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[NSW] Crankt Choc Peanut Protein Bar, Hydralyte 20pk, Vegan Protein Bar, St Remio Capsules 10pk $0.50 Each @ Coles, Castle Hill


Everything you can see on this trolley is 50 cents. Plenty of stock still.

About 2-3 boxes left of protein bars. 18.5g protein if people are interested + guarana. Not sure about the vegan one, they're lemon cheesecake flavour (?). Hydralyte is orange flavour.

Deleted stock lines, plenty of expiry (~11 months)

Receipt as proof

Not in title:

  • Coles Rice Puffs
  • Coles Perform Protein Powder (Chocolate)
  • Various NRL merch

At the back of the store near the refrigerated juice

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    Is this the castle towers store?

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  • Neutral bay had something similar but I missed it. Was totally ransacked.

  • It's a cage :)

    • What you are referring to is a cage trolley and this has an open front and back (with no doors) so unsure if that qualifies it to be a cage trolley either :)

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