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[PC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX, Stadia] Tom Clancy's The Division 2 - Free Weekend 13 May 5am - 17 May 5am AEST + Preload Now @ Ubisoft


THE DIVISION 2 - FREE WEEKEND - PC, PlayStation, Stadia and Xbox - Fri 13 May 5am - Tue 17 May 5am AEST


WEIRD NOTE - (also see note below re FIX for Distorted Audio Problem)

Relevant to PC ONLY…

The Start/End time depends on how you install the game…

UBICONNECT installs Start/End at at 2am AEST - three hours EARLIER than the EPIC PC Install; and ALL OTHER NON PC installs (which all Start/End at 5am AEST).

If you hear of any other TEMPORARY ONLY Free to Play / F2P please make a thread to let us all know!

Feel free to edit post as needed.


I encountered this and it made it unplayable… I finally fixed it.

I have a new 12th Gen 3070 Ti system; and I maxed out the graphics settings.
Yet inspite of this - for some reason it still turned on Enable Reduced Latency - so I turned that off.

Also disabled the VOIP stuff, and also set my Audio Interface to 24 bit, 44100Hz in Windows via the Volume Mixer etc.

Not sure if all of these were required to fix it - but that's all I needed to know.
Hope it helps someone else.

NOTE - it does say:

Do I need an active Playstation+ or Xbox Live Gold Membership in order to play the game?

You do not require a console subscription (such as PlayStation+ or Xbox Live Gold Membership) when playing the game in solo mode. However, for all online features such as multiplayer and co-op mode an active subscription with the relevant console online service is required.

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    The Division 3 when??!

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      Still waiting for survival mode in in TD2.

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        Will never happen. Why not just play survival in TD1?

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          They have promised it will be coming then retracted it then gave an eta and retracted it… tbh who knows if it will come. I do play it in 1 but it would be nice to have a reason to play 2.

  • Sorry about the confusion.


    Ther IS no way to preload NOW - this is for tomorrow right? It's not like I can install it now, and play from tomorrow onwards? I can't find a preload button anywhere on any pages.

    • Title seems clear, are you signed into the launcher?

      • Went to the web page and couldn't click on anything (last time I did a pre-load for a free weekend (Far Cry 6) there was a link on the web page).

        But yeah found it. Launched epic, searched for the division 2. Initially the $44.95 version came up but when you scroll down the 13-15 May trial version comes up which you can add to basket and install.

        All done mate thanks.

  • Just in time for the new season. Let's go agents!

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    Didnt realise this game was still going. Only played a little bit but found the bullet sponge to be extreme….

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  • I actually really enjoyed that. Probably wouldn't buy the game as it's clear there's some parts you have to pay extra for and I hate that, but I had fun.

    I pre-installed the game using Epic, then when it came time to play it wouldn't let me as there was a 54Gb update to be done first. So didn't quite get the time I wanted. Now that the trial is over Epic wouldn't let me uninstall so I used Ubi Connect to uninstall, which freed all my disk space but Epic still seems to think it's installed. Any idea how to force Epic to realise the game is no longer installed?

    • I've encountered the same thing with temporary/free to plays - they stay in your list forever as far as I know?

      I had the same damn huge update thing too. Thought I was smart by downloading the whole thing ahead of time ready to go then - BAM - stupid long update!

      Lesson learned for next time - test it as soon as you can.

      Maybe email them - might be a fix?

      • +1

        Thanks RahRah - glad to know I wasn't the only one. Will do.

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