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Lenovo Smart Indoor Camera K1 $24, Smart Bulb 2pk $9 (B22 & E27) + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ $55 Metro Order) @ Officeworks


Looks like a good price for this Indoor camera, down from $48, listed on clearance. Prices elsewhere.

AKA Lenovo SE-441K

In limited stores only. Out of stock for online order.
Free Click & Collect, in store or ~$5.95 Delivery (free with $55 spend in metro areas).

Your footage will be shot and stored in 1080p Full HD resolution.
The camera comes with a portable stand, so you can change its position to get a different view.
With two-way audio, you can communicate with people and pets in your space while you're away using the Lenovo Link app.
It offers motion detection, which you can set up to trigger notifications to your smartphone.
With Night Vision, you can still capture footage even when the lights are out.
It's comes with a power adaptor.
You can connect this camera to your existing Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa smarthome system.
Stream footage and control your system using the Lenovo Link App.
The footage can be stored on a microSD card (not included) up to 128 GB in size.
It comes with a power adaptor, reset pin, 3M adhesive for mounting the camera, a USB cable and a user guide.

Guide - Lenovo

Also some smart bulbs from $9 2pk, eg: Lenovo Smart White Bulb B22 White 2 Pack & Lenovo Smart Bulb E27 White 2 Pack - Thanks Roguewolf.

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    also some lenovo smart bulbs discounted: 2pack for $9, RGB 2 pack $19 + more

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      Wish they were Zigbee compatible.

  • Any subscriptions required to use? The one thing that puts me off buying security cameras.

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      According to reviews on Amazon, cloud recording is $4.99/month, but isn't necessary. Can save to an SD, or livestream only

      I'm still doing some research, but reviews for the Lenovo Link Pro app vary wildly. 2 star average for Android, but 4 stars on Apple. But that app is for all their home automation products, so the complaints may be product specific (e.g. I saw someone complain that your phone had to be on 2.4GHz wifi to communicate with the device. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case for a cheap wifi light globe, but would be surprised if that was the case for this camera).

      For this price, I'm tempted to grab it anyway and have a play.

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        I have two of these and two of the PTZ cameras. I dont pay for the cloud recording but do use microsd cards for storage. They are good for what I use them for (checking doors and garage are closed, some basic remote monitoring when I'm on holidays), but the alerts are a bit frustrating (light and shadow trigger it, even with specific areas monitored, so noisy). Otherwise they are fine for the spend.

      • I see 1.3 stars on iOS AppStore…

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    Nice one, thanks OP!

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    Hmm why are indoor security cameras from Lenovo, being a more reputable brand, cheaper than less reputable brands like Eufy?

    • +5

      In this product niche, Eufy are considered among the best

    • Or Kodak's, the company with 129 years of experience. Just not in home security.

    • Lenovo has their logo on some pretty average product - like the pair of TWS earphones I bought that are quite simply the worst bit of electronic anything I've ever bought.

    • Less features, quality ok but not as good as Eufy, limited deployment capabilities (ie has to be hard wired, no battery/solar).

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    What is security like with these things. I’m just concerned about being hacked into.

    • As strong as your WiFi.

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      If you don't have a configurable firewall, manually set the IP of these things leaving the DNS & Gateway entries blank.

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    Cheap baby monitor

  • +2

    Looks similar to the recent deal by azau

  • +2

    Anyone know if it supports RTSP?

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    Thanks OP!! Been looking for a wifi camera like this for our almost 1 year old after he ripped the connector clean off the Kogan one we had a few months back. You don't realise how useful it is for checking in on them until you have to sneak in and accidentally wake them haha

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    Anyone know if it's got rtsp?

    • +2

      would like to know this too

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      I got one and I cant find the stream when scanning with ispy, so its prob doing some bullshit so you cant.
      its in the bin now

  • Says available at store but delivery is out of stock?

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      click and collect works

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  • there was 1 left at O'connor but I just missed out going through the checkout process. Someone else got in first!

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    Yes, I'd trust a company with the track record of installing irremovable trojans in their firmwares 100%.


    • Not mentioning the compulsory government enforced back doors. Especially in sensitive time like this.
      It is not that it is currently dangerous, but there is that potential if CCP ever decide to enforce it.

      DJI got a bit of backlash when the drone software followed strict no-fly zone imposed by the CCP government (automatic updates) when they had an international meeting in one of their major cities before.

      • +5

        How is that DJI fault, it's called complying with local laws and regulations. I'm sure they impose no fly zones set by the US and Australia too.

        • It is not quite DJI's fault more CCP's issue.
          In US and Aus they would have clear rules and clear sanctioned zones. (and I full agree that there should be no fly zones)

          The back lash with that Chinese one was more of the way it happened rather than the restriction itself, I remember there was no warning and no public announcement etc and it was restricting areas that was nowhere near the place.

      • +1

        Not mentioning the compulsory government enforced back doors.

        Are you referring to this? ;)

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      Yes, I'd trust a company with the track record of installing irremovable trojans in their firmwares 100%.

      Lenovo did do a dumb thing, but that article really looks sensationalistic. Looking at the number of ads on the page I guess it's done on purpose.

      Microsoft introduced a feature with Windows 8 (Windows Platform Binary Table) where manufacturers can store exe files in the UEFI BIOS. When Windows boots it'll copy that file from the BIOS and run it.

      Lenovo used that feature to install a program that installs all the right drivers for the device. It's the same program that comes preinstalled on devices from the factory.

      So it's not a trojan, which is malware that misleads users of its true intent. It looks like it was installed with good intentions - i.e. the device will have all the right drivers installed. But forcing that on everyone, and the whole existence of Microsoft's WPBT feature itself, probably isn't a good idea.

      They released an uninstaller tool that removes it from the UEFI BIOS FWIW.

      • You're defending the indefensible. Admittedly its not all Lenovo's fault - they might not have a choice as per the response above.

        • +2

          Nothing to defend. Just pointing out that some websites use sensationalist reporting to get more clicks, so it's important to actually look at the facts rather than sensationalist headlines.

    • +1

      Like Sony

      • beat me to it

    • +1

      Everyone seems to have forgiven Sony since they had their rootkit/malware issue….

      • -1

        The difference lies in 3 initials - C C P. I understand you may not know how evil this regime can be.

  • Now the question is is it possible to use it as a camera for videoconferencing? Also can't find any stock

  • Camera nt available online

  • Does the camera have to be plugged into the power outlet at all times? Can it save over footage or does the SD card need to be removed and manually deleted

    • Yes and yes, it does loop over. But see my comment below.

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    Not many cameras left around the country, and given it's all 1 and 2, it's likely not accurate.

    New South Wales

    Store Phone Stock
    Albury (02) 6051 1700 2
    Coffs Harbour (02) 6691 9700 2
    Dubbo (02) 6883 4700 2
    Fairy Meadow (02) 4224 4500 1
    Gledswood Hills (02) 4648 7900 2
    Newcastle West (02) 4925 9700 1
    Orange (02) 6361 5100 2
    Rutherford (02) 4015 5100 2
    Warners Bay (02) 4014 9400 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Ballarat (03) 5320 1400 2
    Chirnside Park (03) 9727 7300 1
    Dandenong South (03) 8788 7000 1
    Ferntree Gully (03) 8756 4100 2
    Frankston (03) 9784 3600 1
    Geelong (03) 5223 8200 2
    Pakenham (03) 5943 3400 2
    Traralgon (03) 5177 5100 2
    Wodonga (02) 6049 1100 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Aspley (07) 3863 5400 1
    Browns Plains (07) 3809 6400 1
    Cairns (07) 4052 9400 1
    Gladstone (07) 4899 4600 1
    Hermit Park (07) 4726 6700 2
    Hervey Bay (07) 4197 9500 2
    Ipswich (07) 3810 0900 2
    Maroochydore (07) 5475 5300 1
    Morayfield (07) 5490 4600 1
    Rockhampton (07) 4921 7800 2
    Strathpine (07) 3480 0700 2
    Toowoomba (07) 4699 5300 3
    Warana (07) 5212 9900 1

    Western Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Albany (08) 9845 6300 2

    South Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Elizabeth (08) 8182 8100 1

    Australian Capital Territory

    Store Phone Stock
    Belconnen (02) 6264 7600 1

    Northern Territory

    Store Phone Stock
    Stuart Park (08) 8944 4300 1
    • +1

      Not a whole lot of the lightbulbs either.

      However, seeing the LIFX in the related products, I wouldn't be surprised if there were deals on those in the near future. (The LIFX parent company was placed into receivership yesterday. While they work with Local API, I have no idea if you can setup them without the cloud working.)

      Productid: SYLNC03722
      Searching for product code: SYLNC03722 in NSW
      Product: Lenovo Smart Bulb E27 White
      Getting all stores
      Checking 52 stores
      Found: 2 at Dubbo Officeworks
      Found: 4 at Orange Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Albury Officeworks
      Found: 3 at Mulgrave Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Gledswood Hills Officeworks
      Found: 4 at Northmead Officeworks
      Found: 4 at Auburn Officeworks
      Found: 1 at West Gosford Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Punchbowl Officeworks
      Found: 1 at North Ryde Officeworks
      Found: 1 at Greenacre Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Warners Bay Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Newcastle West Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Dee Why Officeworks
      Found: 2 at Taren Point Officeworks
      Found: 1 at Bondi Junction Officeworks

  • +3

    Looks like much of the Lenovo Smart line is marked as clearance.

    Many other model lightbulbs, strips, a different camera model, smart clocks etc.


  • Thanks OP, had been looking for something similar as a baby monitor when we travel and managed to snag one!

  • Can't find in my local Officeworks -__-

  • +2

    Does anyone know if the bulbs have esp chips that can be flashed with ESPHome ( or Tasmota) or if they have the non-flashable chips that tuya now uses?

  • I have a few of these k1 cameras and they function great for streaming. But I would not recommend them if you want reliable recordings, the sd card recording constantly fails and needs to be reformatted. Cloud recording is probably OK.

  • Whats the frame rate for these? 15FPS? 25FPS?

  • Thanks OP, I got 4x Cameras @ JB price match.

    • It says unavailable online on officeworks website, was JB still happy to price match?

      • Yeh i just showed them on my phone. I guess sometimes they dont check. I work next to JB so figured had nothing to lose.

        My local officeworks is listed as no stock, but was going to drive by on way home to double check in store if JB said no

  • Grabbed the last 2 at gledswood NSW

    Sorry to old mate that was waiting to ask the same question.

  • +1

    Did Click And Collect from OW Subiaco for the last one there.
    When went to do pickup none left on shelf but did see the Lenovo 360 Camera on clearance for $49. ( 1 left)

    An assortment of smart light globe on clearance on shelf.

  • For those who uses this camera, anyone found a way to stream the video on a google nest hub? Tried searching but couldn’t find a way to do it.

  • click and collect at Dee Why, might be the last one? giving it a go for the price

  • My order was just cancelled by OW.

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