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Original Source Shower Gel 250ml Varieties (e.g.Mint & Vanilla Milk) $2 ($1.80 S&S) + Del ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    I love theses ones. Mint DOES set your nuts ablaze.

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      It's a shower gel. Is it meant to do that?

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        yes. just wash it off quickly and it's not bad at all, you don't even notice it after a week or so. if you want something that really burns, try dr bronners castile soap (mint variant), not the stuff in the pump bottle, the stuff in the clear bottles with a flip up cap. doesn't matter how long you use it, that stuff burns every time

        • This explains why you feel it so much more down there (different chemicals, same area). Rubbing mint and tea tree wash down there won't cause issues, you'll just feel it way more than rubbing it on your arms.


      • If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

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      can confirm this

    • Does it make.your package expand permanently after the incident

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      I must have cast iron nuts, never did anything to them

    • Hmmm nah, this one is very mild and I don't get a tingle. The OG XXX Mint was nice. I miss that! I tried to find it just then. Nowhere to be found :'(

      • That's the one. I liked it too. I haven't used for a while.

    • on a side note, it's been reported this helps with PE as it de-sensitizes the area for an hour or so

      one needs just one drop in the shower applied for a minute, then wash off

      people pay $$$ for 5ml of similar effect. here you get half a kilo 200ml for two bucks


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        It was a joke. Jeez tough crowd.

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          You were nuts to even bring it up.

        • It might be a critique of your humour rather than people not getting the joke.

  • I mix these varieties together to save space in the shower.

    My missus recently asked if I'm cheating on her with a Baskin & Robbins store…

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    same price at Aldi at the moment

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    Love the mint one

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    I actually only get the mint because it specifically sets my balls on fire.

  • Best keep things that burn, away from your bits. https://youtu.be/Le-IKCLGT9A - A Boy Rubbed 1 Tube Pain Relief Cream Between
    His Legs. This Is What Happened To His Brain.

  • I remember it tingled the ol' sack a bit.. but the whole ablaze thing seems a tad dramatic..

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    Waiting for open source shower gel

  • OOO

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    Well it is hard to tell/know these days with since Male/Female don't cut it anymore.

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    Shame you can't really get the Extra Strong xxx mint version of this in Australia, that really wakes you up

    • My favourite

    • I can't even find it overseas! I miss it

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    XXX Mint was the OG. I use the Mint and Tea Tree one and it's super mild in comparison.

  • Just reached the apt voting score too! 69

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