Is an in-Line Noise Cancelling HP Adaptor a Thing?

I have/had some old Philips corded earbuds that has the noise cancelling module part way along the cable.
Anyone know of a 3.5mm in-line equivalent for use with existing headphones?


  • The noise cancellation module just houses the ASIC microchip and power source for the ANC, normally will be two extra microphones that are located in your earbuds or earcups that pick up the sound that your ears normally ear and they need to generate a sound wave that is inverted (at a very precise moment) to fully cancel out the sound. The mics also need to pick up the "unwanted noise" before they even hit your eardrums.

    If you look closely at the earcups or earbuds you might notice that they are little holes on each side. That's where the microphones live.

    in-Line Noise Cancelling HP Adaptor a Thing

    short answer is Nope. ANC earbuds are one whole complete package and there is no inline ANC that's "modular" or "universally compatible" with any old earbuds you find in your drawer.

  • USB-C seems to be only option which makes sense, 3.5mm won't supply required power and data.

    Not worth the fuss or cost. Just a get a decent new pair.

    • These only cancel microphone noise if you read past the title.

      • Would have been perfect otherwise.

    • These old Philips buds have a battery in the module but USB-C would be nicer.

      The Asus one would be sweet if it applied it to the OP rather than the mic.


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