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Lebara 180-Day 80GB $50 (Was $100), Unlimited International Calls to 26 Countries @ Woolworths in-Store


Half Price Promo on Lebara's Small 180-Day Starter Pack @ Woolworths in-store


  • Promo Price is for SIM Starter Kit – New customers only.
  • Data Rollover up to 200 GB
  • Lebara requires you to activate the SIM within 60 days of purchase.
  • Vodafone 4G+ Network

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  • Can we apply for esim for this? Or how? Thank you

    • Buy eSIM online. Active it using number you want to keep. It comes with 5 days validity. [Very first day contact customer care. You will be able to speak with one after trying couple of hundred times] Ask customer care to transfer new card plan on eSIM.

      • Thank you, will try

  • Perfect ! Thanks heaps OP !

  • -1

    Whats the go with TXT;s, looking for something to travel with as a second SIM (do they do Esims) to receive TXTs for @FA as the banks seems stuck on this rather then Authentication apps for 2FA

  • Yes, it does have International Roaming. By paying nothing at all, you may still receive incoming texts (for your 2FA as required).

    Otherwise, if you have to make calls/send texts, the PAYG Rates are:
    Outgoing call: $1/min
    Incoming call: $1/min
    Outgoing Text: $1/message
    Data Usage: $1/MB
    Incoming Text: Free

    For better rates, you may take an International Roaming Pack, check details here: https://www.lebara.com.au/mobile-plans/international-roaming...
    They have a $15 pack valid 2 days and a $50 pack valid 5 days.

  • +2

    Remember to buy with your 10% off! Also the sim have very long expire dates which is handy. I bought a couple which I will use at the beginning of next year.

    • How to get 10% off?

      • What about weekly bonus point offer? Does that work with this purchase?

    • Oh I see buy from Woolworths in-Store! Thanks

      • Use your Woolies monthly 10% from insurance. Also another 4% if you buy woolies gift card

        • I tried to buy SIM card using gift card before but it doesn’t work, have you done it?

          • @Anthony8888: Last time I used credit card. I thought you can?

          • +1

            @Anthony8888: I've done it several times but not in the past 6-8 months or so. It used to work.

            • @bonezAU: Thank you I will try again this time as I have $50 gift card.

        • mate can you help how i can get the 10%

          I have woolys insurance for my car and i get the 10% but its random, i cant choose when to use it. It comes up on the checkout and sometimes doesnt. So wondering if there is a way to use that 10% on a specific transaction.

          • +2

            @livingoracle: When you go through checkout, from the 1st day of each calendar month the self-service will ask if you want to use your 10% off, (YES/NO) it's always from the 1st of each month until the end of that calendar month.
            I usually select no until I have a large shop or a deal like this appears.

    • I thought it says activate within 60 days? It is only April, means activate by June, right?

      • Also want to know this

  • can this be used as recharge?

    • Starter packs don't recharge. You might want to port out (to another network) and port back in.

  • How is Vodafone coverage nowadays? Is voda better than optus? My usage is very little and mainly around cbd Melbourne and Western suburb. Haven't use them since 6 years ago.

    • Metro areas are fine. Rural/regional - forget it

    • Just last week I complained in TIO and got refund for remaining 11 months yesterday.

      Call drops and poor reception is issue. Biggest issue is customer care. Sent email two weeks ago but no response. Customer care call drops after 21 minutes everytime without hearing human voice.

  • What if we do not activate within 60 days?

    • +2

      You may not get the benefits advertised in the Promotion. Best to ask Lebara support in case you wish not to activate within 60 days.

  • Does it work with weekly bonus point offer at Woolworths?

    • +2

      I can confirm that it does indeed work with bonus point offers. Showed up straight on my receipt.

      Can also confirm for anyone wondering that e-gift cards don't work hah.

  • Are MMS included in this or do they cost extra to.send?

    • Within Australia it's free

  • how do you boost vodafone signal for home use? I am getting less than 5mbps indoors but as soon as i step outside, it goes up to around 15mbps. is there a way to drag that signal indoors into my home. please advise. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  • Thanks, OP. I got one from local Woolies. It wasn't advertised. I had to take it to the counter to confirm the price.

  • Cheapest plan with unlimited international calls?

    • Depends on the countries you want to call often. try boost.

  • Finally a deal to compete with Coles Mobile.

    Whats last date to activate these? if i decide to activate them after my current coles plan ?

    • Coles is Optus. But horses for courses. At end of 180 days what is your plan? Same deal and port out and back in? I'm thinking about giving this a go.

      • Where I live, All telstra, Optus, and Vodafone have great coverage.

        Only a problem for me when I am travelling.

        • when I am travelling

          Can understand that sentiment.

          Other half will be on Boost so hopefully will get me out of a pickle if Vodafail.

  • other than porting out and back to Lebara, anyway for an existing Lebara customer to avail this price?

    • Unfortunately, no. Usually the offers are only for new customers.

    • If you are lucky enough to speak with someone in customer care then it's possible. I told I accidentally bought new SIM card assuming it's recharge voucher and they transferred the plan as recharge

      • oh nice.. so they topped up your existing sim & number or did they port your number to the new sim? Also did you have to open the pack? Just checking if I have an option of returning it back in case I don't get as luck as you were with customer care.

  • I was at Woolys and there is a pack showing 180 days Small plan, is this the same one ?


  • Did you enter a voucher code in the app to activate it? I didn't get a recharge receipt thing from the Woolworths self check out machine, probably because I am on paperless receipts. The Woolworths app doesn't show any voucher code on the paperless receipt.

    • I have same problem, no activation code, and when trying to activate, asking for credit card.

      • @mko75 - I called LEBARA CS and they told me that no voucher is needed for Startup packs, they are pre coded. So no activation code, just use the sim card number and activate the service.

  • Great deal but I had a horrible experience dealing with Lebara's customer service porting my Kogan number to Lebara. Porting failed and I have to use a new number. Dealt with some very bad customer service unfortunately.

    • +1

      For some strange reason porting within the same network causes issues. It's always best to port to a different network and then back. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Exactly same thing happened to me, the CS rep was such a smart arse, any question i asked her, she replied "thats what I said", "as i told you", "that's the plan and info on the website" and at the end of the call I told her she was very polite and the idiot didn't get the sarcasm, and said oh i am happy to hear that I was able to assist you. You pay pennies, you get peanuts !!! so yeah don't expect any customer service or courtesy at all.

    • Yep, bad customer service I even had a customer rep hang up on me randomly. Even still now my Lebara service has still not been activated. I've called them 3 times and they haven't been any help…

  • +1

    thank you! the 1/2 price sticker wasn't marked at the 2 woolies i went to. scanned it anyway and showed as $50

  • Does anyone know if Lebara has voLTE?

    Want to avoid this situation with Coles Mob. with iPhone 12 and above: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11934290/redir

    • +1


    • +1

      Lebara does not have VoLTE. In fact, most MVNOs do not have VoLTE, except —
      Boost Mobile (uses Full Telstra network)
      Gomo mobile (uses Optus network)

      As with Optus (used by Coles Mobile), they are re-farming the 2100 Mhz 3G band to 4G now meaning that 3G would be available only on the 900 MHz band on Optus and all its MVNOs as well.

      Lebara uses Vodafone which provides 3G over the 900 MHz only so be it Lebara (Vodafone) or Coles Mobile (Optus), you need to have 900 MHz 3G band to be able to make and receive calls.

      Having said that, you dont need to worry if your phone is an iPhone, all of them have the 900 Mhz 3G band and so calls would work. If you have another phone, just make sure it has the 900 MHz band and you'll be all good.

      • Ok thanks

      • hopefully this move doesn't cost the call coverage to be worse, and hopefully this will prompt all of the MVNOs to offer VOLTE

  • Does this come with a physical sim inside? If I want to use an esim, I buy this in-store and contact Lebara's customer service to get it transfered to esim? Is that right?

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