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Wacaco Picopresso $140.50 + Delivery @ The Nile


It's $140.50 + $5.99 delivery to Sydney or Melbourne, $23.99 to Darwin, $17.99 to Perth, $13.99 to Hobart, $7.99 to Brisbane.

Alternatively, try your luck at Coffee Parts where the device is $139 and delivery is $8.95 to Sydney and $9.63 to Melbourne

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    $127.99 delivered From Mountain Designs.

    New customers get $20 off with WELCOME20 once you sign up to the Alliance Club.


  • This is the same unit but a little larger, yes?


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      Not really. This one is way more advanced, and completely different, tbh. They are not really in the same ballpark.

      I mean, in a sense, they all make coffee, using the same type of mechanism. But this one is a big step up from the previous one, and is much more premium and aiming for a much higher quality. It is also much more demanding on the grind quality needed (you need a good grinder for this one).

      • By advanced are you referring to the filter only? What sets them apart?

        Update: Answered. We both edited / replied at the same time!

        With this I feel like the Picopresso is not best suited (for me) for camping as I can't quite be bothered with perfect grind. I'll either hand grind on the spot or do a run of 'about right' grind before I leave. I only use an Aeropress on the road atm.

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          Yeah, that would be the biggest difference between the Minipresso and Picopresso (from memory, Minipresso is pressurized only. Nanopresso is pressurized, but the spring can be removed. Picopresso is unpressurized from the get go, plus it's a larger diameter basket - 51mm from memory.). Also metal build for better temperature stability (with pre-heating), and I'm guessing a better pump as well.

          I forget what other improvements there are. But the results seem pretty clear: Pico is much more demanding to use (getting the grind right), but once you do, the results are top notch, and can rival machines much more expensive. Minipresso and Picopresso are more "great, for a portable".

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          Oh absolutely - don't get me wrong, I think they are really made for a different target audience. Picopresso will definitely not be better for everyone! :)

          I would recommend Nanopresso for you, which is also what I have. I think it's better than Minipresso.

          Nanopresso is great because it also has a Nespresso pod adapter that you can get - which tbh, can be very handy! Barista kit (for double shots) is also very worthwhile in my opinion.

  • Bit more of a learning curve to dial everything in - but these produce great quality coffee (I have a mini, nano and pico - as well as a Rok, Belman and Atomic so a few portable options to compare)

  • G'day guys. Bought one of these last week. Struggling to get any crema.

    I'm using a porlex mini from my prior aeropress setup. I suspect the grind size is not fine enough to build up the pressure. Any help?

    • Try finer grind and pack it more.

      • Yeah, it's already on the finest grind. I might increase the dosage. Unfortunately I don't have a set of scales to measure it out.

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