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Essager 66W USB to USB-C Nylon Braided Cable 1m US$2.41 (~A$3.25), 2m US$3.51 (~A$4.73) Delivered @ ESSAGER Direct Store


On sale from Essager is this USB to USB-C cable that's designed to work with several propertiary fast charging technologies including Huawei SuperCharge up to 66W 11V/6A, as well as 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

The cable is nylon braided for extra durability and available in multiple lengths. These cables are USB 2.0 so they're not suitable for fast data transfer.

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  • Are these rating reliable?

    I saw a 100W cable for US$4, but reviews claimed the rating was fake and that the cable didn’t perform…

    • For this cable it certainly is. Was the 100W cable this brand?

      • There is also this one:

        I’m keen to buy, I just hate the idea of getting a basic USB cable when I want sth rated.

        Then again, at this price, I might as well just give it a go!

        • Essager are reliable in my experience so it's certainly worth a try. Knowing people it wouldn't surprise me if they're using devices and chargers that don't support 100W or are using questionable methods to see what it's drawing.

  • I thought USB-A can only deliver 18W at maximum?

    • They'll do more using vendor specific charging protocols (non-usb compliant ones).

      The ability for a $3 cable to really do 6A however…

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