Free $3 Coupon @ Neuron Scooters (Excludes NSW)


Neuron scooters is giving out free $3 coupons

Not sure if it is targeted or location specific

One use per account

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    Worked for me in Melbourne, thanks

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    Free $3 Coupon @ Neuron Scooters

    Will that give you around 5 minutes ??

    • +8

      I doubt you'd even need that long jv.

      • +3

        That's what she said…?

    • +12

      It's $1 to unlock and then 45 cents per minute.

      So you'll get 4.4 minutes.

      • +6

        4.4minutes should be more than enough time to drive it down to the Yarra and throw it in


        • +9

          depends on traffic…

          • -1

            @jv: Just follow the trams.

      • so you will travel further than the cars on Punt Rd

        • +1

          Probably faster too…

    • Or 3 unlocks for casual rides.

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    yep worked for me, exp 04 Apr 2024

  • +20

    HEYAU2 gave me $2, stacked it with HEYAU3.

    • +5

      Have you tried HEYAU100 ?

    • +10

      stacked it with HEYAU3

      I hope you were wearing a helmet

    • I believe the helmets include free Head Lice, now that's a bargain.

    • Can these stack for payment to be used on the same ride? Or do you need to take two separate rides?

  • I thought the government scooters were free to ride?

    • What government scooters?

      • i think it was Neuron doing it in Ballarat as a trial. Maybe it was only free there.

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      Neuron is a private business that hires out scooters. The councils don't get any money. In fact I think Neuron have to pay the council to allow to conduct scooter hiring in the council area.

      Rockhampton had these scooters for a few weeks now.

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    Wasn't till I hired a couple of times realised how expensive they are. Rediculous.

    • $27 for one hour on casual rates (+$1 to unlock)

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    For those who don't already know, Neuron are in the process of rolling in concession price passes for eligible members of the community.

    • How much are these passes? They sound extremely expensive. It says up to a 50% discount, and each pass offers up to a 90 minute ride daily. My calculations would say you need to calculate the cost of a full priced 45minute daily trip, times 7 for the weekly pass and times 30/31 for the monthly pass.

      This probably won't help many low income people, if you assume that you need to pay up front for the pass as opposed to pay as you go.

      • +2

        7 day pass for $16.50 or monthly for $49.50, as many rides as you want up to 90 minutes per day (no unlock fee).

        That seems pretty cheap to me, if money is an issue maybe there is another form of paid transport locally which might suit better however, unless that includes 'last mile' coverage of the trip I think this might be a good option for those physically fit enough to take advantage of the rate.

        • +1

          I stand corrected. The passes are a lot cheaper than I expected. Jv shows that it would cost $40 at casual rates for a 90 mins ride, but the weekly pass is even less than this, so over a 700% saving. Whereas the concession pass is about 50% of the weekly pass, so big savings all around.

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  • -1

    Is this just scooters or the ebikes as well.

    E bikes are so much faster in reality so cheaper

  • The app doesn't seem to discriminate between scooter/eBike so I don't think it matters which you use or whether you use a combination of the both.

  • Discount vouchers cannot be stacked - one with a greater value was used first.

    One tip, don't try and ride it through a park in the CBD. Just saying.

  • Worked in Canberra

  • Worked now in Brisbane

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