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40% off Everything (Excluding Watersnake): Smoke SSM25XPT S3 Fishing Reel $95.40 (OOS, Was $159), $0 Delivery for Member @ Dinga


Got an email about DINGA ceasing trading on the 30th of April, 2022.

They are currently doing an extra 40% off everything in store except watersnake products. The 40% applies in cart.
Dinga prices are normally very competitive so 40% makes for some great bargains. Delivery is free for membership, membership is free.
I don't know much about the Quantum Smoke Inshore SSM25XPT S3 (I just used the first thing I saw for the title).

Products are disappearing quick. I managed to snagged the last few Halco twisties.
Other good options: Halco and Rapala Lures, Mustard or Owner hooks, there are a few other nice reels left in stock when I posted.
Oh and they sell sinkers by the bag (1kg) at normally reasonable prices (so 40% off is great for more lead)

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    Good price but I would say it is a bit risky.

    • What would you say is risky?

      • because I'm talking nonsense ofc : )

      • Not saying they are, but its always a risk traders try to trade their way out of bankruptcy, its illegal but plenty try it on. Im sure almost its happened on OzB before too.

  • +3

    I've spent more money than I would like to reveal at Dinga - very shocked to hear they are closing down. Agree with OP, the baseline prices are already really good, so 40% is just awesome.

  • SSM25XPT is greyed out

  • +3

    Just spent 180 on things I didn't need.. YET. Future me will see the sense in what I've done. 10ft chain prawn net for $80, hells yeah

  • Winner winner :) got a cat cave for my annoying little freeloader

  • +4

    Pretty sad to see them closing down - awesome business and did everything right. Great customer service, good prices and price beat policy, and free shipping even on bulky or low value items. Bought a dinga cap amongst other things for sentimental value.

  • Anyone know why they closing down? So sad

    • +2

      A bit unclear to me as on 24 Mar, members received an email advising lease was up so they were having a 25% moving sale. But didn't realise that was a precursor to this current shutting down sale

  • I missed all the good stuff I think, only got some 2.5" grubs and jigheads that I doubt I'll use

    • same, I saw this deal post about 3 hours after it was posted and there wasn't even much left

  • Anyone had their orders dispatched yet?

    • Not mine - still sitting in "unfulfilled" status

    • My order has now been dispatched - they were probably smashed with orders considering how fast that stock disappeared from the site

      • Yeah on one hand in not at the delivery address till after next Wednesday and other hand always worry about shops going out of business whether they just run off with the coin

  • Hmmm so far I have heard nothing. over $100 I realize they will be busy but when do I worry I didn't register so can't log in and see status

    • Ha got notification its on the way

  • Mine dispatched today

  • Same here - just got the tracking email

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