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North Bayou F100A Full Motion Gas-strut Desktop Monitor Stand $53.95 Delivered @ Screen Mounts via Amazon AU


After seeing comments on previous monitor deals months back about the F100A being a safer/more stable option over the F80 for the xiaomi curved widescreen monitors everyone's been getting, I held off and had a think about how badly I needed a monitor arm.
Recently I've been doing a fair bit of sit/stand with my desk, and gaming from a recliner dragged over to the desk, so figured it was probably a good time to get the mount to let me adjust to the various angles easier.

Did a little look around at prices for the F100A, and found it on Amazon for this price. Checked camelcamelcamel and previous F80 deals where it was a secondary deal, and seems to be the best price it's been so far!

From the Amazon description:

  • Ultra-Wide Long Arm: with ultra wider and longer arm fits most monitors from 22''-35'' monitors with load capacity within 6.6~ 26.4 lbs (3-12KG).
  • VESA-Complaint Patterns: 75x75mm or 100x100mm, while the whole VESA Plate of this product is 118*118mm for flat monitor.
  • Supports Clamp or Grommet Hole Installation: C clamp works great on desk thicknesses within 3.54” (90mm), while Grommet mounting fits hole diameter from 0.39 to 1.97”(10-50mm), Integrated cable management conceals inside provide clean, neat and clutter-free
  • Wide Range Adjustments: Built-in with ultra-precision gas-strut, Support: +85° to -30° screen tilt adjustment, 360° rotation for landscape or portrait mode; Upright lift 13.5" (345mm) and +90° to -90° degrees swivel
  • USB Hub Pre-Installed: Built-in USB hubs in the base provide an easy way to charge your USB devices without using valuable desk space.
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hi folks, I got two Heymix arms for cheap, but found that even the absolute stiffest of settings pulls down my Dell S3422DWG because it's a curved ultrawide. Would this have the guts to keep it from sagging? Was also thinking about the North Bayou NB45 (though it's double the price of the F100A).

    • +1

      pretty happy with the F160 holding up this 38" uw in 1 arm and the F100A is rated fpr a higher weight

      • Is your uw curved? Because that does change the physics of it

        • it's the aw3821dw also. rtings says 2300r so not crazy curved

    • 11.8kg 1500r 34" curved panel here, f100a holds it up pretty well, I don't even think I have tension maxed out.

    • I'm using an F100A for the AW3821DW. No sagging at all, and I tweak it several times a week depending on the type of usage. Just make sure you get the tension settings right.

  • This is the price that this arm has been for the past ~5 months. Not on sale/cheaper than usual or anything. Bought 3 of these for my 3x 32in

    • Where did you get them from? On amazon it's only been this cheap since near the start of April. If I'd seen them this price earlier I might have got one sooner.

      • well the exact amazon link you sent. they were still $55.95 end of last year. It's come down slightly since end of march. Price has pretty much been consistent

  • Not sure if I got a faulty one, but it is nowhere near as strong as I expected.
    The part that links the mount to the arm sags with my 8kg 32inch AOC monitor.
    The rest holds fine.

    • +1

      Have you tighten the screw for tension?

      • Yeah, I tried absolutely everything.
        Now I just have to get used to it. I can't be bothered going through the entire return process.

        • Hmm… is your monitor recessed? Cause the F doesn't really work with recessed monitors and the seller recommends their H line (the pole)

    • Sags as in it tilts the monitor downwards, or the entire arm drops height?

      I'm debating with a 34" ultrawide … this doesn't give me confidence as I think mine is 9kg

      • I'm in the same boat with a curved ultrawide.

      • Yep, the monitor tilts forward. No matter how much I've tightened or loosened everything.
        I've even removed the entire mount and remounted it.

        • Doesn't seem right to me…I have a 7.4kg Dell S3221QS (curved 32" 4k) on my H100 (rated to 12kg), but before that I had it on an H80 (rated to 9kg), and it was fine - only reason I switched from H80 to H100 was because the H80 didn't have enough clearance to rotate the screen without banging into the desk! (Would have had to swivel the screen away from my desk to rotate, and then swivel back above my desk, which was too much of a hassle!)

          Seems strange that the 12kg rating is not sufficient for a curved 8kg screen…maybe yours is faulty?

          (FWIW, I also have a Kogan 34" Ultrawide that was previously on a 9kg rated F80, and now on the 9kg rated H80. I can't find the weight of that monitor without stand, though…roughly 6kg probably, based on other monitors using the same panel.)

          • @caprimulgus: Yeah I assume(d) it is faulty, sorry if that wasn't conveyed in my original comment.

            Just frustrating that I paid extra because it wasn't discounted at the time, only for it to not do the one job its meant to do.
            And packing it up to ship it back, just isn't worth the hassle to me. Especially as I'd be without the arm which I NEED (no desk space for stands due to equipment for my job) for weeks.

            • @DisabledUser426556: Caprimulgus has a different model (H Line) from yours. Perhaps, see if you can arrange a swap to the other model?

              • @Sheng: Ah you're right. I just skimmed over the comment.

                I probably wont go through the hassle of a return as I'm looking at a much bigger and heavier monitor to replace my 3 monitor setup, which requires obviously a much more robust arm.
                So I'll just throw it out or give away the arm to a family member.

      • i have a Acer Predator x34p ultrawide. no issues, used for over 2 years now

  • +1

    I have 2 of these. 1 is supprting the 34" kogan ultrawide (about 9kgs without stand) and it works really well, adjustment feels good, no sag.

    I previously had the F80A on it, and while it worked it couldn't get as high as I wanted it and it definitely felt like it was at the weight limit for that arm.

    • Which Kogan 34" ultrawide do you have? 9kg without stand seems very high!

      Mine is KAMN34FXQULA, which is 7.02kg WITH stand (can't find specs for it without stand)!

      I guess yours must be an older model?

      • Sorry you're right (I have the same monitor), had the numbers wrong in my head. Around 7kg without the stand.

        • Thank you - I've got the Kogan 34" uwd too… purchased!

  • +1


    Just purchased 1 to try on my Xiaomi 34 inch. Will see how it holds up with this monitor.

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      A follow-up Review post here, using a Xiaomi 34 inch ultra-wide screen.

      I purchased this monitor arm from this deal on Amazon and been using it since then on a Ikea motorised stand-up desk, with my ozbargain purchased Xiaomi 34 inch ultra-wide screen:

      • It gets a bit shaky when the desk goes up and down, but that's normal given the small vibrations from the motor and movement of the desk. More importantly, the arms and monitor head itself does not move at all! The Xiaomi 34 inch monitor does not move and stays in its orignal position!

      • The setup took longer than what I thought but nothing complicated. I thought it'll take 5mins but took me closer to 30mins mainly because i was being picky about where to set up the arm, and getting the right position. Anyway, anyone that can build ikea furniture can do this easily.

      • I didn't need to adjust the gas pressure on the monitor holder as the factory-set gas pressure setting worked perfectly for the Xiaomi 34 inch weight.

      • Moving the Xiaomi monitor into different positions is effortless. I move the monitor by holding the left and right sides of it, and then putting just enough pressure to get it moving. But it moves pretty much flawlessly.

      • Like some of the reviews, you need to leave a small gap between the back of the desk and the wall to allow for the arm swing. Unless you have both the bottom and top arms completely straight.

      All in all, I'll give it a 5 out of 5 for the price.
      My review may change if the gas gives way over time but over the past month it's been flawless.

      • I have the same desk, monitor and arm! I had to tighten the tension on the tilt of the monitor so that it didn't flop down. which now makes it quite stiff to try and adjust the tilt :/ not super happy with how that's working (it's tight to start moving, then slides easily - too easily, and when you find your spot and let go, it'll tilt a tiny bit after, so I have to overshoot with the adjust). same with the clockwise/anticlockwise rotation - stiff to start, then easy, then sags a little after adjust so you need to overshoot a smidge. the side to side and whole arm up and down works great though!

        I've never had a monitor arm before so no idea if this is normal or not.

        one thing I did find, if I grab the xiaomi monitor by the right hand side too tightly, the monitor's setting menu pops up. I thought I must have bumped the control buttons down that side the first time it happened, but the second time I was paying particular attention to ensure I wasn't touching the buttons. Not a comment on the stand, but the xiaomi monitor I guess :)

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    You can get it for $48.55 delivered here:
    Use 10% code > NEW10

    I purchased an arm from them a couple of weeks ago, all good.

    • +1

      Nice! My amazon one is next day delivery since I have prime, which makes me feel slightly less bad about not getting it cheaper here. :)

    • $46 if you wait for Catch 20% cashback deal.

  • Will this support Gigabyte 48inch OLED monitor? Feeling I should cheap out and take a risk with this stand, rather than spend $200+ for Ergo HX.

    • +1

      This would be over the weight limit, in addition you'd need an adapter to go from vesa 100x100 to 300x300

  • This might be an overkill for my 24" Kogan curved monitor, but my issue is the attachment from the display to the arm. My display just uses a single screw to attach to the current stand other then 4 screws in a square pattern as shown with the North Bayou Arm. Will I run into combability issue?

    • Jeez…upon researching, not even Kogan sells monitor arms compatible to it's own curved display.

    • You can? There are 4 hours on the back panel here

    • +1

      The North Bayou can handle bigger, hevier monitors, and has a usb port integrated in the base

  • Same price on eBay, from the same seller, BTW.

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