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LEGO Succulents (10309) $69 (RRP $89) Delivered/ C&C/ in-Store @ Kmart


Found the Lego Succulents in-store for $69 each. RRP$89 elsewhere.

Will update link when available online.

Edit: now available online.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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    at that price just get some real ones lol

    • +4

      that would defeat the point of lego

    • +2

      Real one last for a few days/weeks/months/years, this one last forever !

      • +23

        Succulents will probably outlive even LEGO. I'm a terrible gardener but succulents seem to thrive on neglect

        • +2

          This is true, I've even been able to kill a cactus but succulents still going strong

        • Are you sure you're not talking about a weed?

        • True but the only thing thst will kill a succulent is rot. Seems to happen a bit in my garden in areas of poor drainage and terrible grading

      • -1

        that is true but the real one is not plasic

    • +4

      Agreed. Getting sick of the 'adult oriented set' markup on LEGO, it's getting ridiculous.

      • +2

        I'm a succulent hoarder so on one hand the set is interesting but I find it looks a little weak for a set geared for adults despite being one of those tiny-piece-inflated count sets as it is.

        • I'm considering just Brick Linking it

          • @kapone: You simply can’t Bricklink current off-the-shelf sets for less than RRP.
            Postage costs and your time will no doubt eat into any savings.

        • +1

          I mean if you get it for 69 at Kmart its under 10c per piece, which isn't terrible for Aus pricing. Its not great by any means, but its better than the landspeeder or the helmets.

      • What markup do you have in mind? This set has 771 pieces, and RRP is $89.99. E.g., this Harry Potter set with 797 pieces costs $99.99. So it does not make the adult set more expensive than any other set.

        • HP has licensing costs, mini figures, perhaps unique pieces, etc.

    • Id rather step barefoot on a real one than Lego.

    • +1

      It is pretty nice set for MOCs that need plants.

  • -1

    LEGO Succulents

    Yum !!!

    • +1

      A succulent Danish meal?"

    • What the hell happened to your face?

      …You shaved?!?

  • +4

    I reckon I could kill these as well

  • +2

    what's next

    lego carrots. lego zucchini
    lego creamed corn

    • +4

      Is that next? Don't get my hopes up.

    • maybe we'll get Lego Lego!

      • haha yeah. uh oh, trouble in toys department at Myer: Lego went meta

    • You laugh, but they soon to release a farm set with a new corn piece that people are loving.

      • dammit! so I am the one to usher forth the yellow apocalypse

    • Lego sunflowers?
      Lego Dahlias?

      • Sunflowers already exist as an add on to the Flower Bouquet

  • +20

    Can I make a succulent Chinese meal out of this?

    • +2

      Dammit emblurr.. had me by 39 secs..

      • I'll give you a like anyway for it :D

    • +2

      Get your hand off my penis!

  • +18

    What is the crime here sir? Eating a meal? A succulent chinese meal?

  • +1

    Finally, plants I won't kill.

    • I bet I still could

  • +1

    which store?

    • Kmart

    • KMART

      Jk, seems like the Rhodes Waterside one by the looks of the phone number. Actually pretty close to me, 12mins away.

  • When does this end? Shut today in QLD.

    • Kmarts close?

    • The last botanical sets stayed at $69 at Kmart never were on sale for RRP.

  • +1

    Bought mine from Indro, QLD on Thursday. I got the orchids as well.

  • Lego Orchid set was also available at our local for $69 as well

  • +4

    Missed out on an opportunity for Sativa and Indica sets for April 20

  • The orchids are the same price!!!!!! got yesterday!!!

  • Thanks OP. having the stock item code helped to get them to look it up since it wasn’t on the shelves

  • Image isn't there any more?

  • Yeah I got this and the orchid from kmart maroochydore on Friday and they look good. Got the orchid lego for my mother's day

  • Haven't seen these in Newcastle area yet.
    Was going to grab the orchid one as a mother's Day present from the kids.

  • Went looking for succulents, only found the orchids in my local store.


    • Which store is this?

      • This was Warragul VIC.

  • I went looking at the Rockingham WA store yesterday and they had neither. If anyone in WA sees any can you please advise of location.

    • +1

      Eaton store had plenty of both Friday night

      • Just need to find in metro stores now!

    • none at Cockburn either

  • Unfortunately link is dead. Can anyone upload a receipt with kmart codes or at least rattle thrm off. In Kmart now and none on shelf but have a suspicion they may be out in warehouse. Most appreciated

    • +1

      Succulents - 5702017189185

      Orchid - 5702017224336

      I picked up both sets from Westfield Miranda tonight (thanks for the tip OP).
      If it helps anyone, there were 5 or 6 succulents but I think only one orchid set left.

      • +1

        You're the best! The guy here has found them on his device and has gone searching

        • +1

          More than happy to help! I went to buy the succulents but couldn't resist the orchids myself.

  • +1

    I was able to pick one up today at Kmart Rundle Mall. Price ticket had been added to the shelf, but stock hadn't been put out yet. Asked and they were able to fetch one off the pallet.

  • None at Kmart Chadstone

  • +2

    Now available online!

    • Website is now down. Lego succulents enough to take down the might of kmart online in an ozbargain frenzy? lol

  • 1 Succulent left at Top Ryde Kmart
    No Orchids however

  • That was easy, got both online thanks.

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