Victorian Travel Voucher Scam

Did anyone else register for the Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme?
I just got an email claiming my address could not be confirmed as a Victorian address.
My address seems to work fine when they want to stick their hand in my wallet!
And yes I'm 100% sure it was entered correctly.
Anyone else having issues?

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    stick their hand in my wallet

    Sure they weren't reaching for something else 😉

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    i got one and i know at least 2 more mates that got it

  • I got one successfully

  • No

  • I got mine the other day

  • it's a you problem

  • Got mine

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    Did anyone else in your household also claim it? If so, that is the reason.

    • Nope.
      Calling today to see wtf happened.

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        If most people got it and not you .
        How can you call it a scam ?
        I'll say it again if you don't know the ridiculous laws around nowadays I wouldn't keep this post up unless you like the Vic Govt potentially coming after you legally .

  • The scheme is almost certainly the most less-scam of all things.

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    Gave them a call. The operator that answered said that she has been getting a lot of calls from people with the same issue.
    The only thing that can be done is to go to the website and lodge a complaint.

    In response to the above comment. They have taken my info and are doing who knows what with it and not delivering on what was promised. Sounds like a scam to me.

  • ok let me ask you when did you apply? the applications opened at 2pm and I did right on the dot

  • Yeah same. I did it right in the dot also.
    There is an obvious error/issue on their end with no way to rectify from our end.

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      Error or issue there may be.
      It apparently didn't affect everyone, and is not a scam.

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