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50% off Australian SSD Web Hosting (Recurring Lifetime Discount) - from $3.48/Month @ Obble Hosting


50% Lifetime off SSD Web Hosting - LiteSpeed Web Server - From $34.75 / Year

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. Obble is offering another 50% lifetime promotion as per previous deals. This one is valid until the end of May :)

This is for 50% off web hosting, lifetime of the subscription. We offer migration assistance for annual plans, cPanel to cPanel.

Quick info:

  • Sydney SSD Web Hosting utilizing LiteSpeed
  • Local Australian support
  • Over 4.97 / 5 review average on all platforms
  • cPanel, Software Installer, Free SSL Certificates & more

SSD Web Hosting Page here - From $34.75 / Year

Starter SSD Intermediate SSD Premium SSD
Storage 5GB SSD 15GB SSD 30GB SSD
CPU Allowance 100% 200% 300%
Memory Allowance 2GB 4GB 6GB
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Free LetsEncrypt Free LetsEncrypt Free LetsEncrypt
Location Sydney Sydney Sydney
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
WebServer LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed
RRP (Monthly) $6.95 $14.95 $27.95
Discounted Price (Monthly) $3.48 $7.48 $13.98
RRP (Annual) $69.50 $149.50 $279.50
Discounted Price (Annual) $34.75 $74.75 $139.75

Terms and conditions

  • Discount valid for lifetime of the subscription, valid for upgrades & downgrades
  • Discount valid until May 31st 2022
  • Valid for only our SSD plans - Contact us if you need a discount on VPS or Budget Hosting :)

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  • Just upvoting because I love obble.

    • Too kind, thanks again :)

  • As a current customer, can highly recommend. Great customer service plus quality product/services. I am not affiliated in any way, just a legitimate review.

    • Thank you so much Weston, appreciate it

  • Another happy customer, excellent customer service and definitely recommend too.

    • Thanks also :)

  • I got in on this offer last time, their tech support was top notch so like the others I can't recommend Obble highly enough.

    Not affiliated etc, just someone shocked at the better pricing AND service compared to my previous provider.

    • Thank you for the kind review, glad you're still happy with the service

  • Current Obble customer, satisfied. Left ventraip for Obble as I found Ventra's support frustrating when the faults were at their end. They would bend over backwards to fix it, but it could take a bit of effort to get them started.

    • Thank you!

  • Have been looking at getting a cheap web hosting service, just signed up :)

    • +1

      Meant to reply here, oops:

      Great, thank you - And welcome to Obble :)

  • i want to create a word press site and host it in the public domain ( au). is this apt and enough for hosting ?

    • This. Just starting to explore. Would a .com.au domain name registered through Obble ($20), WordPress free and the $35 a year service be enough to get me started?

      It looks like the more expensive Obble services are just scaled up and can be accessed at discount when content and traffic grow.

      Or do I really need to choose between WordPress pro ($20 a month) and Obble's managed WordPress service ($30 a month)?

      • +2

        The answer to your question comes down to how much work you want to do yourself. This type of service, a domain, and WordPress are sufficient. Managed WordPress offerings mean there is potentially less maintenance work for you to do, less applying of plugins and themes, but they cost more :-)

      • I think sceptical has answered this well.

        Our managed wordpress is a newer service. If you're starting out from scratch, start with a cheaper plan & see how you go managing yourself - save some money.

        If it becomes overwhelming or you need some extra support, can always upgrade later. Personally, many years ago I started making websites with WordPress & other tools and just slowly learned the basics. If you have the time it can be rewarding :)

        Let me know if you have any other questions, cheers.

    • This service will allow you to do that. You will need to register a domain as well, the www.blahblah part.

    • Also answered well by sceptical (thanks!). But yes a domain and the plan is suitable for a WordPress site, just let us know if you have any other questions.

  • +1

    “ Discount valid for lifetime of the subscription, valid for upgrades & downgrades”.

    Does it mean that if I upgrade/downgrade a year later, the 50% discount will still apply?

    • Yes that's right. We can move you around plans and maintain the 50% discount, at any time. If it isn't automatic just let us know and we'll sort it out.

  • Great deal OP. Was there last night looking for Windows VPS. Any similar deals for the Windows VPS?

    • Just sent a PM :)

      • Thanks mate. Greatly appreciated.

  • Hey op.
    Is it easy to migrate from plesk to cPanel.
    Would we notice a speed increase going from discount domain name services to you guys?

    • I've done this many times for clients. There is no migration assistant that does it all for you. If you're migrating Wordpress sites I highly recommend Duplicator (https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/). If you are migrating email, the best way is to do it at the client end (i.e. export to PST in Outlook) then setup your new mailboxes, MX records, etc, configure Outlook for the new server then import the PST file. If you're migrating other websites, FTP and manual SQL backups are you're best bet.
      A tip for young players, if you're migrating large complex websites make sure the destination server has at least the same or similar resources allocated, specifically PHP version, installed extensions and settings. A lot of Wordpress themes and plugins do pre-install checks when installing and by migrating a site you are bypassing these checks on the destination server.

    • Good afternoon,

      As Aldroid said, a little trickier for plesk to cPanel and unfortunately we only do cPanel to cPanel transfers for free. But the advice mentioned is great. I have also used WordPress All-In-One Migrator and we have a guide for that pluginon our Knowledgebase. I'm sure duplicator would have very similar steps, and the guide can probably be used & adapted slightly.

      As for your other question regarding discount domain name services. Do you mean DNS hosting, or simply domain name registration. There shouldn't be any speed difference regardless where your domain is registered. DNS hosting though is different and wouldn't be able to tell you speed differences without knowing the previous provider & still hard to tell there - We do have 14 day refund guarantee though for hosting, so feel free to take us up on that.

      • Hey, discount domain name services is the name of the company we use for hosting. Just wondered if there would be a speed increase. Thanks so much for the info.

        It's a WordPress site so the migration tool seems to be the way to go

        • Ah I see - that makes sense. We use SSD servers and litespeed, so generally are quite quick. For sure though try us out & we can refund if no speed improvement.


  • +3

    I moved to Obble using this deal last time round.
    Happy with their offering (RAM, SSD, CPU) for the price, compared to others.
    I'm sure my website is faster now compared to VetraIP before.
    Support has been quick and efficient to resolve my few questions (all were my fault - backup, nameservers, SSL certificates, etc).
    Easy migration if you are on cPanel already.
    For the people above asking about suitability of this deal to learn about hosting, think of it this way:
    - spend $20 on domain name, spend $35 on hosting,
    - enroll in a "free" Udemy course and you'll be a WordPress expert in no time at all…

    • Thanks fig, think I will give it a go. First experience with WordPress has been frustrating, and pushy towards paid. Is it worth perservering with, or is there a better way?

      • Hey TooSerious2, WordPress is super easy. Just use the Softaculous installer and manage via the builtin WordPress manager.

      • Also, I highly recommend learning the new block editor that is built into the default Twenty Twenty-Two theme. Once you get your head around it, it's incredibly powerful. This guy goes through an excellent tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-WOReWf2-4

        • Thanks aldroid. Flooded in today. Timing is perfect.

    • Thanks fig :)

  • I'm currently with DreamIT Host running a VERY small wordpress site. I contacted DreamIT Host who pointed out the "differences" between my legacy $4.95 package (paid two years each time) with them and how it was superior to what Obble is offereing. Would I be happy with Obble if currently on the legacy $4.95 package with DreamIT Host?

    • +2

      Hi mate,

      Do you have a link or list of specs on the legacy $4.95 plan - I can only see their new plans online, so I assume the legacy plans are hidden. If you can give me a list then I can provide an honest response of what's comparable, and which is better. Of course biased, but will try my best to avoid any biases.


      • +1

        Hi, trick question. I'm going to join but just wanted to see how long before you replied. Don't hate me. I am currently on the startup plan here https://dreamithost.com.au/web-hosting. I know there is no difference between your offering and theirs, oh, yeah nvme vs ssd…. I think I can live with that.

        • +2

          Nothing I love more than answering trick questions on a saturday arvo. Although, I think the timing was lucky really, OzBargain is checked totally randomly throughout the day - tickets are usually more reliable ;) But I'll take a 15 minute response any day.

          As for the comparison, we are on NVMe drives too it's just not super obvious on our page, as well as unlimited addon domains vs 10 (Not many people need more than 10 anyway). We don't have a website builder. We use cPanel instead of Direct Admin. Everything else is about the same - I/O Speed can be increased upon ticket to 10MB/s just let us know. And 100 hourly emails not 250, also can increase on ticket at no charge.

          I know you're joining anyway but thought I'd list the differences. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  • +1

    Trick questions aren't really cricket, but well played Mr Obble

    • +1

      I never did like cricket :-)

    • :)

  • Signed up and good so far. Early days yet but any business that takes time to answer questions on the weekend is a good sign in my books.

    • +1

      Thanks for the follow up on the thread Tessel

  • Can i buy now at this 50% off and register the domain ( web site name) later?
    Since I am just starting I haven't thought of the actual website name that I will use.

    • +2


      Yes that's fine - we can change the main domain later. Cheers.

  • Hi Obble, noobs alert.

    Our company domain is currently hosting with other company and it was under my brother's name as primary contact, domain name has also expired a week ago. Can I still transfer to you for a $3.48/mo starter service? I also see you have "Managed WordPress Feature" but with different pricing. Is that means you provide business Wordpress website hosting too? Cheers

    • Hi,

      You can transfer assuming you have access to a backup (So you can move over all the website data). As for domain name, you should also be able to transfer the expired domain name & pay for a renewal with us.

      The Managed WordPress is more expensive and simply has some better resource allocations but more importantly, we do automatic & regular updates, security audits and improvements on the site. This is useful for people who don't want to have to update their own sites and we will keep everything up to date & reduce the risk of any security breaches too.

      Happy to answer further questions about the managed wordpress plan just send through a PM or email to [email protected]


  • The deal says 50% lifetime. Does it mean that the price of $3.48 is fixed for life or whatever is the full price it will be a 50% of that eg: if next year you change it to $10 I will need to pay $5 instead of $3.48 ?

    • That’s correct, 50% of whatever the price is.

      We don’t have any planned price increases at this stage however. If you were to pay for 3 years up front though this would secure the price at the time for that time period.


  • Obble Store Rep - is there a contact number I can speak to someone about my (noob) queries?

    • Hi mate,

      Unfortunately not at this stage, we just offer email/ticket support. But feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

      Or send through a ticket, or email to the general sales email -> [email protected]

      Thanks :)

  • OP was super helpful in response to my queries and I am now a new customer.

    Thank you Alex.

    • Thanks! and welcome :)

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