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BOGOF Prescription Glasses/Sunglasses 2x Pairs from $17 Delivered @ Lenskart


Great Easter deals from Lenskart
BOGOF on eyeglasses/ prescription sunglasses.
Free Shipping | 1 Year Warranty
Free 14 Day Return Or Exchange

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Lenskart Eyeglasses Online
Lenskart Eyeglasses Online

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    I tried them on the previous deal, arrived within a week via DHL, and was surprised with the lens quality..better than the cheapest s**t that I got from specsavers! The frame looked cheap but quality wise it was okay..heck for $17 who cares anyway, just get a few more pairs for backup!

  • Any idea when this deal ends?

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    Great deal! I bought from them last year. Quality of the lenses is good.

  • Lenskart is a popular brand from India. They had started their operations as online seller initially but then moved to physical stores.
    I've been using their spectacles for last several years and can't complain. Have always bought when I visit India and thus can't comment on the online experience.
    PS - this won't be covered under usual insurance covers

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    SPECIAL30 gives you 30% off

    • Not valid in the cart sadly

  • Aaaand that's 2 more pairs of glasses for me. I've purchased from lenskart previously and they're fantastic! I can only speak for single vision lenses - I've also gotten Transition lenses from them. Highly recommend.

  • How does this work? You tell them your eye sight number and pick two frames?

  • I was referred by one of my colleagues to try Lenskart. I order a pair of glasses, received it within a week via DHL and quality wise, I couldn't be more happy.

  • Thanks OP bought a pair. Lets see how it turns out. On another, for people who are not familiar with this Indian brand.
    This is the guy behind lenskart.
    Dont like the show and the sharks though.


  • Can someone enlighten me as to the AUD/USD thing? I found some Gallaghar frames that I like, but it's saying USD $63 AUD. I'd rather not spend $63 USD if I can avoid it.

    EDIT: Don't worry, I figured it out. It's $47 USD/ $63 AUD. Bought!!

  • So the sunglasses that I'm looking at all say "frame only buy without any lenses", is there any way to get non prescription sunglasses that actually have the advertised lenses?

    • Couldn't you just put 0 in the diopters?

  • how does this compare to zenni? anyone own both before?

  • Thanks for posting man. Been wanting to get a new prescribed sunnies
    ( ••)>⌐■-■

  • I tried this in the last deal. The lens is of a much higher quality than specsavers. No reflections either.

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    The cheapest i can see (with prescription) in the clearance section is $30 - how do i get it for $17 aside form the 20% code

  • BIG Indian company, Ordered on 15th, got delivered today around 10 o clock. Super fast service

  • Got my order recently too; super happy. Great 2 pairs of glasses. Was pleasantly surprised at how good their product is. Figured they have an automated plant, which explains the precision. It’s a massive entity. Hope they can improve their website experience. They have totally nailed the product. This is what I call delivering value.

  • What frames have some of you gone with to get the deal?

  • I finally got my frames, it's always difficult being so far out in my area.

    INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED. I got the Gallaghar frames and they fit my massive head at 150mm across. They're fantastic and will be buying more for sure.

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    I recently bought a pair of glasses with them. They claimed that their Blu cut lenses can block 98% of blue light. But it turns out that's not true at all. I tried contacting their support but they take a day to reply to each email and they asked me to do a blue pen test but I told them that many websites say the blue pen test is a scam because that's purple violet light and not blue light from screens. If it really blocked blue light, the colour test on a computer screen would make the blue darker. I would suggest people to avoid buying from this company because they mislead you and their customer service is unacceptable.

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