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100 Things to Know about Space, Science & Earth $5 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


Just saw this on the Big W website whilst I was searching for cheap Huggies nappy pants. $5 each from Big W, free click & collect or pay $7.90 for shipping.

100 Things to Know About Space

100 Things to Know About Science

100 Things to Know About Planet Earth

100 Things To Know About the Human Body

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    Great first post mate. 👍

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    Would these be an age appropriate gift for a 5 year old? I couldn't find a recommended age in the details

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      My 5yo loves reading them

      • Thanks, in that case I'll get them as part of a birthday gift

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      my 5yo loves them too

      we have all 5 books in the set, all were $5 ea

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        You get conditioned to the $5 price! Mine wants the “food” one but I can’t spend $16 on it.

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        we have all 5 books in the set

        They are up to 11 now.

    • On the publisher's website it states 8+ https://usborne.com/space

    • Most content is for older kids say 8 and above but my 5 year old son loves it. He asks a lot of questions though and his favourite is Human Body out of the four so far (after two weeks)

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    Thanks, $3.90 postage for me for two books.

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    Yay, now need the "100 Things to Know about Numbers Computers & Coding" for $5 😊

    • Yeah that’s the one I still need!!

  • thanks, been looking for the science one from Amazon for a long time now

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    Three of these available at Woolworths for $5 also: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/search/products?searchTer...

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      There available by a third party. Delivery is compulsory and $10.

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    Community Donation

    Hey I was thinking of buying 20 * 100 Things to Know About Space for $100 and organizing to be put into some of the 3737 street library across Australia to inspire the next generation of space explorers or scientists. Or do you think prisons, mental asylums or kindergartens would be better?

    Does anyone want to match me?

    • Nah, mate, I'm sure space exploration still better than being in prison.

      • Yes it is better. But there is a million interests out there - there has to be some sort of stimulus for prisoners to choose space over say drugs.

    • Or you can help the logistics of this project. The per item delivery charge is $8 which is more then the cost of each book.

      ✔ How can we get it from Big W to the street libraries?
      ✔ Is it best to deliver it to state co-coordinators and from there individual?
      ✔ Once we have the reader's interest how can we convert that into action?

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    waiting for amazon price match lol

    • How does prime work? It's free delivery right and you can price match to how many maximum?

    • I did some research and Amazon doesn't price match?

      • yeah seems so

  • Why is this book always for sale?

    • It's five years old. Maybe after the first year it wasn't in stock. Or maybe there's a budding harry seldon trying to prevent the bust of civilisation?

  • Great for the weekend!
    Got C&C for Science and Space !

  • Cheers.

  • Thanks OP. Was able to C&C all 4 locally.
    Now to look for the other 5 books to complete the collection.

  • Thx OP

    Nabbed 3/4 as already have 1.

  • I already got these 4 - now waiting to buy the "100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers and Coding" and I think the collection is complete

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    Thanks OP. My 10yo has loved the "100 things to know about" for space, human body for years. Thrilled to add Planet Earth and Science to the family collection.

  • None of them available for me for pick up or delivery

  • Why don’t I ever get it when on special. I have only planet earth

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