Worth Repairing a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Cracks?

I have a S10+ which is 2 years old, had lots of use. Great phone. Somehow gotten cracks in the screen despite screen protector and case. Still works fine but has a couple of lines across it. From what I can see phone is worth about $450 new but repair of screen would be about $280

From Googling it seems like the battery lasts about 3 years and costs about $100 to replace. But I couldn't work out what 2yo phone would be worth. Probably not much.

Would you repair screen, or give to your kid and buy a new one? I do use my phone for work a bit so decent phone important.



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    Can you afford a new phone? If you can then give it to your kids as is and buy the new phone.

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    Get new one.

  • If you want to try a DIY fix a replacement screen with all the required tools from Amazon costs $79.02, probably cheaper elsewhere.


    If that doesn't work then give your kid the phone and buy yourself a new one.

    As you use your phone for work a bit part of the price of a replacement phone may be a tax deduction.

    • That won't work - it's only the glass (not even the digitizer, let alone the LCD screen). There's no way someone who hasn't had phone repair experience could pull off a glass only repair perfectly, first time, on a Samsung S10. They also wouldn't have the necessary equipment and would likely completely destroy their screen attempting it.

      In addition, the OP has already said the screen "still works fine but has a couple of lines across it" which indicates that they'll need a whole new LCD, digitizer, glass screen assembly (which brings the repair cost back north of $200).

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    check if you can get a cheap screen off aliexpress

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    cheapest way to replace a screen is to get a second hand screen from aliexpress.

    these screens have minor defects- from small to large black marks but sell from ~$20 delivered

    listing 1
    listing 2
    listing 3

    but it's not smashed and it's a cost effective way to replace a screen.

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    Worth Repairing a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screen Cracks?

    Yes and No depending on circumstances.

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