Any Cheap 2-Ply Toilet Paper?

I pay more for the thicker stuff and it clogs my toilet. Any idea if/when we will get 2-Ply stuff back?


  • I think sorbent is 2ply. Aldi 2ply might be cheaper

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      Have not seen 2pl at Aldi since last year.

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    I picked up a few Melbourne Storm jerseys cheap. Best thing is they are re-usable, and Bleach does a great job

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      I don't disgrace my keister by wiping with that.

  • Try Coles home brand .

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    2 ply? dangerous game

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    Get 4 ply and do a Dwight Schrute and split it into two rolls of 2 ply.

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    2 ply + rubber gloves for misfires will become expensive.

    how much paper you using to "clog your toilet" ???? You dont need a whole roll per poo.

  • if toilet paper is clogging your toilet then the problem is not the "ply count", there is a problem with your toilet/pipes, unless maybe you are using way too much toilet paper in which case switch to flushable wipes, they say they are bad for the toilet but i havent had any problems, and they do a much better job, once you get used to wipes, you will never go back to toilet paper

    • Flushable wipes are dreadful for the sewerage system. Look up fat burgs. I use normal toilet paper and an old plastic water bottle to wet the toilet paper. Low cost, flushable paper but cleans better than just dry toilet paper.

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