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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Cover With S-Pen, Black $20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone cover w/ S-Pen , Black, don't think it's ever been cheaper than $20.

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  • Great price. Thanks Op!

  • Can use this S pen on s7 plus tab?

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      Very likely yes, might have to enable "use other S-Pens" in settings though. And from reviews, it's not bluetooth enabled so no extra interactive features I'd guess.

  • Thanks, got one, been looking for one for ages

  • Did not need the S pen, but for 20 dollars sure!

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    Amazon is price matching hardly normal

    • Got it from here

    • Cheers since OOS @Amazon

  • +1

    Thanks a lot. Had been looking to buy one for a long time but couldn't justify the price.

    • How did you justify the price of the phone?

      • Go the phone via the Telstra Deal at half price for employees. I guess $900 for a premium phone just launched is justified enough.

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    Bought one, thx..never used a pen before. Any good uses?

  • OOS can't add to cart

  • OOS

  • Bought it then realised that I don't have the phone 😕

    • You wanna sell it?

  • $49.16 now

  • OOS

  • Almost got upset about missing out, then realised the pen won't work with my fold 3 (needs a special one)

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    Samsung makes sh*tty silicone covers imo. Got the basic non spen cover from them and the corners developed rips after a month or two. These arent from rubbing against things but was caused by the plastic inner lining cutting through.

    Its super grippy in your pockets but feels like a silicone cover dipped in baby powder in the hand, you cant even lean it against objects in landscape when trying to watch something…it'll slowly slip and fall down.

    • Agreed 1000% had this exact case and it could not grip onto any surface. Phone would just slide off anything that wasn't a flat horizontal surface.

  • Can I use this pen on the fold?

    • No

  • Can this pen be used in only Samsung phone?

    • It doesn't work on S21, it only works on Note and Ultra.

      • works on Note 10+?

    • Pretty sure these are wacom. Anything that uses wacom digitisers

  • Two more in stock

  • Have had my phone in this case since day one and dropped it so many times with zero damage. Super grippy protection + pen…gets my vote. No brainer for $20

  • I bought a fake version that doesn't work as well. The pen input doesn't have good pressure control.

    That was $20 with the case so if this is genuine then it's worth it.

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