Vietnam Visa Approval Letter Recommendation

Hey guys,

Can you link the sites you have used to apply for a pre approval letter to enter Vietnam.
Would like to know which sites are legit.


  • Is this not the official Vietnamese govt website?

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      Are you sure? I am getting a security warning from your link

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        Loads fine but looks like it's not the official site.

        This is:…

        Very misleading but the first link works for OP needs.

        • This is the official link from the Vietnamese government, the tell tale sign be it Vietnamese name. Be very careful with other links because they're all commercial website. Vietnamese government site use domain.
          You might get the visa from embassies or consulates but price will vary.

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      Hey hybrid, thanks for your response

      Seems to have bad rating. Have you used it yourself?

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        Vietnam Visa uses a extension to appear as though they are government department instead of the legitimate extension. The website tries to ape the look of a government website too - not illegal, but definitely not good business practice.

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      official Vietnamese govt website


      Processing Time:
      Super urgent

      Why no Extremely Super Dooper urgent?

      I don't think this is the official government site.

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      No it isn't, this one only give you the invitation letter for US$17 which you will take it with you on your flight and when arrive, you will find yourself on the queue with a bunch 50 or so other naive tourists waiting to fork out another extra US$ for the official visa.
      if you prepare in advance, better go with the official government website even the official Australian government smart traveller website has this link. And it costs US$25 all up.

      • Thanks :)

      • Oh sh*t, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going to Vietnam for a holiday in Dec. I almost fell for the vietnam visa website as it looked quite official. The thing that threw me was the car pickup option. That sent my spidey sense tingling.

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    This is the official site for the Vietnam Consulate in Edgecliff in NSW >

    Click through and go wherever from there. Some of the links look a bit dodgey but they're the official ones.

  • God i'd forgotten about this! It was so effing annoying. I seem to recall that you could do it online but it would take a few days…? My wife ended up going to the consulate

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    Just ring the consulate in Sydney. Last time I got my visa done, I had to send them my passport, the payment and a return pre-paid envelope. Was about $50 for the visa and I had my choice of up to 5 years with multiple entry. All the visas were the same price if I got a 1 year one or if I got a 5 year one.

    • Yeh I've tried to call, it rings and then goes busy and hangs up lol. But that sounds like a good deal.

      • Are you of vietnamese origin? If you can prove it, there's a 5 year visa exemption that's pretty much the same cost as a single entry for a "foreigner".

        • No way, Really? I just paid a travel agent to do my visa exemption for $120. I couldn't find English forms and found it difficult to navigate. I'm of Vietnamese origin but my partner isn't. I'm researching the online visa approval for him

          • @dorydae:

            No way, Really? I just paid a travel agent to do my visa exemption for $120.

            You only asked an hour and something ago and didn't really give us a chance to reply! 😋

            The form for that exemption is here >

            (Yes, the link looks quite dodgey, but I can assure you it's right because I've done it a few times - it is through here… - under point number 2, the link is behind the word "FORM").

            Fill that out online and submit it. It generates some sort of application number. Then print it out and send in with passport, pictures and whatever identification that you need to prove that you're of vietnamese origin (I used my parents old ID card and birth certificate to prove I'm their child). I've done it a few times and they can never tell me the exact amount it costs (~$80 as they say, plus whatever fees), but I've heard that they will send it back if you don't send enough. So I've always sent it with $100 cash (don't expect change!) and a self-addressed express post bag. I guess for your partner, you can send in a marriage certificate or something to prove that you're together. It takes a bit less than two weeks to get your passport back in the mail - they put a 5 year visa exemption sticker in your passport.

            I see that your location says Melbourne. If you're in Sydney, you can go and hand it into the office at Edgecliff and it's ready in about 3 days.

      • Yeh I've tried to call, it rings and then goes busy and hangs up lol

        They are on their lunch break.

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          not sure why the neg, but yes, VN consulate staffs do take 1.5hr ish lunch break

          • @tio: A good pho takes time to enjoy…

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    Yeah, so many dodgy ones. Although I think some are like those PPSR sites that are legit because they do what you are asking, but you just pay a slight premium on top…

  • I thought Vietnam had visa on arrival, is it not? Did a quick google and got this:

    Visa on arrival is available for Air travellers. Those arriving by land or cruise are required to contact the local Vietnam embassy to get a full Vietnam visa before departure. Visa on arrival must be picked up at Vietnam airports after landing.

    • I recommend getting visa on hand, it'll be more expensive on arrival and with extra delay. And you'll definitely get further delays from covid vaccine check and other bunches of silly stuff

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    Did some more search and found some info in below link. It seems Evisa is the way to go, it can be applied online and costs USD $25. It is one month single entry and 3 days processing time.…

    Below is the link to apply online:…

    • Oh thanks! I didn't realise E-visa was an option instead of the approval letter.

      This is so much more convenient as our trip is 3.5 weeks. Thanks so much

      • No probs. I didn't know either so your question made me search. I've planned to travel to Vietnam in near future so its handy to have this information. How long are you going to be there for? Are you travelling for tourism or business?

        • Tourism for just under a month in May. So next week pretty much.

          • @dorydae: Safe travels man. I can't wait to go there hopefully sometime next year. I've never been there before so, have to research the country a bit beforehand. Might get some tips off you. :)

      • The introduction of the e-visa made things so much easier. No need to wait in line to get the VOA after the flight:)
        Defo the way to go.

    • Hello. Has anyone used the link above recently? Or others posted here. Been trying to find a legitimate one and unable to find as a number I've seen makes me doubtful.

      I used to use these guys:

      It seems like theyre closed. The process has been send them your form, passport and return courier bag with $100 cash (lol and looking at other fees it seems a bit dodgy to me now).

      Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Enjoy your trip to Vietnam!

    Remember that besides obtaining a valid visa, you'll need to follow a set of extra requirements - these can be found here - it's Jetstar, but it is helpful.

    Just make sure you complete the health declaration before leaving for the airport AND keep a screenshot of the code you get at the end. I got stung by this mishap earlier in February and was at check-in for approximately 30 minutes.

    • Thanks!

  • I have been a few times and the dodgy looking sites are mostly legit in this case. The Government site is the least likely one to help in my experience, which is under guidance from my Vietnamese partner.

    If this is your first time make sure you have plenty of cash as you will need cash (not card) to get through immigration and consider using the extra services offered by the visa companies - that is they take you through the immigration section as a group and when you don't know what to do this will help make your process smoother.

  • As mentioned by previous posters, if you are going down the tourist visa route rather than visa exemption you can get a 30 day single entry before you arrive, which is way better than having to deal with the VoA stuff at the border. Longer stay / multiple entry visas have not yet returned since the country re-opened.

    No need to use an agent. As of yesterday the Consulate in Sydney is processing visas again. They have not yet updated their website, so you will need to call them to get the updated form to fill out.

    Best of luck.

    • Hi, wondering if you could share the phone number you used to contact the embassy, none of the numbers on the website seems to be working!!

      Also, were you able to apply without a travel agent?? Because the website says we do, and im wondering if we could just applly directly without an agent!!!

      Thank you so much

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    You do not need an approval letter if you are an Australian passport holder and receive an e-visa online. This will save you a lot of time. I came back from Vietnam last week and had an e-visa and it is much quicker at the airport, as it’s an added step in the process and every step has a huge queue.

    The official e-visa website is here. It takes about 3 days to receive a response.

    Additionally, don’t forget you need to complete this form prior to entering Vietnam. Vietnamese authorities will scan the QR code the form produces immediately when you enter the airport on arrival prior to immigration. Be particularly careful to choose the correct airport code as this caused delays for many people in the queue when I travelled.

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      Thanks!! This has been really helpful

    • Hey mate, thanks for this info.

      With the medical declaration form, do we only fill it out when we're there?

      It's asking me for a phone number, but no accepting my aus number.,

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