    • Mate it should work - try again and let me know. Other orders are coming through OK.

  • I would normally jump on this as I am really enjoying the pils. Unfortunately the big cash backs recently mean I have too many cases! Been telling the missus I'm cutting down so 48 cans rocking up won't help. Next time!

    • +1

      No worries - plenty more deals will come available!

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