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Apple iPhone 12 64GB $949, Google Pixel 6 128GB $849, Pixel 6 Pro 128GB $1099 Delivered @ Telstra (Telstra ID Required)


These somewhat decent prices for the iPhone 12 and Google Pixels are back again for Telstra Day.

Apple iPhone 12 64GB
$949. Save $250.

Google Pixel 6 128GB
$849. Save $150.

Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB
$1099. Save $200.

To buy outright:

  1. Login with your Telstra ID
  2. Select the Outright option under step 2. select how you'll pay
  3. Click Next at the bottom of the page

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  • +2

    Anyone know if others will price match?

    • Officeworks will

      • Yep, $977.55

        • Seems weird they would match a member special

          • @Supercool: It's not just for members?

            • @peblos: You need a Telstra ID, therefore a Telstra member?

              • +1

                @Supercool: I think that's just a free account to purchase the phone with. No requirements to have one though, same as another online account I believe

                • +1

                  @peblos: Well, you live and learn. I also managed to get them to price beat the iPhone 12 128GB.

      • looking at the Pixel 6. If Officeworks price match then how much is it? 5% of 150 = $7.5 further discount?

      • They didn't, as a Telstra Id requires a Telstra plan (not just a login account which is free,Telstra Id requires a Telstra number)

  • "Min cost: $949 If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan."

  • Can I just walk into a Telstra store and buy it this price? Officeworks too far :(

    • +1

      Think so! The website says "You'll need to make your outright device purchase in-store or online with your Telstra ID."

      • +1

        I did… picked up a pixel 6 pro instore.

        had an old telstra id from when i was last with them anyway :)

  • Our local Officeworks store doesn't have Google Pixel 6 in stock. Any other way to get them to price matched and ship to local stores?

    Edit: found the info. https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/policies/price-be...

  • I checked with JB hi-fi as I have JB gift card and they said that they can't price match Telstra because it's a different model.

    • That's a nice lie

      • i really don't like JB pricing model. Like why da fell i have to haggle when their price is usually the most expensive…

        im amazed that they are still doing well.

        • Maybe it’s the exact reason they are still going well.

  • Is there any deal on the 128gb or 256gb?

    Who uses a 64gb these days!

    • Just checked and the iPhone 12 128GB is $1,029, but 256GB not available.

    • +1

      Yep just realised my comment above didn’t specify model and I can’t edit it

      OW price matched 128gb iPhone 12 and charged me 977.55

  • How to create a Telstra ID? it asks me for a Telstra mobile, Telstra account number or Telstra landline number…I have none.!!!

    • Go buy a $2 sim

      • ugh…

        also, Officeworks didn't want to match the price. Have talked to their HQ.

  • Would the Pixel 6 be locked to Telstra?

    • +1

      Outright phones aren't locked according to previous threads.

  • +1

    Price beat the iphone 12 128 GB version at Officeworks and got it at $977.55.

  • +1

    Just got back from OW as well and got them to price beat for iphone 12 128gb version.

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