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Uncle Tobys Quick Oats, 1kg $3.25 ($2.93 Sub & Save) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Haven't seen at this price in a while. Seems to be price matching Coles, but cheaper with subscribe and save if buying in bulk.

No minimum order. Enjoy!

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    No traditional oats :(

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      Go Steel Cut or go home

      • Try finding those cheap…

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    Why not just buy the coles branded version for almost half the price?

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      Exactly! This https://shop.coles.com.au/a/national/product/quick-oats-valu...
      Works out to be $1.75 per 1 kg.

      It is just the same Australian oats. It can not be different in any way. A classical example of when you are acutally buying not goods but just letters on the box.

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        I mean this is a bad take, of course different brands will have different oats.

        "Australian" oats are not all the same.

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          What is the difference in oats? Nutritional value? Taste? Something else?

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          So Uncle Tobys use special oats do they?

          I tried both, I can’t tell the difference, I enjoy both but I buy rolled oats.

          Plus the normal price for Uncle Tobys is not twice as much as Coles, Woolies or Aldi brand, it’s four times as much.

          Uncle Tobys Is only twice the price of the other non generic brands. They are trading on old time nostalgia.

          • @Musky: They use oats of the "quick" variety

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            @Musky: Honestly I'd thought the same, but tried a couple of others and there was a distinct difference in the degree of which they are have been processed and the final product, which to me anyway was enough. So now just wait it out for a typical half price sale on the uncle tobys variety.

      • Interesting.

        When I buy the same type of apples from Coles compared to buying them from my local Fruit shop, the do not taste anything like the 'same'….

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          When I buy two sets of apples in a fruit shop from different batches they taste different. When I harvest two apples from the tree in my backyard - they also taste different. What does this prove?
          However, oats are a bit different from apples. I challenge you to do a blind tasting test.

      • Then why do you think many people are still not into generic products lol. They are clearly different in any ways and doesn't change its orginal value since you are not able to tell that.

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          There are home brand cleaning products that are 3x cheaper and chemically identical and people still buy them way less, branding and physiology behind it dictates sales, something not selling as well is not proof it is inferior. Same deal with generic drugs, people pay more for name brand Aspirin because it works better because it costs more and looks fancier.

      • It can not be different in any way.

        Yes, they can be. I haven't tried the Coles ones, but for many years I had the Aldi variety which are also 100% Australian oats, the same as Uncle Tobys. The Aldi ones are much coarser in texture; Uncle Tobys are smoother and creamier, which I prefer.

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        Actually Uncle Toby’s uses their own variety of oats, see Wikipedia:

        80% of the oats used by Uncle Tobys Australia are of the Mikita variety.[5] Mikita oats differ from conventional oats due to higher levels of disease resistance, increased yield potential, and increased levels of β-glucan.[5] Mikita oats were developed at the South Australian Research Development Institute (SARDI), by the National Oat Breeding Program. The research was funded by the Uncle Tobys Corporation, in partnership with various governmental and corporate entities.[6]


        (Sometime back I was looking into this because I noticed their oats to be softer than the home brand ones)

        Note that Uncle Toby’s are wholly owned by big evil Nestlé who a lot of people boycott due to a bunch of reasons including still operating in Russia.

        I usually buy the Red Tractor oats, they are delicious and are Aussie owned.

        Edit: you can make quick oats easily by chucking oats into a blender or food processor and pulsing for 5 seconds.

        • This is not an answer to you personally but to all people who claim they can feel the difference.
          It is impossible to argue the fact that someone likes some brand better than the other and claims he can taste the difference. Would be really curious to see blind tasting tests though.
          But anyway, if you can taste the difference and like Tobys - good for you. If we look at this from economic or business perspective - the ones who are happy to pay for the "premium" product are also paying to bring the "budget" product price down. So one of the reasons coles or woolies oats are so much cheaper is because some people are willing to pay twice the price for the oats in a different colour box. That's my opinion.

    • +7

      A couple years ago I tried the home brand quick oats from all three of coles, woolies and aldi. They weren't even close to the uncle tobys quick oats.

      Whatever the home brand products were doing to turn the oats into quick oats wasn't working, you might as well just buy rolled oats and hit them with a hammer a few times.

      Maybe they've improved since then but somehow I doubt it.

      • +4

        I tried everything as well - do not feel the difference. Maybe I am not an oats gourmet enough. And, since nutritional value is the same as well… Don't see the point in Toby.

        PS I eat oats every day for breakfast for the last 20-25 years.

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          Well you've got me beat on the experience :)

          It's not the taste, it's the texture. I just heat the oats in the microwave, and the homebrand products all came out still somewhat hard and almost gritty.

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            @uvbunny: What I found as well. Assume they skip out on some of the factory processing and trust that the public cant tell the difference. One of the cheaper ones I got was like eating sandpaper.

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          I also have quick oats for breakfast every day and have done for about 7 years.

          There is no difference in flavour with the only discernable difference being that Colesworths no name brands are slightly courser in texture making the brand name quick oats slightly smoother and creamier.

      • +3

        Personally I wouldn't go near quick oats. Gross slop. I want some texture. Rolled out steel cut please

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      Hmm… I've had different experiences with home branded oats vs uncle tobys and prefer this one over the other (quick 2 minute rolled oats).

      The home branded one took longer to soften up, the texture wasn't the same after cooked either.

    • there is actually taste difference between them, for me anyway

    • +1

      Most home brand stuff isn't as good, despite what some may say. The home brand Tiny Teddy biscuits taste like flour, the official ones taste like vanilla and egg, for example. Some stuff is the same or just as good, but mostly it's garbage. For the longest time home brand pizzas were cardboard with a few squares of ham and shreds of cheese, it's only recently the duopoly started making better pizzas in their home brands.

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    a real ozb'er buys this for the box and refills it with coles/woolies oats

    • +3

      The box actually tells you to not store it in the box.


      Have a look.


      So the box is a complete scam.

      • but I've been eating it from the box my whole life

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          Nice knowing you

        • +3

          Wow dude. Just how huge is that f&$#ing box of yours?

      • What kind of maniac actually puts their cereal and rolled oats into a sealed container. That has to be a red flag that there's bodies stashed under their floorboards.

        • Nothing too unusual about using one of these or these

          • @ak47wong: That is exactly what I do, I buy the Aldi rolled oats in a plastic bag and transfer it to a container like the one you linked.

            No bugs or weevils chopping away at my food.

  • Went to Coles to buy some corn chips and saw that Muesli (Jordans & Coles brand) is half price too. Stocked up on a few bags.

    • Ahh Jordans 😒 I find their “granola” to be tasteless dry kibble. Or over sweetened tasteless dry kibble. Much prefer anything Carman’s, for example.

      • I mix it with more natural bland tasting cereals lol works well as a mix, especially since buying it by itself is pretty expensive not on sale.

        • Yeah that’s a good idea. I’ve mixed it with almonds, shaved coconut, etc and yeah it then has better texture and taste. It’s often 50% off so I only buy it then, if I do.

  • +1

    And out of stock, dammit twice I was in checkout trying to increase the quantity to over 6 and now I end up with none!

    • Are you able to get to a Coles?

      • Yeah but their price isn't as cheap as the subscribe and save price from Amazon, or the price they used to be ($3) when they went on half price at the supermarkets. But maybe it's a blessing if michael9865's comment below is correct and they taste better when bought from the supermarket rather than Amazon!

  • I found out there is a taste difference between buying it from Amazon and from Coles/woollies the exact same thing where Coles/woollies taste better and have no idea why

    • Storage conditions? Storing things in a giant concrete warehouse can have diff moisture levels as compared to colesworth where the product also 'climatises' to the shelves.

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    The homebrand Quick Oats that Woolies sells is often around 1/3 of the regular price of this one. I can't tell the difference but my wife can tell the difference, can anyone else?

    • +1

      I definitely can.. Home brand is not as creamy as uncle tobys.

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        Not as creamy but tastes exactly the same for about 1/3 of the price.

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    that was quick (oats)

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    coles same price.

  • are they hand rolled?

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