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Touchscreen Car Head Unit with Apple® Carplay & Android Auto QM3793 $149 in-Store Only @ Jaycar


Seems good from local supplier

Add Apple® CarPlay & Android Auto into your older car

Easily manage and control your AM/FM radio, USB media, Android Auto, Apple® CarPlay and sources with Bluetooth® technology by using the large colourful touchscreen

7" Touchscreen

Great sound with 4 x 50 watts of power
Apple Maps or Google Maps will be mirrored on the screen from your Smartphone
Hands-free calling using the touchscreen icons
Stream music, podcasts and audiobooks from your Smartphone
Fits any universal double DIN slot, 60Hx170Lx96Wmm

Hurry, Limited Stock


Call your store for availability.

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  • Damn, can't find it. Must be all gone!!

  • Great Scott all gone

  • Is there a link for this product? If you search "QM3793" you get 10m Camera Extension Cable for QM3742 Reversing Monitor System

  • Not sold out, just in-store only. Called my local and they've got a few. It's been on clearance for a little while now, so probably not enough stock left for the website.

  • Anyone got one already ? Comment?

    • i want to know too

  • Can this connect to an existing reverse cam?

  • +4

    id try find out the exact amplifier chip it has in it, ivie had 3 different Chinese smart headunits and the audio quality is always awful, far below factory sound from even the most basin factory units.

    its a very common complaint too.

    • +1

      What are the good ones to look out for? I'm interested in an Android OS head unit and most of these are no name or unfamiliar brands.

      • +1

        Honestly I'd just got go a Japanese brand. Just hit the DIY audio forums to see all the complaints about sound quality from common Chinese chipsets.

        I got so tired of changing these sound systems (DIY) that I left the 3rd one in there for its smart ability and reverse camera (it's a carlaoer) , then wired in a Japanese branded Bluetooth unit for audio.

        Had I not had Japanese one sitting around I would have got a japanese android auto unit.

    • Thanks, very useful to know, won’t bother with this ephemeral ‘bargain’ then.

        • +3

          There is another way you can save 10 demerits and hundreds of $…

  • -1

    does this include installation if not, how hard is it to remove the old radio to replace with this, have a 2006 honda crv

    • +2

      Will defs not include install, you can check what parts you will need here https://aerpro.com/

    • if the same as cr2003 which be double din standard. there adaptor on ebay i cant find that will adapt. i will try find i

  • -2

    From memory the licencing for CP and AA are $100 each per device so the software must be pirated haha.

    • +3

      Your memory fails you, neither charge.

  • got one. Thanks OP

  • Theres still heaps at Belmont WA store

  • Just grabed one from Sydney CBD, still one left on shelf.

  • there was about 5-6 on the shelf at Woolongabba QLD last night

  • +1
  • can someone let us know how this unit performs? I am getting a new car soon and would like to have an android auto unit installed

    • If you are planning new, try to have it as a feature rather then after market unless you are going with professional

      • nah just buying a used 07 car. Its a nicer car than my regular shitheaps so I thought id buy an android auto unit to see what the fuss is about

    • +1

      Just got mine installed yesterday, it works fine, UI is a bit sluggish but nothing too unusable.

      Not sure about android auto but Apple Carplay it works as intended and I am happy with my unit.

      • How much you paid for installation?

        • Did it myself, just had to buy a faceplate and harness.

      • How's the audio quality? Chinese ones are usually pretty tinny sounding.

        • It improved my Impreza's audio quality, by heaps. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • What harness did you buy?

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