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Glengoyne 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky $61.90 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Dan Murphy's


Usual price is over $90. This is a great whisky and probably one of the best 12yo's for the money.

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Dan Murphy's

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    Has alcohol…

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      Order cancelled.

  • Nice one! Grabbed a couple.

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    Thanks OP. Use Entertainment Book Dan Murphy's gift card for additional 5% off.

    • People still have the entertainment book? I was always a member and this is the first year I haven't had it. I just never used it last few years except for the odd gift card. Is there any other methods to get the gift card?

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        I have it mostly for buying discounted gift cards and occassional voucher for dining. Full list of getting discounted gift cards can be found here

        • Damn, bought a gift card, been an hour and still nothing. Hopefully doesnt finish before the gift card arrives :(.

          • @lonewolf: Mine was delivered within 15mins. Hope yours gets delivered soon

            • @trex: Damn still nothing, I might just have to buy it without the gift card and then buy something else when it eventually arrives.

              • @lonewolf: gift card came but everything sold out, i guess thats what happens when some people buy 23 bottles.

      • RACV offer 4% off DM e-gift cards.

        • I got mine from NRMA.

  • Got one. Thanks

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    Never heard of this one. Granted, I'm not a whisky drinker per se, but I like collecting them.

    • Depends what style you like but I highly recommend it.

      • Yep honeyed highland type. This, aberlour and macallan are all solid offerings in this category.

      • Can you name any whisky this is similar to?

        • Glenmorangie nectar D'Or. I also get similar oak notes to Deanston 12.

          • @adam149: I normally go for more peaty things these days but Glenmorangie is really nice. Going to buy a bottle of Glengoyne based on your statement.

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              @zarbicore: Considering the Glenmorangie is nearly twice the price you can't go wrong.

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                @adam149: Ugh I bought it online for pickup and the store rang me to say they don't actually have it in stock.

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                  @zarbicore: Sucks. Another store? Delivery?

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                  @zarbicore: I actually did an experiment. I purchased 2. 8 left on the shelf. 1 and a half hours since posting it here, all sold at my local store. Power of ozb.

                  • @adam149: I am in favour of any scientific method that begins with buying two bottles of single malt

      • Good enough for me, ordered!

    • Highly recommend for the price, if you can be a bit flexible with budget, the Cask Strength is realllllly goood

      • Any links on the cask strength? Used to be able to get it for 100 even.

      • Yup. CS is good.

        I had the a sample of legacy chapter 2 the other day. Also pretty decent.

  • Cheers, will give it a try

  • Got 1 Cheers OP

  • Got one

  • Can’t say No to well priced 12yo whisky

  • Grabbed 2x thanks OP… Figured if I'm saving 30 bucks a bottle then buying two equals getting one for free… kinda! :)

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      That's what I did.

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      that's some math if you are already drunk…lol

  • Done & thanks.

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    A favourite of mine that I got direct from the distillery in Scotland when I randomly drove past it. This is a scotch that's arrogantly proud to be a scotch. Super recommended and a great price.

  • Got 6. Thanks op

  • I usually drink Jameson as my everyday but will give this a shot. Thanks op- got one.

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    I never heard of this brand ( I drink often but only know those popular names)

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      You need to open your horizons beyond the generic crap that we get at most corner stores here. This brand is very well known in whisky circles and overseas.

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        Great. Bought two. I’m not any expert. The popular brands that I normally drink are Macallan, Yamazaki, Lagavulin, Glenlivet, all recommended by friends, usually 12-18yr. Not sure whether they are categorised as generic crap, but all are readily available in corner store like Dan Murphy’s.

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          There's some good stuff there mate! Let me know your thoughts. This will have similarities to macallan with the hint of sherry.

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            @adam149: That’s good since I quite like Macallan. Yamazaki used to be my favourite but it has become noticeably overpriced in the past couple years due to the excessive demand

        • Macallan is one of my faves, a lot of people say it isn't that good and it is just marketing but I've tried a lot of different brands and it is still one of the best IMO.

  • Thanks OP, Bought 2 :)

  • Just got home and tried some and holy crap it’s good enough to drink neat. Amazing value.

  • Keep getting an 'Oops, something went wrong. Please try again.' when paying via PayPal. Will have to use CC.

    • 3rd attempt with PayPal worked.

  • Got a couple. Thanks

  • Seems delivery only

  • Thanks OP, bought one, never tried it before :)

  • great find OP, cheers

  • Ordered a few. Thanks for sharing!

  • love buying 12yr olds for $61.90 :)

    im joking please dont call the police

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    Ordered 23 in total for a party!
    Thanks OP

    Will save heaps if it gets fulfilled.

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      Should be a good party - shame no-one will remember it!

      • Most will remember everything after drinking a bottle, depends on you capacity!

        Been drinking for a very long time

  • Thanks, OP. Pick up still available from Leichhardt store if anyone is still looking

  • Thanks Op! Trying it tonight :)

  • Thanks OP! Picked it up from Carns Hill NSW

  • Picked up a bottle, cheers OP.

    Next to the 12 yo on the shelf was the 10 yo, priced at ~$82.

    Any of the more learned scotch-drinking gents/ladies on here care to have a go at explaining why that might be?

    Would have assumed the 12 yo would be better and more expensive…

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      It usually is more expensive and much better. Its usually a bad sign if a whisky is discounted and not advertised. I suspect they may be clearing it.

    • Could be a number of non production related reasons.

      Dan's price matching. Dan's having excess stock. Change in bottle design. Dan's choosing to stock less / reduce stock levels.

      Also age doesn't always mean better. But in this case, yes the 12yo is a higher quality dram than the 10yo.

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    Picked it up and having a dram at the moment.

    Very enjoyable drop. Smooth and easy to drink. Very sweet on the nose, lots of honey and raisins. Arrival is less sweet. Toffee notes on the palate maybe even butter scotch a little. Finish is woody on the first sips but less noticeable as you get through the dram. Didn't pickup the lemon zest or coconut a lot of others do.

    All up - nice and easy to drink. No surprises or harshness. At 43% its also not going to burn your throat as it goes down.

    Edit: worthwhile adding, at $62 it is a true bargain. No whiskey I know at that price point is nearly as nice to drink. I'd easily compare it to bottles twice the price.

    • Good review. Agree with all points. Typical bourbon and sherry profile.

  • Looks like a good drop and deal.
    Not a huge scotch drinker but last time grabbed a Aerstone Sea Cask 10YO Single Malt Scotch for under $40 with cashback.. not too bad for the price.
    How does it compare to that? Cheers

    • +1

      Glengoyne will be a big upgrade. Different notes with the 1st fill sherry involved here, so it won't be a direct comparison.

      • Thanks, no doubt better.

        Managed to order one, Cheers

  • Back to $80/bottle or $93 non members

  • I was able to get one bottle over the weekend to try, it is very nice I must say, and luckily able to order some online for delivery at the special price.

  • Thanks OP, bought four - emergency gifts :)

  • -1

    Marked as expired Fam.

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