Tax Invoice on Gumtree Purchases

As a seller, are there any implications on providing a tax invoice to a buyer.

Sold a laptop on Gumtree.

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    Because the item still has warranty left on it? Or they want you to produce a tax invoice for second hand goods?

    • Not for warranty purposes, but I believe they'll be looking to make a claim during tax time.

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        Are you registered for GST? If not, then you can't provide a "tax" invoice.

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    If you're registered for GST, your invoices should be called 'tax invoice'.

    If you're not registered for GST, your invoices should not include the words 'tax invoice'

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    why did you have you to give a tax invoice for gumtree sales?

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    If you're just selling a personal item, you can just write a receipt and they can use that as a record of purchase to claim it on tax, if that is what they are wanting to do (assuming its for their work purposes etc). You don't need to link it to your business etc. Unless, it's your business officially selling the item to the person.

  • no

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    Its a private sale, don't do it.

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