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[PC] Log in to Game & Get Free Game Expansion - Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor, Minas Morgul, and War of Three Peaks


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Lord of the Rings Online @ Steam

Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating its 15th anniversary! The following and much much more are being offered to players who reach level 2 and above.

  • Standard Edition – Mordor Expansion
  • Standard Edition – Minas Morgul Expansion
  • Standard Edition – War of Three Peaks

Permanently free:

  • 5 Expansion Quests
  • 4 Instances
  • 12 Quest Packs
  • Skirmishes
  • Raid: Draigoch's Lair

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    Just a PSA for anyone who may be new to LOTRO and wants to get the most out of their new account.

    This new update and the event pretty much allows you to play all the content that has been released since launch except for the newest expansion Gundabad. However, you must download the game, log in before 11 May, make a character and level up to level 2 so that you have access to all this content, otherwise you will not have the latest expansions, which are the ones titled in this post.

    Note: Arkenstone is the preffered AUNZ world, and you can only claim the expansions on the server you first log into with a level 2 character. Just be cautious of what world you decide to play on, as you will not be able to claim these new expansions on another world.

    If you're a min maxer and like to get to endgame content as fast as possible, this isn't the game for you. It's all about the journey, and quite a slow one at that. If you are tempted to use a valor (level boost), just note they are a one use item, and I highly recommend you stay away from those until you've finished the vanilla experience.

    P.S. If you decide to become a VIP for a month ($15 USD) and get the VIP gifts (it may be worth it to you, but most likely not if you're a new player), make sure you fill out your character slots with characters you may want to play with in the future (2 will be locked once your subscription ends, as you get 2 new ones during your subscription), and then log into each character at least once as well as level up to 2. This will unlock swift travel for all your characters, which you can use once you discover stables around the world, and acts as fast travel points. It's a good QOL feature, but it may not be worth it to some.

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        Dem filthy hobbitses!

  • Can you do the same quest with friends?

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    Free is nice, but the servers have been down for 12 hours and no update is expected for another 12 hours.

    • Yeah this is weird.

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    so we just download and play the game to lvl 2, to obtain all the contents? That's it?

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    It wont even sign in and had trouble initiating the account, I removed that heap of shit from my account pronto.

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      As per above, their servers are down, hence no logins are working.

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        You'd think after 15 years they would have gotten around to adding a decent message when you try to log on if the server is down.

  • Thanks OP for this. Will give this game a try! Is Sign Up working for everyone? I can't seem to be able to create an new account on the website.

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    that took a while to get to level 2 cause of the intro, but looks like it worked! thanks OP!

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