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Goldcross Promenade 700 S2 Vintage Bike $149 (in Store / C&C Only) @ Supercheap Auto


Spotted the deal while at the store today. Seems pretty good!

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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  • Could you convert this to an electric bike?

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      “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”

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      It's a steel frame so not bad in that regard but I wouldn't put too much strain on the drive train or rely on the v-brakes to slow you down from any decent speed.

      But yes, you could easily attach a BBS02b to this in under a couple of hours.

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    Grabbed this when supercheap had 20% off site wide over Easter. Has been a great first bike for the Mrs

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    That’s super cheap.

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      It’s definitely a Super Cheap alternative to an Auto.

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    Vintage Bike $149

    Which year?

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      Whatever year doc rode past himself conducting a weather experiment.

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    This reminds me of the recent Kmart bike deal:

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      So if you try and ride this down to the shops you will most certainly die?

      • I think you tapped the wrong link :/

        People actually liked the Kmart one. It was excellent for the price, and many thought it would be a good bike to do an e-bike conversion on

      • -3

        No-one has ever died. This is a belief propagated by people who have similar intelligence to antivaxxers

        • they will certainly die for sure if they ride it down the road head on with car/bus…

          most idiot did these days

          • @thomalfa: Most people ride bicycles head into with a car/bus?

            I think you and @Buyingcrap are both living in a different universe

            • @Zackeroo: I don't believe it as well until i saw it thrice with my own eyes.

              Not once, not twice but thrice… you'll be amazed if those riders think their bones made of steel.

              And once i was presented at court as witness, thanks to the dashcam i got installed in my car.

              • @thomalfa: I don't understand people who don't drive with a dashcam. That dashcam can back you up in a terrible situation. It records everything and can be found for as cheap as $40. It's such a good investment

                • @Zackeroo: It just a right thing to do if you saw an accident then you stopped… apparently the rider tried to claim for a compensation for the idiotic stun he pulled.

                  Well that’s the world we live in

        • everyone dies! Eventually.

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      Yeah, that was me. Never expected so much response :)

      This SCA bike looks very heavy, and with inferior components even to the Kmart commuter. Genuine PIS Power.
      One star.

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    The shifter say "Power PIS", that's one way to go faster.

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      wow, you've got some incredible attention to detail… lol

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      I think they're just taking the PIS

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    Don't leave this outside in the rain, it will be full of rust within weeks.

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      That will really give it an authentic vintage look.

      • I inherited one of these last week actually - neighbour bought it off gumtree for $40 but she didn't have the physical capacity to ride it so gave it to me for free.

        I can confirm the rust makes it look authentically vintage. I honestly thought it was a really old bike and didn't care enough to Google the brand name - but now I know thanks to this Ozbargain post…

        • If it's not too far gone you can remove the rust on any chrome parts with scrunched up aluminium foil and water.
          The foil is softer so it won't scratch the chrome.

    • Then you can claim it's antique 😂

  • Now $100

  • What's the total length of the bike handles? I Want to know if this will fit beside my care in a steadyrack.

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