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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses $127.95 (Was $319.95) + Delivery ($0 with $129 Order) @ Razer


Razer Smart glasses from Australian store. Currently 60% off. Australian store also has free shipping on order over $129

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses - Rectangle Design - Size SM - Blue Light and Sunglass Lens Bundle

Lifestyle eyewear with built-in headphones for immersive audio

AU$127.95 AU$319.95 (60% off)

  • Blue light filtering or polarized sunglass lenses
  • Low latency audio
  • Built-in mic and speakers

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  • So… what do these do?

    • +5

      Blue light filter glasses with speakers and mic, think ear buds that don't go into your ears so you can still hear stuff.

      • why not just wear you know earbuds..

        • +3

          I like my Aftershokz because it keeps my ears open to hear ambient sound (they are marketed at cyclists).

          Earbuds exacerbate my earwax issues.

      • +1

        It appears that the glasses come with both:
        - Anzu Smart Glasses with 35% blue light filtering lenses pre-installed.
        - 99% UVA/UVB protective polarized sunglass replacement lenses.

        Video online for how to interchange.

    • +2

      Lifestyle eyewear with built-in headphones for immersive audio

    • +25

      Male contraceptive device

      • +1

        and not like condoms, more like a pu55y deterrent

        • +1

          Thanks for explaining the joke

  • tricky buggers, wants us to pay for shipping

    • yep - $1.05 less than minimum spend to achieve free shipping !!!
      Could possibly offer to pay $129 to them to unlock free shipping?

    • +4

      It comes free standard shipping on final checkout page.

  • +2

    I think it is standard shipping charges

    Standard Shipping - Delivers in 5-7 Business Days after order ships — FREE
    Express Shipping - Delivers in 3-5 Business Days after order ships — $15

  • +4

    'Love' how everything is labelled "smart" these days as soon as it can connect via Bluetooth or WIFI.
    As far as I understand these are simply glasses with unbuilt speakers and microphone?!
    Nothing smart about that…..Or maybe I am simply too dumb -aka not smart?!

    • You should connect to tooth not Diesel to get smart

  • +1

    I actually brought a pair to try them and they gave me the option of free shipping 5-7 day or $15 premium shipping 3-5 days

  • +1

    I wanted a Sneki Snek item anyway, so… thanks.

  • +1

    No RGB?? No deal

  • Are these suitable for Asian people aka. Asian fit sunglasses?

    • the guy in the last photo could have some Asian background, does that count?

      looks kinda wonky even on his face tbh

      was that the best you could do, Razer?

      • Razer is a Singaporean company…it would be funny if it doesn't Asians. But it really depends on if you have the swagger to wear this out in public.

  • more info here if needed, like sizes etc:

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    AU$15 Off if you sign up for their newsletter.

  • Personally, I feel that these glasses are a waste of money if its only inbuilt speakers and mic for $160 (and it's $319 RRP!!!).

    If the glasses also had inbuilt HUD for the game that you play, that's a different story.

    Also, how many people wear prescription glasses nowadays…my prescription glasses also have a blue light lens and it was like $120 from Japan.

    • Are these open air speakers? or bone conducting speakers? I thought it's the latter.

      • Probably is the latter but still don't see the appeal in it…

      • +1

        These are open air but directed toward you ears, but can be heard by other people when you crank the volume, here is the link to review

  • My order just shipped… from HK. T_T

    • Aaaand arrived today!

  • +1

    I received mine last week and it is better than I thought.
    The audio is good enough for zoom meetings and podcasts. It's lightweight and it's good to take off your earphone from time to time on a WFH day.
    For $128, I'd say give it a try.

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