POLL: Which Car Would You Choose?

Hi guys,

My max budget is around 50k. I'm thinking between the following options:

  1. Mercedes C class 2017 (~70,000km)
  2. New Toyota Camry Ascent 2021/2022
  3. Audi A5 2017 (~70,000km)
  4. BMW 320i M-sport 2017 (~70,000km)

I like Merc C class however the new 2022 model has been fully redesigned and I'm worried that my C class 2017 will look outdated very soon. Could you please vote in the poll?

Your comments would be also very much appreciated.

Thanks 😊

Poll Options expired

  • 35
    Mercedes C class 2017 (~70,000km)
  • 704
    New Toyota Camry Ascent 2021/2022
  • 25
    Audi A5 2017 (~70,000km)
  • 54
    BMW 320i M-sport 2017 (~70,000km)


  • you should get a 30k Merc/audi/BMW and use the rest 20K to fix it up.

    • +1

      Probably need 30-40k

    • The 3 euros in OPs list - 5 year old base models - are only worth 30 k.

      COVID price rises made them into 50k

  • +1

    Thanks for all your thoughts guys!

    I looked into Kia Stinger and I love it! Is 100,000km too much for Kia?

    • Well that depends on how old it is …

    • Join the Kia stinger owners page on Facebook. I've heard that the car itself isn't bad but the dealership/post purchase support isn't wonderful. IE. Warranty claims/ damage to vehicle during service etc

  • Rav4 hybrid

    • +1

      12 month waiting list at least if buying brand new

  • Buy a MG EV

    • +1

      I was recommended a new MG - cheap, 7 year warranty - what's not to love ?

      so I googled reviews - and read - gutless, low safety in a crash, built to a price, uncomfortable ride

      which got a no from me.

      • Don't get the petrol one. The FY22 EV version is most certainly not gutless

        • i question people's abilty to google because the current ZS EV is not slow like most EVs and they are safe given the are ancap 5, sure they are built to a price…. $50k, just like any EV and they ride like any swb suv…. but hey, look at that $2 petrol… is what you dont have to bother with on this car.

          • @tonyjzx:

            the current ZS EV is not slow like most EVs

            I've driven the 2021 model extensively and it is not slow at all. It is actually one of the slower EVs actually available in the Australian market and it is bloody quick off the mark, can't wait to drive an actual "fast" EV.

            The new model looks great, better battery, good safety, minor upgrade from 2021, a decent choice if you are a city dweller with a couple of little kids.

  • It may be difficult to buy an electric car at the moment, but non-electric vehicles are virtually dead in the water at this point. The price of petrol is highly volatile, and always will be. Infrastructure supporting electric cars is gradually improving, and a progressive government would give that a major boost.

    The entire European Union is banning the sale of all petrol/diesel-powered cars by 2035. South Korea is doing the same, and is attempting to make a swift transition to EVs. More and more governments will eventually get on board.

    The most important factor in my opinion, is that transitioning to electric vehicles would massively improve noise levels on Australian roads, especially for people who live adjacent to a busy road, or a corner/slope where drivers invariably need to accelerate.

    It would also massively improve air quality, and you would be able to open your car window even when in busy traffic, or a traffic jam, without having to inhale a cocktail of toxic gases.

    • but non-electric vehicles are virtually dead in the water at this point. The price of petrol is highly volatile

      Doesnt matter, end of the day what people consider is total cost of owning the vehicle for the expected time they are going to use it. All this talks of low emissions/ noise and other stuff are entirely afterthoughts.

      At this moment of writing there is not much movement by Australian govt. Hell, look at what they did for solar rebates 😝.

      As for petrol price, most people full tank up when prices are lower anyway.

    • +1

      'electric vehicles would massively improve noise levels on Australian roads'

      you may be wrong there - especially at faster speeds, the loudest road noise to roadside observers is tyre noise

      especially on rainy days when wet roads, e.g. inner city waiting to cross a busy wet road the other day all I could hear was loud tyre noise swishing past - not engine noise - just tyre noise.

      similarly on highways - if you stand beside a quiet country road and listen for approaching vehicles at speed - most of the sound will typically be tyre noise - unless it's a yokel's hotted up V8 with noisy exhaust - to add to the soundstage

      • -1

        you may be wrong there - especially at faster speeds, the loudest road noise to roadside observers is tyre noise

        This is absolutely incorrect, and I'm surprised that you think so. The tyre noise is a significant factor for the driver of the vehicle, and maybe someone standing 2 metres away, but inside a house 10 meters or 50 meters away it is barely audible unless the car is doing burnouts.

        The overwhelming majority of environmental car noise comes from cars accelerating from stand still or a low speed, such as speeding up after turning corners/after a traffic light, or accelerating up a slope/hill. I live within eyesight of several busy streets, and I can assure you this is the case.

        *edit this is especially the case with people who feel excited demonstrating how loud their car motor is.

    • Since Europe, Korea and Japan are all banning ICE vehicles, and we don't make anything here anymore, we don't need to do anything. Electric cars will come on their own.

      You can't buy a 6cyl sedan from Europe anymore (unless it's a sportcar), and you can't buy them here either because no manufacturer makes cars specifically for Australia

  • +1

    Omg Camry?

    You can tell this is OzB!

    Jesus Christ!

    The most ugly car in Australia!

    OzB mascot car!

    So funny, I imagine what your typical OzB member looks like!

    Those grandpa yellow loafers he got for $5 would go well with the Camry.

    Please don't, please don't ask for advice for fashion, or style on this forum.

    • +1

      Toyota CHR is far uglier

      • any suv is far uglier

        while the current camry isnt pretty i think the sedan shape actually looks nice… even in white

  • +1

    So either a second hand euro money pit or a brand new toyota camry

    why do you even need a poll?

    new reliable workhorse that will go A 2 B with no issues for 10 years + easy. Or some flashy 5yr old euro junk which will cost you a bomb in servicing and repairs

    • But it's a Camry, I'm sure it's a great car but I would never want to be seen in a Camry. It's like Toyota's version of a Volvo.

      • +2

        Camry - the beige cardigan of taxis - for those who don't want to stand out in a crowd - and like to fit in - and might even pick up some folk mistaking it for an Uber …

  • +1

    Why not go for a Telsa. I'm not a huge fan myself (I'm more a dual cab ute person) but if you're spending 50k on a Camry anyway… You'll gain the extra money back in fuel and service savings, depending on how much you drive.

    • +1

      And 3.5k rebate too

      • until the SuperCharge cut-price fast charging runs out - and you're left with overnight charging at home (too bad in strata units without the facility) or waiting hours at highway stops or eeking out at non-working or too-busy take-a-number queues for charging

        • Even charging at home you will save significantly over petrol. Usually it's a decent solution even from a 10A outlet. Note that I'm not a fan of electric and have a 2006 diesel and probably will for a long time. But if you're going to spend $50k on a regular car anyway it would potentially make a lot of sense. I think you're exaggerating the charging issues.

    • Anything but a Tesla

  • lol, 50K for a car with 70,000 KM….why not increase your budget and pay 70K for a 50,000 KM car?

    • +1

      or add the numbers and pay $120K for a 0 KM car

  • -1

    My head says the Camry. My heart wants the Audi.

  • +2

    Get an IS350, whichever you can afford.

    Based on the other choices on the list looks like you are after a "sporty" car. None of the euros you listed are sporty. They just look like it. IS350 is a fast and nimble car with plenty of fun to be had. They are super reliable as well. Do not go for IS250 due to carbon build up. If you don't like 9-11L/100km fuel of IS350 look at IS300h which is still more fun than the Euros you listed; be prepared to pay a premium for the hybrid.

    • +1

      A friend of mine used to describe lexus as "Cars for people with money who are too boring to do anything with it".

      • +1

        I would bet you your friend based their opinion on ES/LS/LX, as the IS/GS/RC/LC are anything but boring…

        It's like saying a S Class Mercedes is boring, yes because it was designed to be comfortable and smooth.

        Anyhow, unless you've driven an IS350 you won't know… Want even more fun get the F Sport pack with further suspension and handling tuning.

        • He's just making that statement based on looks. I can't say I find any of those cars inspiring. I quite like mercedes but not that one. I really dislike the way the car looks like it's bent like a banana.

          • @MikeKulls: Fair enough mate, looks are extremely subjective but I personally put very little value into looks of a car…

      • 'A friend of mine used to describe lexus as
        "Cars for people with money who are too boring to do anything with it"'

        I suspect anything that doesn't interest someone can be described by them as boring

        but hey if you want some real fun to talk about - you can be like these guys …





        'Daddy - sorry I crashed the Lamborghini (blink, bling) - can I have a purple one next time … ?'

  • +1

    Get the SX camry, better features

  • Never ever go near a Euro, they depreciate faster than a rock sinking.Toyota are absolutely boring,but bulletproof reliability & reasonable service & parts costs.

    • +3

      My euro SUV is worth more than what I paid after 3 years. Got a call from the dealership asking if I was interested in selling back to them about 3 months ago. Depreciation does happen but it's more about market supply and demand economics than the badge…

  • AU Falcon. There, I said what we are all thinking.

  • New Outlander Exceed

  • -1

    None - look for a second hand 2019/2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ … should get one for below $55k … much better option than the option you listed above.

    • Cheapest on carsales is 60k. Next cheapest is 70k.

      • Inflated prices due to supply issues.. Same across the board with all cars right now. A $60k Tesla is much better than a Toyota or Class C

        • +1

          it's better at using less petrol than the Toyota.. that's about it

  • +2

    Toyota Corolla GR

  • +1

    I think the majority of the Ozb community are adverse to the idea of buying euro badge cars…

  • Kona N
    Mildly used stinger
    One of those BYD electrics if you're adventurous.
    Used lexus so you can join the luxury club but not pay euro tax.

    • The BYD atto3 comes in red for 'limited time', what a pull for chinese buyers haha.

  • +3

    Lexus is the only luxury car I'd buy with that high mileage.

    Those 3 Euro cars will have so many problems once they hit 100k+ mileage. Money sinkers

  • -1

    Haval line is looking good these days…

  • OP not gonna like these poll results…

  • why would you even ask this kind of question on ozbargain, you should already know, anything Toyota is a GO.. you want luxury? go lexus

    case closed

  • Hadnt realised that the Camrys were still so cheap (comparatively) - $39k driveaway for a base model hybrid seems pretty good!

    • I think it might be that Japanese honour?

      1 year waiting list on the rav4 hybrid and they haven't jacked the price much.

      Meanwhile Mercedes got rid of the c250, put a c300 badge on it, and increased the price by $15k. AND they moved to a fixed price model so you can't even haggle it down anymore.

  • Just heads up, my Camry Hybrid has been on Order since early October, and they refuse to provide and realistic ETA, just if it's confirmed to be built next month or not.

    Pretty lame.

    • Probably the best they can do.

      What is worse, promising it will be ready in 2 months, then keep moving the date, or only promising a date when your order is actually on the list.

      I think they are just being honest, which is what you want from a dealer

  • The Euro trio are much better and more sophisticated cars but if you can afford them new. In this instance Camry is a better choice.

  • As it has been made abundantly clear this is a bargains forum and you will receive opinions from heavily biased people who want to save as much money as possible and so reliability, low maintenance, and low running costs are a priority. Having said that I agree with the consensus as in your budget you'll more than likely get a relatively old and practically a base model euro car. So in the long term, it will cost you a lot more money and time. If you have the money to bear the expenses maybe consider a Lexus and stretch your budget, you'll definitely save daily trips to the mechanic and get the nice badge you're after. However, if you don't care about any of that and just want a fancy euro badge (trust me it's not worth it), then at least test drive the ones you've shortlisted and you can ignore the comments and get whatever you enjoyed driving. Definitely voting for Camry and will suggest IS or Accord.

  • None of the above.

    Volvo, Mazda, Hyundai and Kia would be the 4 brands I'd look at.

    All 3 of the German cars will be risky for reliability (I haven't owned those exact models but my family has owned multiple BMWs, Mercedes and Audi/VWs and most of them had problems, they were all made after 1995).

    Toyota I mean nothing will go wrong, I just don't think they're very nice cars.

  • COVID has done some funny things to car prices, C200 demo pre-COVID was around the $50-55k mark…

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