expired Telltale Games-First Episodes Free Only iOS only


I know this occurs on occasion but some of the first episodes of the telltale games are free.
Of note, Hector episode 1 has never been free. The remaining games of each series also seem to be discounted.

For iOS (most of them only for iPad).
The appshopper link above will list all of them.
Series include: Back to the future, Sam and Max, Hector, Monkey Island, and Law and Order

Hector HD Ep1:

Back to the Future Ep 1:

Monkey Island Tales Ep 1 HD:

Monkey Island Tales Ep 1 (iphone version):



Related Store: Appshopper.com

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    Nice find, might be worth adding in the title itself, that this is for the iOS versions.

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    Another app of note is Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 1. It has dropped from $5.49 to free as well and has never been free before.


      Thanks I did mention it but forgot to link it


    Oh boy! Exactly what I've been looking for :) Love the Monkey Island series, and so will try the rest of the Telltale/Lucasarts adventure games! Woohoo! Thanks.

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    No Android versions of any Telltale Games. No love :(

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