Looking for a DAB+ internet bedside clock radio

I'm looking for a bedside clock radio. My requirements are as follows:
- DAB+
- Internet radio streaming from WiFi
- Not the size of of shoe box, small enough to place on bedside table.

Any recommendations?



    You could try this one:

    Does not have Wifi, so no internat radio sadly.

    Looks ugly as hell, but it is one of the cheapest ones I could find on eBay.

    As for Wifi enabled ones, look up the Kogan DAB radio + iDevice dock.


      The Kogan one is the size of a Shoebox though..
      Makes sensational sound though!
      I use mine as a Clock Radio on my "normal" sized bedside table and it's superb to wake up to NICE sounding radio!


        I have yet to see a "compact" Wifi enabled DAB radio that isn't as tall or nearly as wide as a shoebox.

        Look on eBay and see what I mean.


        I found one that might suit your needs. It doesn't have a iDevice dock like all the others have, but the hefty shipping fee is what really kills it:

        Here's another portable one for around $100 delivered. It runs on its integrated battery (not powerpoint).


          All these does not have a alarm/clock.


          The Grace Digital Audio Allegro does, but the portable one doesnt.

          it says in the description:

          5 individual alarms with the option to wake to buzzer or music


          No DAB+?


      Many bad reviews on this model.


        Can't speak for the Pure Siesta Flow but have a Pure One Flow (same chipset) and haven't had any real issues with it. Have 4 Pure radios (One, 2x One Mini and the One Flow) and all have been flawless so far.


    I have the Pure Siesta not the Flow model and it is a cracker! $69


    Sorry - just saw that you wanted Internet Radio

    Ignore this post.


    I've tried half a dozen of these radio's and the best two imo are the Oxx classic and the Pure Evoke Flow but expect to pay ~ $200 for the Oxx and even more for the Pure. If you want a bargain you should look at the Kogan black mono DAB/FM/Wifi radio which can be had for not much more than a hundred in eBay auctions, they do offer the radio at the Kogan site for a fixed price, but expect to pay more for the convenience ($139 + 19.95 shipping I think). This particular radio has virtually the same insides, ie same chipset and basic software as the Oxx, but the features are just less refined.


    I grabbed a http://dicksmith.com.au/product/A4781/philips-dab-clock-radi... at one of the closing down sales. A hassle to figure out initially, but works pretty well. Just have to RTFM.


      But no Internet/wifi facility with that model, so not really assisting ca6leguy to find what he wants.


    Consider an Android phone with a dock or speakers? Plenty of Alarm Clock with music apps (eg Alarm Clock by Doubletwist).

    Will do everything but DAB+, but do you /really/ need DAB+ on a bedside clock? especially if you have internet radio.


    A smart phone has it's place, yes you can listen to Internet radio okay, but the data allowance that comes with most phone plans is quite small/expensive compared to what you get with standard home ADSL and the like. Horses for courses, mobile phone for when you're on the move and a dedicated Internet/DAB radio for the bedside imo.
    Incidentally the best android app for Internet radio I've found is Umedia, it cost me 99c I think and you can add the url of the stream of your choice manually. Most apps have you search their lists for the station you like and then links to an mp3 or wma stream @128kbps for example, but the same station probably also has an AAC+ stream @48kbps which of course only uses 40% the data, with much the same audio quality. GL.

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      BUT, why can't you have your smartphone, but have it access your wireless network when at home/work, as I do, this way you won't use your mobile bandwidth, but still get features you want


    Was going to help you ca6leguy with some info, but after seeing the stream of negative comments you have made about the posts of others, decided not to.


    Kogan all the way! They have a smaller model just came out

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