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Free Jewellery Polishing Cloth from Australian Jewellery Sales. Requres Self Addressed Envelope


To receive your FREE Jewellery Polishing Cloth Pouch, simply add to cart and checkout . You will be given an order number. Simply mail your self addressed stamped envelope with your order number on the envelope. We will then place a FREE Jewellery Polishing cloth Pouch inside your envelope, and post it back to you. Limit of one Jewellery Polishing Cloth Pouch per Customer.


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  • Lol, we need to send you an envelope? Goodo then

  • reeks of a shitty "freebie", if it was a free item, you wouldn't have to send in anything that costs money.

    typical crappy spam attempt

  • it's better u charge .60c and deliver it urself.
    its not freebie - ac u still spend to get the item.

    • I agree. You get a neg for that. Title should read along item is free, you pay for postage.

  • so troublesome, who would do this ~_~

  • how do we know you aren't just collecting the stamps and selling them ???

    • It'll be funny if instead of putting a cloth in there its advertising. Snail mail spam. xD

  • +1

    This is not free and you can get microfibre cloths cheaper than this.

    • megafibre are better anyway…

  • Couldn't be bothered

  • Neg'd

  • Umm, is this a pouch or a cloth: title is "Jewellery Polishing Cloth" and description and site state "Jewellery Polishing Cloth Pouch"

    Either way, I'm not biting.

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