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Contempo Table Top Gas Pizza Oven $114.50 (RRP $229) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


Cook up a storm at your next gathering with the Contempo Tabletop Gas Pizza Oven BBQ. The pizza oven is gas fueled and features stainless steel doors, fascia and pizza shovel.
Product Features:

  • High-temperature powder coated firebox
  • Stainless steel door and fascia
  • 2 handles for an easy move
  • 38mm pizza stone
  • Cooking area: 43 x 44cm
  • Dimensions: 47cm(H) x 75cm(L) x 63cm(W)

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  • … any good?

    • I suspect NO

    • +1

      Previous deal at $171 was popular, although no feedback from those who purchased.

  • What temp does this get to?

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    Entirely bottom flame heat source.
    Save your $ and look at the gas pizza ovens that flame up the side/top for a better cooking option
    This is just a small hooded bbq with a pizza stone

    • Agree with this. Two options here.

      Go an buy a $20-$30 pizza stone and use your BBQ (this is essentially what this thing is)

      Or put the money into something like a Ooni or Gonzey style one which will actually do a better job.

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    $99 for the Masterpro pizza oven @ Amazon. 5-6 minutes for perfect pizza, stone heated plate and top heat. Date night tonight so left boys with ingredients and watched about 9 small pizzas go through in quick succession

    • What pizza base do you use?

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        I make my own. It's very easy and stores in the fridge for up to 5 days (tastes better the longer you leave it in the fridge to rise).

        For two pizzas big enough for the Masterpro:

        333g 00 flour
        233mL warmish water
        7-10g of yeast
        5-10g of salt
        Splash or two of olive oil

        Mix it all together (I use a dough hook on my mixer), stick it in a big bowl to double in size.
        Halve the risen dough and split it into two containers and leave it in the fridge for anywhere up to 5 days.

        For a tomato sauce:
        1 Onion
        1x can of San Marzano tomatoes, or at least Cherry Tomatoes
        Dried Mixed Herbs
        Garlic Powder (or actual garlic)

        Cook it all down, let it simmer for a bit. Let it cool and store in the fridge for when you're ready for it.

        • So 70% hydration, you don't find it too wet to work with? I use similar but 60% (300ml water to 500gm high protein baker flour) & add sprinkle of sugar to help the yeast and divide it into 3 balls. I used to leave it on the bench to rest for few hours, but next time will try to put in fridge after 1 hr.

    • Yeah another vote for the Masterpro oven. I've had it for a few years now and it's been amazing. I am a little worried about what I'd do if the stone cracks but at that point I might just buy another oven since I can't seem to find spare parts.

      We use the oven at least once a fortnight, sometimes more.

      I'm always happy with the results: https://i.imgur.com/im9ikYV.jpg

      You just can't go wrong at $99

      • Agree. Works well. Pizza come out pretty much restaurant quality in about 4 mins. I bought 2 when on amazon special, 1 for spare.

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    barbequesgalore now selling Arrosto Gas Portable Pizza Oven for $399 which is same design as the Ooni Koda, Arrosto would be much better option. Cooking pizza in this Big W one will be same as cooking in normal BBQ or kitchen oven. Don't waste your $$

    • Haha, now that is what I call a true rip off! :)

      How does it compare to the Koda?

      • Koda 12 selling for $650 and reach 500 deg same as this one. How it is a rip off?

        • +1

          Rip off, as in copy…(like you said "same design"). ;)

          (Sorry, I thought in the context that it was obvious what I meant, but I can see how you might misinterpret)

          • @caprimulgus: Yes probably someone gave chyna factory a Koda and asked them to clone / copy it :)

    • Oh awesome. Koda had been on my to-do list for awhile, but stock was hard to come by at times I was ready

      This looks like a killer alternative, massive thanks

      • +1

        If you happen to buy it, let us know how you find it! cheers

    • Must be some great profit in these. Pretty simple device overall. I got the Monro from Coles for $99 which is pretty much identical, it works a treat. Cooking neapolitan pizzas just as good as the local Italian pizzeria.

      • I understand Monro from Coles were listed @ $299 and some limited stores had clearance in the range of $249 to $99, so you must be very lucky one, enjoy it. I would def. buy it if it comes again, but that is probably wishful thinking..

  • Looks like this @ $355 minus the stand: https://www.mitre10.com.au/gas-pizza-oven-and-bbq-combo

    Temp is in f to 900f, near 500c…

  • LPG or natural gas?

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