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Kingsong N11 Cheetah 60V 22.4Ah Dual Motor Electric Scooter $2399 Delivered @ E-Riderz


On sale for a really good price is this high end electric scooter that offers a lot of features for the price. Prices for scooters are normally based around the battery capacity and a similar 60V scooter like the Dualtron Eagle Pro will set you back $3500 . This one has been reduced from $2899 and shipping is free for all the postcodes I've tried.

This one is designed to be used offroad and has extra wide 11" offroad pneumatic tyres with dual suspension, so if you live in a state where escooters are legal this is a great option for offroad. Another notable mention is the dual sinewave controllers at 70A which may taking off a lot smoother and result in better battery efficiency. The only real downsides with this scooter is changing from single motor to dual motor requires you to hold the left brake and pressing the button above the display 6 times. In other scooters there's a single button for single and dual motor.

It has a 60V 22.4Ah battery offering ~80km range, a road legal speed of 25km, private road max speed of 60km, dual 1200W motors (1800W peak), 70A sinewave controllers, phone app for settings including cruise control, locking etc, supports 10A HyperCharging (3hr recharge), 40W front headlight, customisable RGB sidelights, durable folding mechanism (no more awkward clamps), front/rear EABS + hydraulic disc brakes and a maximum load of 150kg.

For reviews I recommend Wrong Way who covers everything about the scooter and Mexican Batman showing how it handles hills and offroad terrain.

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  • Branded or unbranded battery?

    • +1

      They're going to be CN cells. Given the sub-$3000 price for a 60V scooter I wouldn't expect LG or Samsung battery cells. If it was a 52V scooter then yes you'd definitely be getting LG battery cells like the Dragon Raptor Pro.

      • +1

        They're going to be CN cells.

        Copernicium ???

        It's isotopes are highly radioactive

        • +1

          That's Cn to you…

          • @ColdFusion: Fleischmann or Pons ?

            • @jv: Wish I could say I was either man. I'm just s BSc Hons (Chemistry) pleb

              • @ColdFusion: What does a BSc Hons (Chemistry) pleb do to pay the bills?

                • @jv: well the pleb part is not part of the degree, but to answer the question he retrains to become a teacher

                  • +2


                    but to answer the question he retrains to become a teacher

                    that would have been my guess…

                    unfortunately, Australia is not really the 'smart' country anymore and does not invest anywhere near as much as they should in the sciences…

  • 60km/h on it. Holey moley would hate to go flying of it as that speed

    • -1

      Without a helmet…

    • +1

      Having gone up to about 50km legally on mine I have to say it's very windy and a lot of fun. Wouldn't want to crash at that speed despite all the protective gear I wear.

  • +2

    Do we have to have the lawyer in every electric scooter post!

    Alright we get it, we know the laws, we are all grown ups and take our own responsibilities ffs

    • +4

      we are all grown ups and take our own responsibilities


    • +1

      I'd make a list of armchair escooter lawyers in every post but I'd probably be done for personal attack.

      There is one thing they all have in common. They're all from Victoria and NSW.

      • +1

        They're just trying to enforce the exact laws they are complaining about.

        • -1

          Jealousy is the correct word. NSW residents are finally getting their escooter trial at least.

  • I’ve seen many of these higher powered Scooters with suspension etc. in Greater Melbourne including the CBD.

    I am pretty sure that most cops won’t do anything, unless they need to meet their kpi’s for the week or are in a bad mood.

    Not to mention the Line scooter trial is happening as well.

  • I you buy it, practice the line.

    That’s not a scooter, this is a scooter!

  • Buy a road bike, don't be lazy.

    Seriously though, there's so many kids flying around on these without helmets on. Police don't seem too bothered. I think they should be legal but the fact they aren't (VIC), and it isn't policed, too many choose to be flippant with safety. Seems a tragic circumstance is inevitable and may ruin it for everyone.

    • We will ditch our cars for bikes too.

    • Extra time for showering and packing a spare pair of clothes for work, can't be bothered.

      Agreed with the dimwits without helmets though. However I still see an equal amount of idiots riding push bikes on cycle paths/roads, there are dumbass riders on each side.

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