Driving Wheels at Home - Worth It?

Anyone have a force feedback Driving Wheel at Home? How does it compare with the arcade experience? Of course you'd need pedals etc, but instead of spending $2.50 a game outside, always starting from scratch, I wondered if it's any fun with these at home.

Or, is the cost of a wheel + console worth it vs playing outside 500 times?


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    Like anything, the novelty wears off after a while.

    Maybe hire one for a day instead.

    • well actually don't have a console yet either. I mean, have a switch but that's not really serious.

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        don't have a console yet either

        It’ll be a rather subtantial investment for you then.
        Are you consistently going to the arcade to play racing games multiple times a week for the past year or so?
        If yes then maybe it’ll be worth it.
        I wanted one, got one, used it a handful of times over 2 years, sold it.
        Now I kinda want one again but I know for sure it wouldn’t be used enough to make it a meaningful purchase.

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    • Might need a new home to fit that

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      It's only $81,400, may as well buy four so you can play with your friends.

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      I used one and it bounced around way too much. That's on a mostly flat road. Maybe it would be good on an offroading sim, but it's nothing like driving an actual car.

      • maybe it was simulating the quality of australian roads. i've driven a car with normal suspension and a car with performance suspension on long journeys, and i didn't like driving the one with performance suspension in certain sections because of how shitty our roads are. you feel every little bump magnified because most cars tend to have softer suspension for more comfort, which i was used to.

        i'm beginning to suspect that road workers intentionally do as shitty of a job possible while taking as long as they can in order to secure their jobs. they seem to be everywhere yet the quality of roads never improves.

        • No, it was a racetrack, about as flat as you're going to get. Also, I have driven on freshly paved roads, and it's great, super smooth. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long.

          Even at its worst though, the one I used was tuned to make the slightest bump into earthquake style shaking. It was terrible. It just made it harder to drive. It wasn't immersive, and it was nothing like driving an actual car.

    • https://motionsystems.eu/product/simulators/ps-2rot3-150/

      This is my present for me when I buy that winning Lotto ticket.

  • I played gran turismo 4 with a dual shock controller and then all the rest with the Logitech g25/27

    I couldn’t go back! The license tests where the instructor says steer with the accelerator actually makes sense with a force feedback wheel!

    I wouldn’t bother with an arcade game though, only the “sims”

  • I always wanted a good one, but they never seem compatible with everything. I want one that works with PC, PS4/5, and Xbox One/XSX.

    • Ps always opposite of pc/xbox right?

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    I hate it when I spend $2 on daytona, select manual and am stuck in 1st gear for the whole race, because the stick is rooted. You probably wouldn't get this as often with a home setup.

  • I don't have any recent experience with them, so maybe they've gotten better, but all the ones I have tried were absolutely terrible and a complete waste of time. They broke easily too.

    The ones at the arcade spin freely. Nothing I've ever seen available for home does that. Maybe if you're into Euro Truck Simulator or something, then it's worth it? Anyway, try for yourself. Some people think they're great. I'm not one of them. Again though, I haven't tried recently.

    • I see samples at EB Games where they are set up with a simulator but you can't really try them out on a real game

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    It is certainly worth it with the price of fuel constantly increasing, particularly if you enjoy driving for pleasure / to relax / unwind. I've put ~8000KM on my wheel since early March, while my real car, that I've had since new in 2014, has only 50,000KM.

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    At one point in time I did strongly consider buying a maximum tune 3 machine as I was already spending upwards of $100 a week on it hahahahaah

    • Yeah they add up. And wow having to pay each stage even if you win

  • Buy your own arcade machine instead… start a collection of several different driving games.. more fun.

  • Or, is the cost of a wheel + console worth it vs playing outside 500 times?

    Kinda comes down to you and how much you play, some people buy a wheel and use it all the time, others buy one and within 2 weeks it's gathering dust in the corner.

    If you're not sure, maybe look for a second hand logitech wheel & pedals although beware it can become a bit of an addiction :)

    I started out with a G25 I picked up on sale way back, then came the wheel stand, then the VR headset(s), then the racing cockpit. And now I'm browsing more upgrades

    • I started out with a G25 I picked up on sale way back, then came the wheel stand, then the VR headset(s), then the racing cockpit. And now I'm browsing more upgrades

      I know that feeling - I've gone with a Thrustmaster T300RS and within the first week was feeling the need for a proper cockpit (made myself wait for a couple of months to see if I would really keep using the wheel).
      Here's the sort of money you can easily start spending (and it only gets more expensive if you get really keen).

      Once I tried it with my VR goggles on I was sold - my setup really gets a lot more use now.

  • I just watch Cookie and Cars on youtube to save money

  • Takes a bit of getting used to, but well worth it. The biggest downside is the space they take up. If you're going a wheel, you're gonna want some sort of driving seat, and they take up quite a bit of floor space and are hard to store when not using. Heaps of cheap second hand setups about though (which might say something also).

  • if you play a lot its good but can also be bad as it works more then just your hands. You cant just lay down on your couch and thumb around half assed unless you plug your controller in

    some of the more expensive motors have enough power to break your arm. You can set those up to give more or less and it can even be a pretty good work out.

    If you race karts/open wheelers etc (no power steering) its one of the best/cheapest ways to train your arms without being in an actual vehicle and also getting "seat time" racing others etc.

    • i want a power one, no power one from wii times was bah…
      just tried playing forza 5 with joystick, really can't do it at all

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