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6 Citizen Watches From $149 Delivered (e.g. Citizen 38mm Bullhead $199.00) @ Starbuy


Weekend Flash Sale

Model Discounted Price Discount Code
Citizen 38mm Bullhead AN3660-81L $199.00 delivered
Citizen Eco-Drive BM7451-89E $149.00 delivered.
Citizen Automatic NJ0140-84E $199.00 delivered. STEELAUTO
Citizen Automatic NJ0140-17E $199.00 delivered. LEATHERAUTO
Citizen Eco-Drive AT2460-89L $219.00 delivered.
Citizen Eco-Drive CB5919-00X $399.00 delivered.

Eco-Drive explained.

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  • Citizen Eco-Drive AT2460-89L is the best looking out of the bunch imo. The bullhead is pretty unique tho.

    • +2

      I have a white face bullhead and it's pretty small.

      • be truthful …its REALLY small

    • +1

      I wonder if anyone in the universe would use the timer on these watches or use their phone? If you're never going to use the timer wouldn't a nice clean face be better?

    • +1

      the bullhead is tiny….tried it on in store and its the size of a ladies watch.
      other than the size and very hard to read face (because its so small) awesome watch…would buy it in heartbeat if it was 42mm

  • +8

    CB5919-00X Straight gorgeous!!

    • +4

      It's a sapphire lens too.

      • +4

        Dat feel when your want says CB5919-00X but remainder of monthly budget says Casio F91W.

    • Beautiful watch but does anyone use the timer? (and I wonder what percentage of people prefer a leather strap?)

      • I’d prefer a leather strap purely because I don’t have one with leather strap.

      • I often use the timing function on my diving watches. It's quick, easy and on my wrist. I never carry my phone on me - it's usually on a table or in my pack. I use the timer on my phone sometimes while at home.

  • +1

    I've got one of the original bullheads, although it's certainly not in good nick, and I'm pretty sure it's not the original dial, but I do love the styling of it. Certainly different to the usual 3 o'clock crown and it stands out. It's a nice little watch. So yeah, I don't mind the Bullhead.

  • Great price on those watches. Always provide the goods my friend

  • +7

    Bullhead is tempting… It's a shame it's not an eco-drive.

    Hopefully it sells out quickly so the temptation is gone.

    • +13

      I've got your back bro!

      I just bought 1

      • +6

        Ozb family looking after each other

  • +4

    Bullhead 38mm with a lug to lug of 41mm… thats a small watch

    • +5

      Some like it small.

      • terrible proportions when i tried it on….its really small and very illegible

  • +1

    I had the Panda version of the bullhead and whilst it was a nice looking watch I can confirm it wore fairly small even on my 6.5inch wrists.

    I would suggest seeing it in the flesh before buying.

  • Anyone seen the Brycen model ( for sale in Oz?

  • +1

    That Citizen Bullhead looks really sharp.

  • only $25 each

  • +3

    the NJ0140-84E is a stunner

    • It’s a shame that the 3 o’clock date cut out is such an eye sore. I can’t unsee it one I noticed it.

  • The bullhead is so popular that Germany's premier watch forum uhrforum recently did a group buy

  • +2

    I thought title meant 6 watches for 160 dollars.. Lol

    • +3

      There is a special code for that.

      • +6

        apply code LOLYOUWISH

      • Any deals on watches in the plus 1k range watchnerd ?

  • +1
  • Citizen Eco-Drive CB5919-00X says "radio controlled" on the face.… so that doesn't look so good for aus

    but maybe……

  • amazing dial on the AT2460-89L

  • Wish the bullhead was in the white face colour, would definitely buy this one (AN3660-81A)

  • Would have grabbed the CB5919-00X if the radio control worked without hassle.

  • +1

    Bullhead is nice but way too small for most wrists.

  • Great prices. Any chance of a deal on the Citizen Eco-Drive BT0080-59E ?

    • +1

      Thanks to whoever was listening….
      It's on sale now.
      Grabbed one.

  • this aint the gold version like the brad pitt one, those go for like 1200 and i dont think they make them anymore, if they had any brains they would use the current market hunger for those and start producing them again after it was in the tarantino movie with brad pitt

  • What are the chances that CB5919-00X goes on sale again. If so any chance price drops further.

  • NJ0140-84E expired :(

    Any deal on SRPH25K?

    • There was a similar model posted here for $249.00 delivered.

      • Noticed that but don't like the leather strap as during COVID, need to wash hands frequently, thanks for the reply!

        • Straps can be easily replaced to whatever you prefer, hence why I mentioned this model as it's a massive saving over the other one.

          • @WatchNerd: Yes, to find a matching style and color is not simple. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Just noticed this 44mm Seiko Solar Chrono 200M - $229 Delivered.

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